RAW 14/3/16 Review

After Roadblock we really are on the road to Wrestlemania so its time to get ready for the big event of the year.

Matches Quick Overlook :

New Day vs League of Nations
Winners : NEW DAY

Ryback vs Sin Cara
Winner : SIN CARA

Sami Zayn vs The Miz
Winner : SAMI ZAYN

Team Bella vs Team BAD
Winners : TEAM BAD

The Usos vs #SocialOutcasts
Winners : THE USOS

Dolph Ziggler vs Triple H
Winner : TRIPLE H

Chris Jericho vs Neville
Winner : NEVILLE (DQ)

New Day win by pin fall

I really, probably will buy a box of Booty-O’s when I get paid next. I know its a t-shirt inside but I just love New Day so much.

It isn’t a rematch from Roadblock as its Del Rio and Rusev in the match but it feels just as pointless as the match at Roadblock. It isn’t that I didn’t want this, as I did, but they haven’t had any on air time in this feud and if this is the feud going into Wrestlemania having the League lose twice within three days it makes you wonder where they are going to go from there.

The match itself was a great match. It was nice for a change to see Xavier in the match instead of Kofi though at the same time it felt a bit odd not having him at ring side playing the trombone. Its also odd when you have a team of three and a team of four and yet it was still “the numbers game” that won it for the team of three over the team of four.

What the match did do was turn the crowd completely on New Days side. I’ve felt recently fans chant New Day Suck just because its funny but most people seem to love them so having the biggest bullies in WWE take out a team that have been untouchable for a long time… And… They just so happen to not be American either… Will easily make New Day the good guys for a change. Even if they still cheated to win.

Made people cheer New Day plus made League semi-relevant all in one.


I always like to hear from Dean but obviously with Dean now on his road to Wrestlemania there will always be a Beast not far behind, and right by HIS side will be a Mr Paul Heyman to do the speaking.

This is possibly the only actual match I’m looking forward to at Wrestlemania. I don’t actually know whether I think Dean will win or Lesnar will and that is a nice feeling. Usually I don’t think Lesnar will lose but this time out they’ve given him a opponent I’m pretty sure could beat him or will die trying.

Dean is just great, I love listening to Dean and Heyman is the master (if you ever see my tweets I plan on becoming a 10th as good as Heyman I’ve just got to find someone I can love as much as Heyman loves Lesnar and then I’m gonna do it. I’m going to become a 10th as good as Heyman is at talking.)

Ryback wins by pin fall

Yes. Ladies and Gentleman Ryberg is back.

This feud is doing nothing for me and the match did nothing for me either. Sin Cara is a tad bigger then Kalisto so why I’m now going to care about Kalisto vs Ryback I don’t know. Out of all the guys that could face Kalisto at Wrestlemania I wouldn’t have asked for Ryback. Another match, when it gets confirmed, that I just couldn’t be bothered by.

Then again I still think it was a bad idea to put the belt on Kalisto. I honestly think they over reacted to his Slammy win, the moment he won it for was right at the end of the year so of course more people thought it was brilliant because you remembered it better, they haven’t done anything with him since he won the belt really.

Oh well. Ryback won. Yay.


I was enjoying Triple H’s speech on how everyone is going to end up in a home dribbling on themselves, or at least only the male population or one half of a lesbian couple seeing they end up there after their wife leaves them. I was enjoying it but I was so sad when Ziggler came out. Why Ziggler why?

Its true though. Whenever Ziggler is anywhere near Stephanie she threatens to fire him so why not just push the boundaries a little. Though Triple H never actually mentioned Ziggler, I don’t think Hunter thinks anyone see’s hope through Ziggler. This time out though he gets a match against Triple H instead of being fired. Poor guy.

Sami Zayn wins by pin fall

Not only do I get to see Sami vs The Miz but we get Kevin Owens on commentary which is always a complete treat.

The match was brilliant I really enjoyed it. Made me laugh that Sami got the win thanks to Owens getting involved. I get a bit lost listening to Owens on commentary though because he’s so entertaining but I’m also just very happy to see Zayn on the main roster.

You see this match make me want it to be a multi-person match at Wrestlemania but I also just want it to be Owens vs Zayn. I’m so conflicted. Still nice to see Sami on the main roster.

Team BAD wins by pin fall

Liked the match. Not sure on this whole Lana vs Brie thing and would have much preferred she hadn’t got involved but at the same time kind of would like Lana to join Team BAD a little bit. Her attitude would fit in perfectly with them.

Its kind of nice though that there is a story of some sort going on with more then just the Divas champion. Its also nice to see Brie doing something.


I’d go to Burger King if it wasn’t for bad memories. I’d defo go to Burger King after that ad for it. It was funny. They were cute. I liked it.


Sometimes I don’t think Creative think about what they have the Divas say to each other. I mean honestly everything Lana said to Paige was just mind boggling. Everything is a little bit mind boggling when it comes to them lot.

