Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Closure

Episode 9

“Shūmaku” (終幕)

They saved Kayo from her fate but can they save her from her mother?

The answer is yes.

Together they manage to change her life completely, we find out that there was a lot of pain for her mother which doesn’t of course change the fact she was a horrible parent herself but which gives us as a audience closure on their story.

We now move on to saving the other girls that need to be saved. Kayo was just the first.

We know that one of the victims was his friend Hiromi Sugita who from putting all the evidence together in the future we have worked out was killed to make it look like a accident. Hiromi looks a bit like a girl so killing him messed up the pattern. The other is Aya Nakanishi a girl from another school.

Satoru spends a lot of the rest of the episode stalking Aya, he didn’t feel he could just walk up to her and make friends so he needed to be able to tell where she went and when she went there and how she got there.

I had been wondering what he’d do about the others that got abducted and killed. His focus had always been on Kayo and he’d never even really thought about the others. I also wonder why he doesn’t just open up to Kenya. I think Kenya would be open enough and young enough to believe him as much as he could, he showed that in this episode by asking to be trusted.

As it is the bus has been cleared, Kayo is safe and Satoru lookeds like he’s well on his way to saving the day. Second time lucky obviously.

You can tell I’m still not really that happy that he got a re-do. Then again I’m in two minds because its nice that he’s been able to change the history of Kayo and hopefully the history of the other two but at the same time it would have been a good lesson that the past is the past for a reason, it probably would have been better if when he flashed forward after Kayo had died for the second time that he went back to prior to his mother dying and the mystery ended up being solved that way.

With Kayo safe and so little left in the series its obvious we won’t have the same amount of effort going into saving the two remaining victims but it’ll be interesting to see how destiny sorts itself out. After all a killer who has had his victims removed from his line of sight will surely just look towards the next person.

There are now no clues to who the kidnapper is either as the bus has been wiped so it’ll be interesting to see what Satoru does going forward.


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