Stag : Episode 3

The final episode of BBC 2’s dark comedy. We’re down to the last few people and the last big push to get the last four people home.

Johnners, Ledge, The Mexican and Ian.

Of course there will be spoilers ahead so be careful.

Possibly the most stupid decision in the whole of the series was Johnners manly suggestion to go hunting the hunter instead of running away.

OK maybe not THE most stupid decision.

THE most stupid decision was Ledges decision to scream just the moment that Johnners was going to attack the killer with the flare fun, therefore bringing the shooters attention to Johnners and getting him shot.

I have to say I never saw the ending coming. I never thought Johnners was smart enough to have thought it all up. When he attacked Ledge in the woods it was actually a jaw dropping moment. I had kind of guessed by the opening part of the episode (oh how happy I was to hear my favourite Ed Sheeran song) that there was a woman involved and was not at all surprised when Wendy showed up dressed as a police officer right at the end.

It was played really well but at the same time looking back on episode 3 and there was a definite change in Johnners and it should have been more obvious that something was up. For a start the shooter managed to miss killing Johnners at short range THEN ran to start shooting at long distance whilst managing to miss everyone and everything. Johnners himself “manned” up and looked much more serious then he’d done so far.

I still didn’t guess it though, I did kind of guess that Wendy was in on it as you never saw him die or the top half of him, but I would never have guessed it was Johnners.

What a brilliant mystery!

The star of the show has to be Ledge’s jacket. The fact that he’d cut out flaps to stop the chaffing on his nipples was genius. Not that I wanted to see his nipples, then again no disrespect to J J Field’s nipples.

Every single episodes funniest moment has come from Mex. From the BFG/Beegees stuff to the Irn Bru he found in the car door in this episode. Amit Shah was brilliant and it was sad when Mex got blown up.

Death of the whole series has to be Johnners in the mincer.

Plus there is so much that can be said for the guys in the bar at the end. Sharon Rooney was brilliant as the confused barmaid. Her not sure what to do about people running around trying to kill each other whilst the others didn’t really care was funny.

I’ve really enjoyed the series and you really should find it on iPlayer and give it a go. It shouldn’t really surprise me that the BBC have something this good on right now.

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