SmackDown 17/3/16 Review

Reigns returned, New Day was taken down and a torch… Or at least Barby was passed down to Dean Ambrose.

RAW was actually pretty good so you kinda want that to continue into SmackDown.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz

Bubba Ray Dudley vs Goldust

Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett

Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles
Winner :


I cringed to see him come down but I gotta give him credit. The material they gave him was much bloody better and the way he delivered it was so much better, specially with the lights down. Which pretty much proves that Reigns with a attitude works so much better then Bro-Reigns. They tried to do too much with him and then had him come out and give 5 minute speeches about what he did on Monday night. It was just boring.

Short and sweet. Maybe someone has actually thought about what Reigns strengths are for a change.


I think I’ll be here next year saying the same thing and I will continue to say it. It is so freakin’ weird seeing AJ in WWE.

Him and Owens were funny. Then again Owens is always great. I honestly think there is very little you can actually say to Owens that he won’t twist back and make sound like the weakest comeback ever.

We get Owens/Styles later on. Happy news.

Dolph Ziggler wins by pin fall

Wow the booing for Miz was real.

Dolph went from matches that lasted about 10 seconds with the Miz to fighting Triple H to back into a match against the Miz. What a strange few weeks for Dolph.

One thing I think this match really showed, which isn’t really much to do with the match, as how well the SmackDown commentary team are now. Ranallo calls the match so well, bringing facts and interesting tidbits to it that Saxton and Lawler can do their thing and it doesn’t get too much. It makes the matches seem much more interesting. Keeps your attention better too.

This match itself was the one you wished you had the last two bloody times the Miz and Ziggler met. It was really good and you have to wonder where it really is going to go from here. I do like Ziggler and Miz though.


So it will be Kalisto vs Ryback at Wrestlemania. Another match that really doesn’t fill me with joy.

Bubba Ray Dudley wins by pin fall

You know I thought the match was gonna be a good one because Bubba and Goldust are great but it started off very one sided with Bubba really tapping into Bully Ray and mouthing off at Goldust about him being “just like the Usos” with his face paint. I mean I get it but also its kind of pointless to be shouting that at someone who has been covered in paint for years.

The match was pretty slow, every time Goldust got some steam he was put down immediately. The one time it looked like the advantage had swung straight to Goldie Bubba ended up on the outside and used DVon to distract Goldust which ended up giving Bubba the win. Truth comes to the save after the match and actually had more offence then Goldie did in the whole match before being put on his ass and then the Usos arrived.

Still have absolutely no interest in the Dudleys vs Usos stuff, I want me more Golden Truth.


Charlotte calls down Becky and Sasha to face them.

Well. I liked Charlotte’s apology. Becky’s big speech about calling her stuff ended well. Becky vs Sasha was great. The fact they took out Charlotte was brilliant.

I guess I’m still a little sad that the revolution the Divas went through was just a cheap way to push the other Divas into the background. Specially as I really think that Naomi and Nattie have proved they deserve to be up there too right now. Then again I was never really a NXT fan, still don’t see the big fuss over it the way some fans act, so I don’t see the NXT women coming up as being SOOOO much better for WWE then just giving ALL women a chance.

Kofi Kingston wins by pin fall

Have I said that Big E is precious and needs to be protected? I don’t actually like angry Big E. I lie a little, I think he’s cute either way but big and excitable E is the way he needs to be. That being said their promos are back on point and just bloody brilliant.

I’m actually really impressed that Kofi came out of the blocks looking for a fight, though it feels like forever since I saw Barrett actually do anything Barrett-esque so it was also sad that Kofi cornered Barrett right away.

Match ended up pointing out the fact that it still is a strange position that New Day are in what with them having one less person. Its usually the other way around but Kofi still gets the win. I do think they need to have League take the upper hand going into Wrestlemania as its obvious they aren’t going to win the belts but the match will feel like nothing if New Day just carry on winning.

Still I love these guys together.


We already seem to have arguments amongst the troops. They all wanna win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal but can’t decide who will win it or if they’ll win it together. That is just sad. I don’t want the Outcasts to fall out.

Unfortunately this week they were fed to Dean Ambrose who comes down and takes them all out. There had been a few tour pieces with Ambrose during the night I just skipped them because I have a time limit (I’m watching on Saturday just before F1 qualifying highlights.)

Ambrose took out the Outcasts and called out Lesnar for next weeks SmackDown.

Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

MAN the match was awesome. To be honest SmackDown was a solid but also nothing to write home about but it saved the best for last. I really want to see them two at it in a proper feud sometime, probably better if it was for the Heavyweight Championship.

It was a bloody good match.

Then Jericho came down, distracted AJ so Owens can get the win, and gave AJ another Codebreaker.

It warmed my heart. I loved it.

Honestly no matter who he is in the ring with Owens just looks amazing. Guy moves more fluidly then most people on this planet. Heck I like ballroom dancing and even half of them don’t move half as gracefully as Owens does and that is the WHOLE POINT of their bloody job. You never know what he’s going to do because he could do just about anything and it means every match he changes to work to the strength of the guy in the ring with him.

Then you have AJ who is just awesome.

It was a good match.


Meh. It was alright. If I had stayed up (which to be honest I was awake THROUGH SmackDown but doing something else) I would not have been happy to be so sleep deprived the next day for it but it wasn’t bad.

Gotta give it to Roman Reigns though this break he’s had will hopefully do his lead up to Wrestlemania the world of good. Now they just got to keep him consistent and maybe the main event will feel like a main event.

The matches were all fine, I skipped a whole load of it and no Divas match was a bummer.

Styles vs Owens was cool though and New Day were on fire.


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