One Piece : Momonosuke, Heir of the Kouzuki Clan

Chapter 819

Again the story has started to feel like it is dragging and going in too many directions all at once. Will the story finally come together in this chapter?

Yes it does.

To be honest it started off trundling along and was actually kind of boring. I thought Kinemon and the rest would never get to their point. When they finally did it gave Luffy one of his great Luffy moments and I was extremely happy to see people come to the conclusion that even though sometimes Luffy sounds off or like he’s being harsh its because he treats everyone, including 8 year olds, completely the same.

Luffy wants people to take their life in their hands and do what needs to be done. He says no to Kinemon because it isn’t his place to ask. Momo might only be a kid but he’s still in charge and the second he tells Luffy how he really feels Luffy changes his mind because to Luffy everyone deserves the same respect and that respect is for having their own voice.

So we now have a Ninja-Pirate-Mink alliance to take down Kaido.

First of all though Luffy is going to go with Pekoms to get Sanji, who he says is worth 1000 men (and Sanji’s boyfriend immediately decided to tell the world he himself was worth 2000 men.)

So finally lots of little strands of story have come together. We have a path, Luffy tells the guys not to leave until he’s got Sanji so we’re hopefully not being split up again in the same way we were for Dressrosa, though at the same time I don’t think they’ll just wait around on Zou for Luffy to return either.

Unfortunately any plans they do have are going to have to wait as Jack has just arrived.

They aren’t in big big danger personally right now….

Jack is just going to kill the elephant that Zou is resting on.

I’m guessing they will be split up anyway but at the same time I don’t want them to be split up. Or at least if they are I don’t want anything to happen to one half whilst the other are the main focus because we’ve just had to have terrible flashback after terrible flashback to cover everything that happened in the last split so I’d rather not have to have any more terrible flashbacks.

Then again I’d be so happy if Luffy saved Sanji and escaped without being really noticed or having to defeat Big Mom because I think if they defeated two Yonko’s right after each other it would just feel a bit much. You kind of want one to happen then some random adventure then another one. It would also be nice to have them chased by Big Mom a little. I don’t see Kaido being the kind of person that chases others, he’s too busy trying to kill himself.

I was left swearing at the end of it with Jack just closing down on Zou. I haven’t felt that way in weeks. Dammit! Why can’t they catch a break?!

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