F1 : Australian GP Qualifying 2016

So F1 is back.

With it we now have Channel 4 picking up the free to TV deal, half the races live and half in highlight form.

Amanda will be reviewing it again but until she’s back I’ve said I’ll give it a go. She hadn’t done qualifying reviews before and I can’t remember the last time I’ve attempted it so stick with me as I find the best way to review the new qualifying format.


Loved their opening sequence, and right off the start they had Foo Fighters with a cool video package which made me excited.

Then again I wasn’t as convinced right off the bat with Steve Jones as I was with Jake when he took over with BBC coverage. I think it really is just the difference in personality of the channels though. BBC felt like a really professional high quality spectacle (if you take away Eddie Jordan) whereas Channel 4 feels much more laid back. The picture quality wasn’t as good either and for some reason managed to make everything look a bit fuzzy.

Other then the picture quality that isn’t meant to be a negative. BBC – ITV – Channel 4 all DO have their own personality and it’ll take some time to get used to the difference. Also I said I wasn’t as convinced by Jones that doesn’t mean he isn’t good and his “Dirty Haryanto” thing was just funny.


OK so that was just my views on the coverage in general. During the pre-show I have to say I liked their video packages and the insight that Webber and Coulthard brought was just so much better then what we’ve had a few times.

Liked their look at the new team and rookies whilst not really dwelling on it all. Also nice to see them try to look at the grid as a whole.

The Fernando interview made me melt as a Fernando fan. I really do hope that he’ll have a better year. It was one of the best Alonso interviews in a long LONG time or at least in English. He was just so laid back and open with Lee and Webber and DC were right that it showed us where Alonso was going into this season much more then we’ve ever really had with him.

There was a lot of trying to talk about the new rules and trying to explain and make the qualifying sound interesting. Sadly for anyone who can’t help but go onto the internet they’ll already know that qualifying sounds anything but interesting.

Some real good insights. Enjoyed it.


Well Q1 which is the same as it always was started off giving you hope that qualifying will be fun. Grosjean and Hamilton ended up together getting a little close to each other. Its nice to see the Haas drivers with belief. No matter where you are you need to keep attacking.

The moment that we went to the 90 seconds elimination stuff it was just kind of naff.

Team Haas messed up their timing. Kvyat was the next person to be in danger but as we were told he was in danger he was getting out of his car to go and get weighed. In fact there was no point in the end because no one timed it right. Credit goes to Edwards and DC for trying to explain the rules but they had no freakin’ clue. Why did we have a countdown on Palmer if the rules were different for the end of Q1? It wasn’t dramatic and just confusing.

In Q2 I just couldn’t care. I understood it by then pretty well but it was just boring. I loved the old format and the fight at the end of the session to get the best lap.

Q3 seemed to be over in a flash. That might be because it was over with 4 minutes still on the clock. By the time we were at 1:20 left on the clock Hamilton, who had secured pole positon and got back to the pits, was at the weigh in.

What a complete and utter waste.

Pole Position : Lewis Hamilton
2nd : Nico Rosberg
3rd : Sebastian Vettel


I think it was good to question Lewis about the qualifying session. I like that he wants it put it into the fans hands and I guess I agree with him that it would be kinda funny, not so professional, to have different qualifying rules for the next few races.

When I start agreeing with Hamilton you know someone is doing something right but it was interesting hearing what he was saying about the data and the radio’s and he was right. This push is meant to make it about the drivers not the engineers but the only place the drivers have the control is on the race track so the change needs to come from behind the scenes not on the track.

They then carried that on with a good but short interview with Toto and Christian.

Very impressed.

I’ll be back for the race. Not sure if I’ll be watching live or on C4 highlights but either way I’ll be here at some point. I’ll also possibly write a impassioned piece on F1 as well. Look out for it, maybe.

What a terrible qualifying though?

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