Haruchika : Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru : The Jabberwock’s License

Episode 10

“Jabauokku no Kansatsu” (ジャバウォックの鑑札)

We have managed to make it to our first concert, torunament… Thing. But before they go out and perform of course Haruta and Chika have another mystery to solve.

Haruta finds a dog, a very expensive dog, and its up to him and Chika to pick the owner out of two people. One is a adult who ends up trying to threaten the students in a none aggressive way to give him the dog, the other is a little girl who meekly just tells them the truth.

So whilst everyone else takes the time that they’ve been given to practise them two and Kusukabe who was running late all tend to a dog.

The mystery actually ends up being sweet but a little pointless. The girl owns the dog who was named Jabberwock by her mother who isn’t allowed to see her any more or have any contact with her. They figure out the mystery and before you know it the girl has the dog, the guy trying to steal the dog has run away and the only thing I guess we’re meant to take from the whole thing was that some creepy reporter dude was going to do his best to befuddle Chika to get a interview and then use Haruta’s vanity to get one all on Kusukabe.

I forget that there is even a mystery surrounding one of the most boring characters in all the anime’s I’ve ever watched but there is! Why did he give up his career to go teach kids?

Not that we even end with a real cliffhanger or anything just the three most important characters suddenly realising maybe they should be getting ready for the big concert that they have to do.

That might make it sound like I didn’t like the episode but it had its own little charming feel to it and I did like it I just think with so little time left there needs to be a push for SOMETHING to happen. Right now we still feel like we’re just at episode 2 or 3 because there is nothing there. Its not really one thing or the another and just seems happy to plod along doing not much really.

The little kid was sweet and I’m not sure the point of Chika’s story about saving a kid other then to create a drama about her hand that was forgotten seconds later.

In fact a lot of things just seem to happen for no real reason with no real consequence in this anime. Maybe the injured hand will come into play later on but I doubt it.

What I’d really like is for Chika to be the best part of the band when they finally play because I’m a little fed up of all the Chika being useless jokes.

I don’t know. I’m not sure how I feel at all about the episode or the series if I’m honest.


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