That being said again its nice just to see ALL the Divas getting a chance to do stuff. Whether its nonsensical or not they can work on that later. I also can’t wait to see Lana in the ring and Tamina gets to speak. I’m just very happy!


So we get a Divas match and then two Divas promos? Living the dream here.

Charlotte is great. I never did like her the little I saw her in NXT (late comer to NXT) but she’s really grown on me on the main roster and I love her as a heel. I don’t think I’d be half as interested in this triple threat match at Wrestlemania if Charlotte wasn’t the main focus of it all.

The Usos win by pin fall

Another pointless match for the Outcasts. Sad because it was nice when they used to win a little bit against all odds and whilst cheating but now they don’t really do anything other then get beat within a minute or so.

I still have NO interest whatsoever in The Usos vs The Dudleys and this match didn’t do anything to give me interest in it. To be honest I’d be much more interested in seeing something interesting happen for the Outcasts more then anything with the Usos or the Dudleys right now.

Match was boring, ended up messy and then had a boring result.


I’m not joking when I say Foley looks like a proud father when he looks at Dean explaining that he’s ready to face Lesnar and what comes next. Passing of the torch, Dean gets a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. That made me happy. Very happy.

Triple H wins by pin fall

For a match that wasn’t the main event I have to say it was bloody good. It was nice seeing Ziggler against Hunter. It carried on the theme of Triple H crushing our hope by crushing Dolph. He had complete control of the match the whole time out.

Hell he had so much control of the match he spent a good half a minute sat in the corner. Of course that led to Ziggler getting his feet up to stop Hunter for a moment and giving the crowd the small come back to get our hope up. It worked well and again was just nice to see Ziggler in a good match.

Not surprised that Triple H won but I thought Ziggler had him once or twice. Great match.

To be honest other then the fact I’d heard that he was coming back and watched RAW late so had heard that he came back I wouldn’t have imagined Roman coming back. I dunno. They need to do more like this with Roman and please oh please don’t give him a mic for a while, have him just come out and beat Triple H up. I still would have preferred Dean to be main eventing Wrestlemania but won’t be too upset if they kept this up with Roman till Wrestlemania. As for fans booing him, that’s just gonna happen. I don’t think Creative should try and make Reigns liked and embrace any reaction to him. I’ve even seen Reigns fans fed up of the way they book Reigns people who just like to boo Reigns aren’t going to change just because he busts Triple H open once.


Do you know how happy I am to see Jacqueline going into the Hall of Fame? I loved her when I was a kid, she was a real ass kicker and every female kid I ever knew who liked wrestling wanted to be like her. That’s the best news ever. Well deserved. She’s wonderful.


R-Truth dressed as a penguin. “Dog will you be my penguin” is possibly the most romantic gesture I’ve ever heard. R-Truth makes a cute little Pingo. These two are great. I want to find my penguin.

Neville wins by DQ

Jericho is STILL angry about the fans choosing AJ Styles over him. Still makes me giggle how much the Canadian crowd loved Y2J and he still made them boo him… Kind of.

Well I’m cheering for Y2J.

Jericho is in fine form at the moment both in the ring and with his tantrums. The thing is I was waiting for Neville to get injured because once again I knew it was coming and you have to give it to Jericho. It was obvious Neville had gotten hurt and the commentators completely ignored it and obviously they went for a quick finish but the ref didn’t make the three count so Jericho got DQ’d and was right on the mic to take advantage of it all.

Really sad for Neville.


What a way to end the night?

Vince was his normal evil self before being interrupted by Taker who as always doesn’t need to speak to make a room full of people and everyone sat at home extremely excited.

Still the love for Shane is bloody lovely to see and these three together is just magic.

I was excited for this match the second Shane came back to WWE, I didn’t care if he had a match or not but when it was announced he does have one I was jumping up and down. They literally wouldn’t have to do anything else to make me excited for this match.

Don’t care what the quality of the match is like I’m gonna love it.


It was well organised you have to give it that. It didn’t start off with a big promo giving us a good match to get us started. Promos spread throughout the show including the big BIG one at the end of the night with Shane, Vince and Taker. The “Big” match of the night and return of Reigns came just over the half way point of the night. It didn’t matter that there were some terrible matches because you were waiting for the fights you knew were going to be good.

Felt like it marked out the matches for Wrestlemania and showed us where they are planning on going. Not excited yet but there are some great looking matches and still time to get excited about the others.

It didn’t feel as long as usual which was the best part of it. Usually you get to the halfway point and start clock watching till something interesting happens which then feels real short because its dragging along. Didn’t happen with this one, I didn’t even skip the recaps and stuff and just sat straight through it.

I did watch last weeks RAW but never reviewed it because half way through my mind completely wandered and I just couldn’t be bothered. Obviously a bit different this week.

I’m one of a lot of people who seem to not be really that excited for Wrestlemania other then the fact that its Wrestlemania. There is a chance its gonna end up being a surprise though. We’ll see.

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