Roadblock 2016 Review

The last stop before Wrestlemania (kind of, I never got that because there are loads of RAWs and SmackDowns between now and then so it isn’t really a last stop…) and we see if Dean Ambrose can change the main event of Wrestlemania.

Matches Quick Overlook :

New Day (c) vs League of Nations
Winners : NEW DAY

Chris Jericho vs Jack Swagger

Enzo Amore / Big Cass vs The Revival (c)

Natalya vs Charlotte (c)

Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt / Luke Harper

Sami Zayn vs Stardust
Winner : SAMI ZAYN

Triple H vs Dean Ambrose
Winner : TRIPLE H 

New Day win by pin fall

New Day get better every single time they come down and start talking. Loved their little intro and really loved the Booty-O’s stuff.

The match was much better then I thought it would be. I wasn’t going into this event thinking we’d get too much out of any of the matches but this started the night off well. I mean after all we have been teased New Day vs League for what feels like for bloody ever now and out of nowhere we get the match.

You have to wonder if this match is going to be a stepping stone to New Day vs League at Wrestlemania or if they have something else in store for New Day.

League actually kind of dominated New Day. There are a lot of rumours that they want to turn New Day face and you can kind of see that in the match, Xavier wasn’t gobbing off half as much as usual and its just so much easier to dislike Sheamus and Barrett then New Day. They let the League fight in that wonderfully killer way that they do and the match was much more serious then you’d think it would be from both teams recent behaviour.

Big E’s big splash is a thing of absolute beauty and I get teary every time I see it.

For me the end was a little all over the place but it wasn’t unexpected. Nice to see Barrett back on form after his injury though. Sad he got pinned.

Chris Jericho wins by submission

How do you get a Canadian crowd to boo Chris Jericho and cheer the All American Jack Swagger?

You send Chris Jericho out to tell the crowd to shut their mouths and tell them they stink.

Only Jericho could get a Canadian crowd to boo Jericho.

Honestly you got what you knew you were going to get. It isn’t like they are going to have Swagger beat Jericho right now let alone in Canada. Even with the crowd booing Jericho a little bit they weren’t behind Swagger either other then to chant “We the People”.

Jericho dominated the majority of the match with the only times he was in trouble was when Swagger used his strength to just power out of moves or completely stop Jericho in his tracks.

That being said it was a good match.

The Revival win by pin fall

OK I so want Enzo and Cass on the main roster. I also don’t want them on the main roster. I kind of want all the NXT Tag Teams on the main roster because there just are so many more and a much better variety of them.

The match was great. The main roster is struggling for tag teams and as its my favourite division it is the one thing I’ll admit is so much better on NXT. Enzo and Cass grew on me from when I first saw them, you can’t help but like them its infectious. Seeing Enzo just being thrown around by Cass is a lot of fun and they worked really well against the Revival.

Problem is that Enzo, Cass and Carmella are juggernaut personalities who steal the limelight the second they walk out. Dash and Dawson aren’t. Which is kind of sad because Dash and Dawson are better in the ring and the match was so good because when they took charge they really worked on Enzo and Cass. They work perfectly as a team and always in the right place at the right time but honestly I can’t even really remember anything they did because they were just overshadowed by the charisma pouring out of Enzo Amore.

Wasn’t surprised to see The Revival retain, honestly think they’ll lose the titles at Takeover to the American Alphas.

Won’t be surprised to see Enzo and Cass on the main roster in the next month or so.

Charlotte wins by pin fall

They stole the show.


I have to put my hand to my heart and say that I thought it would be a squash match. I thought Charlotte would just batter Nattie and walk out a few moments later like she didn’t have to try.

Boy did they have a fight though. That was good enough to be the Divas match at Wrestlemania and makes me wish that we had got a proper Nattie/Charlotte rivalry for the championship.

The wearing down in submissions, the big hard hitting moves and the chemistry these two have is just amazing. Loved when they were reversing the figure four on each other. They just took it to a completely different level.

I’m happy with how Nattie lost. I knew she would because they aren’t going to throw Charlotte vs Becky vs Sasha away for anything but as I said I thought she’d be over and done with in moments. Instead Charlotte had to cheat to win it and was on the ropes when she cheated. Nattie pretty much looked like she had Charlotte beat.

Beautiful match and I so want a Charlotte/Nattie rematch for the title soon!

Brock Lesnar wins by pin fall

Loved Bray’s entrance and was hoping for a miracle when he announced he’d made the match a handicap match.

Then he never actually entered the ring or faced Lesnar and even though Harper put up more of a fight then most people do he ended up being put away pretty quickly.

Which made it feel completely pointless.

Like 90% of Lesnar matches at these events.

Sami Zayn wins by pin fall


It was something that’s for sure.

Didn’t enjoy the match at all. Felt like the two of them didn’t really connect and there were some really strange and awkward moments.

I like Zayn and Stardust but it just didn’t work at all.

Triple H wins by pin fall

I really wanted this match to be at Wrestlemania, it was just a brilliant match.

Personally I’d still put the girls in front of this one, then again I just thought it was a lovely match for Nattie, but man was this great.

Dean’s unpredictable nature was on full show, its been a while since I believed he was actually being unpredictable so it was nice to see some of the strange offence he brought to put Triple H off his game. Loved it when he was pulling Hunters fingers apart and the amount of times he went to attack Hunters nose too.

At 3:20am I should not be suffering from such heartbreaking moments as the fact that it looked so much like Dean had just won the match just to find out that Dean’s feet were under the bottom rope.

It was just a great match and it was a shame that the ending felt so rushed. After beating the 10 count and sliding back into the ring Dean ran right into a pedigree which was real sad.

Great main event though.


Nothing different or special happened. I got all my predictions right and we’re going forward to Wrestlemania with nothing really that different. We need to find someone for the New Day to feud with but other then that nothing really has changed.

It was a great show though, worth staying up for (if you had to stay up for it like us in the UK!) and had some of the best championship matches I’ve seen in a while.

I loved it.

Divas stole the show though. Nattie was on fire and Charlotte was, as always, a great champion.

Enjoyed it.

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