Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Future

Episode 11

“Mirai” (未来)

We have a cliffhanger. How did it all turn out?

15 years later and Satoru is only just waking up from a coma he’s been in since that accident with Yashiro.

Possibly the best part of the episode was the narrators voice.

When Satoru went back in time he always had his actions narrated by his older self. Now that he’s woken up and lost his memories its his 11 year old self that narrates his inner monologue. He can’t remember his time travelling abilities or what he’s done so he’s even more confused how he’s not just a normal 11 year old stuck in a 26 year old body.

The episode was a calm before another storm and ended on just as big a cliffhanger as the episode preceding it.

Most of the episode was Satoru wondering what is going on. He gets to meet Kenya, who is now a lawyer, Hiromi, who is now a Doctor, Kayo, who is now a mother and is introduced to a little girl called Kumi who has Leukemia and is having a bone marrow transplant. He’s determined to get better and befriends Kumi who watches him whilst he’s having his rehab.

This then introduces him to Yashiro who is now a politician under a new name.

There isn’t much to the episode other then to show the effects of what happened, how the time line has altered and seeing the victims new lives. It was nice to see Kenya again and especially nice that he seems to not have given up playing detective as it were. He seems to be determined to be there when Satoru remembers and is in the perfect position for when he remembers to do something about taking down the guy that they were after all those years ago.

I guess what I’m a little upset about is that we don’t get to see what happened to Yuuki.

I have a strange interest in him because the character was so odd. In every single way he was written and portrayed as a innocent threat. You liked him but you just couldn’t understand why he’d be the way he was. He was a easy target and that was it. I kind of would like to know what happened to him in the future if he hadn’t been framed.

By the end of the episode it seems that Yashiro doesn’t care whether Satoru remembers him. He takes him up to the roof of the building and I’m not sure that was ever not going to be a threatening move really. Episode ends with Satoru letting us know he remembers everything.

What I find strangely sad is that the only person that really believed he would never have killed his mother would no longer have any reason to know him now. He’s been in a coma for 15 years. His life is completely different and Airi is nothing to do with it.

Again though it feels like poetic justice at its best. The guy meddled with fate so something had to give and him losing 15 years of his life was that thing. What will be interesting is whether he remembers REMEMBERS or whether he just remembers what happened to him. Because if he remembers that he’s actually a 29 year old who went back to the past and has now not really got a future to go forward into then he’ll be really messed up you’d think. If he just remembers what happened 15 years ago it’ll be a bit sad that he’s lost so much of his life just to do the right thing.

Either way next episode is going to be a belter and I’m pretty sure I can remember to watch it earlier then I have the last few.



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