The Curse of Monkey Island Part 6

We have arrived at Blood Island. Or at least in the cut scene you’d have seen after defeating Rottingham you’ll have seen that we crash landed on the wrong island.

Never mind. We’ll just have to get going…

Without our crew. Who are going to repair the ship and leave us here.

Sad times.

Go and take the bottle out of the sand and talk to McMutton, you need to ask him about the bottle of lotion as you’ll need to swap something tar like for the lotion but just talking to him in general is fun.

Leave and you’ll find yourself on the new map. Head towards the house first. This is the house of Goodsoup. Its a Hotel.

The first person inside you come to is Madame Xina, you can talk to her and she’s a bit loopy but if you ask her five times to tell you your future she will look at her cards and Death will come up each time. Take all the cards as you need them for later.

You can pick up the brochures, the recipe book and the cushion. The guy behind the bar is hungover so won’t talk to you but thankfully if you go into the recipe book you’ll find the cure for a hangover so we just have to work on that.

Next you want to head for the graveyard. Pick up the chisel and mallet that has been left lying around and feed the dog the maggotty biscuit to get the “hair of the dog that bite me.” That is one ingredient down.

Next to the beach where you’ll see a birds nest in a tree, stick the cushion on the rocks below it and use the mallet to send the egg flying.

The third ingredient is a pepper, you can find that up by the Windmill.

Easy as that! No hardships or anything. Give the hungover pirate all three ingredients and he’ll make the hangover cure and will even give you a little bottle with the leftovers.

Dude just so happens to be Griswold Goodsoup. Turns out he knows all about the ring we’re looking for as it belonged to Minnie “Stronnie” Goodsoup.

Yes… You will be getting a lot of soup puns with the Goodsoups but who doesn’t love a good pun? His stories are worth listening to and the voice actor is brilliant for him. I would love to sit and listen to him talk about his family for hours. But you can’t. Order a fruity drink with a umbrella and you get a ACTUAL umbrella, then order a grog. Use the chisel with the Head-b-Clear and spike your drink.

Drink it to die.

Game Over…….

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