Stardew Valley : Why Shane?

So I saw a interview with the creator of Stardew Valley and was happy to see I’m obviously not the only person who was disappointed finding out that even though he’s single and living with his aunt Shane is not a candidate for marriage.

It was a sad SAD moment in my life after spending so much time making the village grinch like me to find out that I’d have to pick between one of many jocks, the emo or the guy that I thought was a girl to have fall in love with my character.

There was the feeling of “I don’t know why” about it all which got me wondering why Shane?

Yes, I thought seeing I’m obsessed with the game I might as well over analysis why I want my character to fall in love and marry one of the other characters. It beats just not posting at all and makes it feel like I’ve done something other then just play the game for …. 51…. hours…..

If you haven’t played the game and just interested in seeing me ramble on (I have people who actually do just read things I post because they find me funny!) then one of the lovely little parts of Stardew Valley is the option to befriend and then marry one of a selection of people. Not all the characters are up for grabs but a good few are.

On your first day you are told to go and introduce yourself to everyone. Its a cheap and easy way of getting you interacting with other characters which again is a small part of the game. You get to put names to pixelated characters so when it comes time to do the quests you should be able to figure out who it is asking for what. If all else fails as long as you’ve met them you can go to your relationship page in the options and scroll through and find them.

Some of them can be off handish with you, others friendly and then there is Shane.

Shane wants nothing to do with you whatsoever.

I guess that is where the “why Shane?” feeling comes from. Most people would look at his scruffy exterior (his jacket looks like its ripped, he’s got a permanent stubble and scruffy looking hair) and his bad attitude and have their sweet little farmer run in the opposite direction…

That opposite direction being inhabited by people who talk about their clothes a lot… Or their hair… Or how wonderful they are. OR of course there is Sebastian who is a little rain cloud of sadness.

OTHER people, me being one of them, rubbed our hands together and said CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

You see I’m a introvert. I don’t like being talked too. Which is weird because I also want to be extroverted and have friends and talk to everyone. So when I see a character that so obviously behaves like me I think “actually inside that little bundle of pixels is a man that just wants to be loved” and you know what?

Whether it was meant to end up that way or not it does come across very much like Shane just wants to be loved.

Kind of.

The more you befriend him the more you realise that Shane is just like you. As in farmer you in the game. Your grandfather left you a note that you opened when you became bored of the mundane life that he knew you’d live and hey presto you live on a farm being self sufficient. Shane is tired of life. The only time he seems to get passionate is when he’s either drinking or talking about chickens. Lemme tell you about my obsession with my chickens…. The second that man started talking about Chickens I’ll have you know I wanted him. Regardless of my weirdness its a beautiful chance for your character to save a soul just like your granddaddy saved yours.

In fact more then anyone his story SCREAMED for him to be in your life. He’s given up on life, he likes chickens and hates the day to day dullness of life.

You can’t give him that life though.

The sad truth is Shane will forever, or until the wonderful lovely man in charge of the game changes his fate, be stuck in a dead end job looking after his aunts chickens.

When I found out that I couldn’t have Shane I decided to hop on the Sebastian train heading into doom and gloom and even though Shane only has one (or two, I did end up in a advert he was filming but wasn’t sure if that was for him or any one else) cut scene it actually did much more to make me want my character to run off with him then any of the three I’ve had with Sebastian has made me happy that she’ll end up with him.

Sebastian is a little gloomy. You don’t get told his age, or at least I haven’t seen it, then again I’m not sure how old MY character is either, so it all feels a bit teenage emo-ish. To be fair though in reality (oh dear lord now this is getting weird!) Sebastian would be right up my street usually. Gamer, introvert and hates people. Dude has cool hair and a motorbike. But he’s also such a stereotype of the kind of person I am. I think the problem is even though the actual dialogue changes a little from friendship level to friendship level it never changes enough to give him a personality. He’s just gloomy. He once or twice talks about frogs. Its the same with the others, I haven’t really progressed with the others but every conversation I’ve ever had with them tends to be so atypical for the “type” of person they are. That includes Shane. The difference is Shane is atypical of a real life human being who has to work in retail.

So the question was “Why Shane?”

The answer is because whether he meant to or not he made Shane a challenge, he gave Shane not only a sad story but a very relatable one not only for many of the people playing but for them in the mindset of their character. Its like Shane and the players character are soul mates forever to be alone as the cruel hand of fate means you can’t give him a bouquet of flowers.

I feel a tiny bit happier to know I’m not the only one.

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