Prince of Stride : Stand up – Because You Were There

Episode 10

There is still a lot of work to be done with the team before EOS and no amount of bonding at the beach has managed to fix some of the problems the team has.

This week we take a look at probably the emotional boiling pot of Yagami.

We get a proper look at his relationship with his brother and why he gave up Stride and to be honest it wasn’t half as bad as I thought. In fact it really was a mental barrier that he put on himself not his brother. His brother is obsessive when it comes to Stride, the memory centres around a day when practise had been cancelled because of a storm and Tomoe still went to practise, and it seems that Riku feels inadequate just because he wasn’t as good or as obsessed.

What he never seemed to understand was the fact that he didn’t have to be super focused on just Stride like his brother to be good. He just had to work at his own pace.

When he finally breaks through that barrier he is able to emotionally connect during his running and didn’t lose his stamina at the last moment.

The break through the team needed.

Its funny though that this breakthrough really came because of one of Saisei’s members who seem more happy helping Honan then they are trying to defeat them. Maybe they think that they will just beat them in general so don’t mind helping them? They really have taken quite the shine to the team in general.

I didn’t like the episode much though.

For me it took away a lot of what the show is about. For me the story was too weak for the message it was trying to bring over and Riku was a character that needed something a little more then that to make more then just the fun laid back character. The drama would have worked if the story hadn’t been so weak.

As for Fujiwara he’s the character most in need of development. His bluntness is a good thing but its all he ever is. His one minded nature should have been the point of the story, Riku might have put a stupid barrier in his own way because of his brother but Fujiwara is exactly like his brother and there should at some point be a story where he learns that actually his one mindedness is wrong. I think there was meant to be that moment in this episode but the character is such a horribly performed character that I never really noticed.

I just feel it went in the wrong direction.

Plus since Kuga has decided to join the group he’s been so quiet in the background. I’d like the show to actually focus on the whole group and not just weak character moments. The best episodes are when there is a great mixture of all the characters to balance out the weaker moments, unfortunately Fujiwara is weak all over and Riku, who is usually fine, had a horrible story to contend with.

Props go to Kadowaki who is always a awesome character.

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