Bates Motel : A Danger to Himself and Others

Why did no one tell me this was back on? Forget the fact I never reviewed the last two episodes of season three why oh why did I not get informed that season four was starting?!

Anyway Season Four has officially started.

What happens?

Norman is found in a field and sent to a psychiatrist after trying to punch the guy who found him talking to himself, he then gets sent home and Norma has to take him to a doctor or else, when left alone for five minutes he manages to kill Emma’s mum whilst in his own mothers dressing gown.

Dylan is busy at Emma’s bedside who has had her lung transplant.

As for Norma she runs around thinking she’ll be able to solve everything with her strong will… Even going so far as DEMANDING that Alex marries her so she can use his insurance.

So what happened?

All the crazy things you love about Bates Motel.

Really just like every season so far the greatest thing about Bates Motel is it seamlessly just returns like it was never away. I haven’t rewatched season three much since it aired if I’m honest but within moments it was like I’d seen the finale only yesterday.

I like how we’ve now got just crazy ass Norman Bates running wild in his town only matched by the craziness of Norma Bates. What makes it even better is the fact that Dylan and Alex are so used to the crazy that they just kind of roll their eyes at them both. In fact Alex is so used to it that Norma has to keep reminding him that he’s meant to be being nice to her.

Freddie Highmore once more just does the crazy so well. I think the build up to having him completely snap was perfectly played so that you can have a crazier Norman then you might have expected at first now that works because you’ve seen him be nice. It doesn’t ruin THE Norman Bates because you’ve seen he is a nice person that obviously has a split personality of some sort. Right now he’s going through a lot of stress so you can actually see him once more acting normal and leading a normal life to be where he has to be for the movie Norman.

That wasn’t the point I was going to make, the reason it was built so well is that you have empathy for Norman. He’s a nice kid, you’ve seen that, you’ve seen what his black outs do slowly, you’ve seen THAT side of him but you know that THE Norman, the real Norman, the Norman that kind of gets lost in this abusive and angry state, that Norman is genuinely a sweet kid. NOW he can be as bat shit crazy as he wants because we’ve had this build up to get to know him, get to care for him, want the best for him and for Norma to actually be his mother and get him help, now that he’s snapped as well as seeing him be like that you pull your hair out because you want him to get better and want this to end for him.

Norma gets a bit of a reality check which is needed and hopefully drives her to do something better.

The cast make it though. It doesn’t even feel like you are watching people acting, which might be a bit worrying for Highmore… The whole cast manage to bring this dramatic and sometimes downright terrifying feel to the show whilst having the perfect timing for dropping lines that make you laugh. Its written so well that they never lose humour or small moments that are really needed to keep the highly dramatic moments meaningful.

I never give Nestor Carbonell the credit he deserves as Alex Romero. He suffers more then all of them (well, maybe not the dead people) being in love with Norma and trying to cover her tracks. He has the perfect “OMG not again” look and just reacts so naturally to everything. I forget how much I miss Alex at times but his character is possibly my favourite. And still four seasons in and I can’t believe how much he looks like Anthony Perkins. Like honestly if they remade the movie itself (well they did and to be fair Vince Vaughn didn’t do a bad job!) then he’d be my number one choice for Norman.

The only part of the show that I’m still iffy about is the sudden romance of Dylan and Emma. I personally didn’t like it in the last season even if I’ll admit that there was some kind of foreshadowing to it. I think its a silly thing for both of them to rush into when she’s obviously still got a lot of feelings for Norman and he knows what his little brother is capable of. But I love Max Thieriot and Olivia Cooke so much its just so nice to see them giving each other big puppy dog eyes when she’s on the ventilator after having successful surgery.

Through all the crazy that is the thing that stands out most.

These characters just feel like they belong in my life now. I’d be so really sad if they weren’t. It was like saying hello to old friends. Crazy friends but friends nonetheless.

I loved the episode, it was effortlessly crazy, scary and funny all at the same time. Norma’s marriage proposal will go down in history as the worst ever shown on TV, the place Norman ended up is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen and thanks for tugging on the heart strings with Dylan and Emma right from the get go.

Isn’t it nice to have Norman back?


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