365 Challenge : 180 Degrees

The last time I majorly changed my views on anything I guess was probably during the general election. I usually vote for Labour and it was the first time that I really didn’t feel like I could support the party. A lot of things that I believed in at the last election had changed when faced with having to think of it again.

Then again I think some of that is just down to bad communication with the voters.

I recently completely changed my view on David Tennant’s Doctor but that wasn’t really 180 degrees it was more a 10 degree shift to even worse then I remembered. I also went from thinking Flash Gordon was one of the best movies I’d ever seen to “why did I ever feel that way?”

Very rarely do I change my views on things though. Then again I tend to stay away from debates and if I do enter them end up spending most of my time angry at people. I’m a pretty stubborn person.


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