365 Challenge : Bone of Contention

Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply – it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

Its hard for me really to think of something that I would want to use in this kind of experiment.

I guess I’ll take a debate we had the other week on Twitter and go with the opposing view from mine.

Debate : Is there ever a time when you should give up a dream or goal?

My View : You should never give it up but sometimes you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the path you take. Also I believed that there WOULD be times you’d give up your dream for others whether to help their dream or just because you would. I don’t think you should but I also think you can’t really judge someone just because they did. Unless you know the bond to that person and WHY they’d give it all up then you can’t really judge.

I believe you should never give up on a dream or a goal no matter what. Your dreams and your goals are what define you and you should never hold anything higher then that, it will motivate you to better yourself and reach higher. If there are obstacles in your way then you just have to push through them even if that means pushing through other people. Why should other people stand in the way? If your goal is so important to you why would someone else’s ever take precedent? Surely if you are ready to give up your dream or goal then it wasn’t worth it to begin with?

Your goal will define you. If you don’t reach it then it’ll be what people remember. If you get it then you have time afterwards to look at everything else.

Everything you should do should be to work to that goal and you should just carry on till its done.

OK so that is a little overly simplistic. I mean I make statements and then work from there and with no one arguing against me I guess that is as best I can get.

Thing is there are two opposites to this. You could argue that you shouldn’t go for your goal but I think that was a stupid position because even if you can’t be as proactive towards gaining a goal as you’d like to be no one should ever give up on a dream so I decided to go with the more aggressive take on my own view.

I’m not sure why I should reflect on the DOING but reflecting on what I had to write I have to say its a weird one. It felt oddly weird to me when reading replies to my statements because it felt naive, like people honestly thought you couldn’t have a life or change your opinion without feeling weak. I felt it was hard to put myself into that mindset because as someone who has had to make extremely difficult decisions and give up on things for reasons that couldn’t just be forgotten it feels like the people saying this were either very young or maybe missing out on something.

Whilst I agree fully that you should always push forward on your dream, and I also later on pointed out there are plenty of people balancing a normal life with working towards a dream, I find the idea that you could never fluctuate from that mindset worrying. Especially when it came to talking about relationships. You don’t know what the future will bring you and its easy to say that no one should stand in front of your dream or that if you would give it up then you didn’t really want it. Then again I felt these people had never come face to face with that decision. I know plenty of people following their dream but for one reason or the other they’d step back from it if they could fill their life with someone to share it with. I know people who have fallen in love, followed their dream and had to take a step back because the person they loved needed them.

My philosophy on that kind of thing is you’ll know the person you’re with is the perfect person when you’d give up your dream/goal for them but also know they’d never ask it of you. I feel like people who dismiss simple humanity off hand just haven’t lived enough of life.

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