365 Challenge : Show and Tell

You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice. Describe you presentation.

It depends on how old they are.

A hard question really. I only know one young kid and that is my niece. If I take her age group into consideration I guess I’d talk to them about Superheroes. Relate it back to normal every day heroes but whilst also making sure to throw in as many Spider-man references as possibly.

My niece is six and as hard as she’d try to care about something she just won’t unless you wrap it up in something she likes. Then again my niece thinks Spider-man is boring now as she’s met Ultimo Tiger and he’s obviously the coolest hero in the world.

The point is though with kids that age its easy to talk to them about important things whilst relating it to something they care about. What makes Spider-man a hero? He helps people. Well so do doctors or firemen or policemen.

I’d bring in picture books and toys so they could play with them quietly as five minutes can feel like eternity for my niece so having something to look at or play with helps her concentrate.

Plus I’d try to be funny without insulting too many children. Yeah I’m brilliant with kids ONLY because I treat them like I treat adults, I just tone down the language, but I’m not sure its a good thing to be doing it to other people’s kids who don’t know me. Add to that some kids are just bloody unable to take a joke. Jeez.

I would leave by insinuating I was a Superhero and be the cool guy in the room next time I show up.

In all honesty I wouldn’t actually do anything because my social skills are so bad that I couldn’t even talk to a room full of six year olds. I’d mumble and then day dream for the other four minutes.


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