Mawaru Penguindrum : Risky Survival Strategy

Episode 2

“Kiken na Seizon Senryaku”(危険な生存戦略)

Never ever believe you know what is going on in Penguindrum because the next episode will confuse the hell out of you!

We start off meeting yet another character of importance, Ringo Oginome, who talks just as much about Fate as Shoma does.

Back with the siblings and they get their orders from the spirit to sit on a certain train and find Ringo.

One thing I love so much about the series is that when they are in crowds anyone not of importance is just drawn like the men and women things on bathroom doors. The reason I like it is that it doesn’t distract from what is going on, it draws your eyes to the people of importance but it is also just really cool looking. It was one thing I loved straight away about it the first time I saw it.

Anyway back to the series itself and the invisible Penguins (now number 1-3) are used as spies. Whilst following Ringo its obvious that they can’t follow her into a All Girls school therefore they send the Penguin’s in with camera’s and radio’s. The Penguins aren’t that helpful though as they just manage to get themselves stuck or in trouble.

The main thing we learn is that Ringo is stalking the boys teacher Tabuki. There seems to be no reason to it but she’s there, under his floorboards stalking him.

Its weird how they’ve managed to find themselves stuck with a stalker. Them following her about the place was funny mainly because it ended up being stalkers following a stalker. Their constant back and forth trying to figure out what she’s doing, why she’s doing it and what it has to do with the Penguindrum is hilarious. The most funny thing for me is the stupidity of it all. They seem determined that she’s some kind of spy that knows everything about the Penguindrum. Instead of asking her or trying to figure out whether or not she’d notice she had it they have come to the conclusion right off the bat that she must have it, she must know about it and she is probably using it against them.

There was really a lot of nothing going on in the episode but what I loved about it was that the nothing going on was important to the story and the story wasn’t going to wait around to start. Here we are in episode 2, introducing a new character but at the same time here we are in episode 2 DOING something towards the main plot. Or what we think is the main plot.

I’m still not overly sure what it is that is going on but I love the characters.

That is the thing I always remember the most with this series is that I just adore the characters. All of them. Every single one of them. Himari is lovely and you don’t want her dead. Shoma is adorable and you just want him happy. Kanba obviously loves his family and you can get behind the passion he puts into it. There is something about Ringo that isn’t really screaming stalker so you are just interested in her. Even the Penguins bring shit loads of comedy but you know for sure if something happened to one of them you’d be devastated.



One thought on “Mawaru Penguindrum : Risky Survival Strategy”

  1. This series broke me,and what the hell is with all those penguins,#half-spoiler#the PENGUINDRUM has absolutely nothing to do with penguins or drums?(watch it till the end and see for yourself >.>) ,and least i forget that annoyingly catchy transformation sequence song,Welcome to rock and roll world xD

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