365 Challenge : Mitchell’s the man. I’m the idiot. You’re the screw-up. And we’re all losers.

Take a quote from your favourite movie – there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

Favourite movie : Empire Records

So it might not be that surprising that my favourite movie is something as crazy as Empire Records (and when April 8th comes around I will attempt to remember to celebrate Rex Manning day this year) but it is. I didn’t find it till my late teens and mainly because I became a fan of Rory Cochrane.

Why I decided on this quote in particular?

I think I picked it because it kind of just IS retail ain’t it? You have the big boss, then you have the boss who isn’t much more then the person that has to bare bad news or be the whipping boy for the boss above him, then you have the rest of us who are too dumb in the eyes of the big boss to be anything but drones but in general we are just all losers.

The movie made me sad that I wasn’t a teenager when we had record stores in Plymouth. Some of my favourite stores had already closed by the time I saw the movie and I wasn’t old enough to have a Saturday job in any of them anyway. I kind of always wanted to find a small store like Empire Records to work in but it also kind of showed me the reality of working in retail. Unless you are the big boss then you have nothing but the job itself and the people around you.

Its a great movie that everyone should see. It has loads of great quotes and loads of brilliant music in it. Great performances from the cast.


2 thoughts on “365 Challenge : Mitchell’s the man. I’m the idiot. You’re the screw-up. And we’re all losers.”

  1. Man we haven’t watched Empire Records in ages. Mate I remember the first time I came down to Plymouth to see you and we bonded over Empire Records and Hooligans Island. Plus Breakfast Club. Always Breakfast Club.

    The second time round I found out you were the only other person I’d ever met that knew what Freaks and Geeks was and I realised that you living like 5 minutes away from me my whole child/teenage life yet we never knew each other was a piss take.

    1. Hahaha good times! We haven’t seen Empire Records in bloody ages! Maybe you wanna come down on Rex Manning day?! I haven’t got my rota done up that far in advance yet but its a Friday so I shouldn’t be working!

      Hooligans Island. I was looking for that DVD the other day and couldn’t fucking find it! Me and Pete used to have Bottom nights with our friend Leigha, we once just spent the whole of Hooligans Island talking a load of shit on a comment on Facebook. It ended up with like 500 comments on it! Good times.

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