Thirteen : Episode 3

There is still a missing girl and we left Ivy being dragged away by a unknown person in the last episode. I know I’m late but we go on.

The person who tried to take Ivy was Phoebe’s father which is strange. If the police haven’t told him that they think Ivy can help at all then why would he immediately go after her? In fact why would he go after her before even her kidnapper would try and retrieve her?

This episode made me realise that I hate every single character other then Ivy, Emma, Tim and Eloise.

Merchant continues to forget that regardless of her gut feeling, Ivy is a victim and deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt instead of being treated like a criminal. She goes from downright cruel to soulless and both her and Carne, who by the end of the episode had pretty much decided that he’d rather just not argue with Merchant any more and starts to look at it from her point of view,Β pretty much end the episode looking at everything they can when it comes to Ivy trying to find out how she must be guilty of something.

Has it ever been said that either of these have the qualifications to talk to someone who has gone through trauma and make any kind of real assumptions? Have either had training dealing with people who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome or anything else? They keep asking “why would she do this?” without thinking for two seconds they’d never be able to understand the answers if Ivy HAD answers.

In fact one of the most telling parts of the episode was when Carne escaped to question Ivy about Dylan, Leonards half brother, and she loses her temper and shows him just what him and Merchant had been doing to her making the point that its easy to say that you’d answer whatever questions are thrown at you but it is different when you actually HAVE to answer these questions.

Still he didn’t actually take anything away from that and instead ran to the cold bitch Merchant all upset that Ivy didn’t confide in him.

He goes off to snoop at Ivy’s medical records and Merchant goes back to the house.

The Moxam’s have a whole load of problems to deal with and it really is sad seeing it all go so wrong for so many people.

CraigΒ and Emma fall out as Emma does her best to protect her sister. Tim and his wife continue to have problems as she doesn’t seem to even want to understand how he feels. Angus’s affair becomes public knowledge to Ivy. The fact that Emma didn’t believe Ivy was her sister when she first came back also comes to light when a angry Craig blurts it out in a argument.

The thing is the parents aren’t likeable. They treat Tim and Eloise like children, they are smothering Ivy and not thinking about what is best for them all. Taking out their frustrations on whoever they possibly could take them out on. But they just aren’t likeable either. You don’t feel sorry for them whatsoever. You just want them to back off. I’d be happy if there was much less of them in a episode.

The police are all horrid and unprofessional and I really honestly don’t see how in reality they’d be allowed to act the way they do to someone who is a victim of something horrible. I don’t see how they’d be allowed to do any of this without actual help of someone who knows what they are talking about.

Tim’s wife is a complete bitch! It isn’t too hard to figure that your partner might have troubles when someone he was in love with as a kid shows up after thirteen years, for some reason it is really hard for EVERYONE in this series.

My problem is that I really like it. I really want to find out what happened to Ivy and with the recovery of a dead body in the house I honestly can’t wait to see what happens.

At the same time though I want Ivy to be a victim because Merchant is such a unlikeable bitch that her being right all this time would be unbearable ESPECIALLY because I don’t really feel the show is going to be respectful to the effects of grooming or Stockholm Syndrome or just about anything else.

That being said again the cast is amazing. Jodie Comer keeps you guessing as Ivy, just small little movements, changes in attitude and the way she moves makes you KNOW something isn’t right but makes you question Ivy and her motives.

Aneurin Barnard and Eleanor Wyld both are great in the episode, I said in the last review that both of them are victims too! Someone going missing effects everyone they are close to and these guys were only kids and it would be easy to forget the pain they could be going through. They play such lovely characters and you just feel so sad for both. I mean it wasn’t that long ago that I wanted to stick a fork in Barnard’s eye… Well his character in War and Peace (Boris) because he was just horrible and in this he’s the nicest man to ever live.

As much as I say I dislike Carne I don’t think I’ll ever actually be able to dislike him. Out of all the police officers he’s the only one that has remembered that Ivy is a victim and Richard Rankin makes him likeable and real. I give Valene Kane all the props in the world for making Merchant so horrible, I don’t know if that was what she was going for but I’m going to say it was, but Rankin does the complete opposite to great effect. Yet the pair of them together (again characters… Not the actual actors) make my skin crawl. People wonder why people don’t like police and this is how they are portrayed on TV?

The star as always really was Katherine Rose Morley though who had some real powerful moments and lets Emma take charge as baby sister turned big sister. Honestly if there is one character that deserves happiness other then Ivy, because I don’t care what happens there is no denying that girl deserves some happiness, its Emma. I think they found the perfect person to play her because she’s so likeable and warm and possibly the saddest moment so far was when Craig blurted out that she hadn’t thought she was her sister. The pained expression on Emma’s face was perfect to match the horror on Ivy’s.

Unfortunately I’m really unsure on this one.

I think because I have a morbid curiosity about things like this for some odd reason, I just kind of want the show to give us one look at it and follow that train of thought. Instead they keep you guessing and I don’t like it because I’ve fallen right behind Ivy and even though I understand there could be more behind her story then it looks I also have enough humanity in me to realise that it isn’t as black and white as being good or bad, following White or being led by White… If they had just followed Merchant and Carne at least you’d always be left guessing instead of watching a girl who has been isolated for thirteen years and obviously is suffering from all sorts of trauma and then being told in the bluntest of fashions she could be some evil bitch actually. Because that is the feeling you get from listening to Merchant.

I think I would have been happier finding this after it was all aired and knowing the ending before the rest of it. Maybe that is just my impatience showing through.


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