One Piece : Dog and Cat have a History

Chapter 820

Zou is in trouble but they just don’t know it yet. How will they react when they find out they are under attack once more by Jack?

They don’t really react at all because it happens right at the end of the chapter and its more of a “OMG what’s going on” cliffhanger. With news that there is another hiatus next week which is sad because its just getting real good.

In fact this chapter was still a little bit muddled and full to bursting with randomness but what it did do was set the next phase of the story in motion.

We begin learning that everyone other then the Straw Hats and the Heartless pirates are pretty old. Inu and Neko both travelled with Whitebeard and Roger, even Momo has said he met Roger once. Everyone knows Shanks and everyone gets extremely excited and starts asking many random questions. Nami asks important ones about the log pose and the way to Raftel but doesn’t get a real answer back but for me, what I took out of it anyway, it felt more like a “we aren’t going to tell you what lies ahead because it takes the fun out of it for you to discover it.”

I mean I might just be reading it wrong but I do kind of feel everyone they’ve met has that kind of what’s the point of telling you stuff? Its your journey go and seek it yourself.

We then move on to actually figuring out who is going where. So the teams aren’t going to be split up that badly. Kinemon and crew are going with Franky, Zoro, Usopp and Robin to Wano. Neko and Inu are going looking for Marco. Luffy, Pekoms, Chopper, Nami and Brook are going after Sanji. I think Law is also heading for Wano as that is where Kaido is but all I really got from him was submarine.

It was exciting though.

I mean these guys have met all the greats and done so many things, it still makes me wonder why they hate each other! Something big must have happened and I can’t wait to find out no matter how long it takes because you can be sure we’ll find out one way or the other.

I’m happy we’ve got a path going forward, we know how the teams are going to split up.

The sad thing is I feel like they’ll have to flee Zou instead of save it, I don’t see them sticking around much longer or at least we won’t be sticking around much longer and maybe Luffy and his team will depart and leave it to Zoro and Traffy to save Zou. I just feel like even with Jack here attacking Zou we’ve pretty much been shown what is going to happen and going after Sanji is going to be the next thing that happens.

I’m also happy that it is Sanji’s crew that are going with Luffy. I mean sure I’m gonna miss having Zoro around and I really wanted Zoro to go with them but I’ve been reviewing One Piece for over a year now on this blog and the majority of the time its only been Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Robin and Franky on Dressrosa so its nice to have the others around for a bit.

Kind of just want to get going with this story. It feels once again like its been forever since we’ve seen Sanji even though it wasn’t that long ago and the intrigue of his family and what is going on once more just makes me so excited.

This story so far has kind of stopped and started a lot and I just want it to move away from Zou for a while because I feel we are getting nowhere fast with it all.

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