Pride Promotions : Ultimate Prizefighters 3

This might be the last Pride event I go to for a while unless I find someone with transport before next week, I already have had to look into finding somewhere to stay for the night in Penzance for their May show. Its a good thing it was one hell of a night then right?

We were up to Newton Abbot for this one and thanks to the trains being down I bled for it (nose bleed, travel sickness and a migraine from travelling on the bus and then a taxi. I can do trains, not buses.)

I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do but I think I’ve managed to add more then I usually do so just give your computers/mobile devices a second to get over it.

Eddie Ryan vs Kelly Sixx
Eddie Ryan wins by pin fall

Sixx was actually Kiezer’s lackey. After deciding he can’t be bothered to wrestle in Newton Abbot (don’t worry Kiezer, I had the same feeling when I was sent to Newton to work once) he introduced us to the guy he was paying to win it for him.

He wasn’t too bad either.

I was seriously impressed. I mean the last two or three fights I’ve seen Eddie Ryan in have been brutal with guys that looked like they were going to rip him in half. Sixx never looked like he’d be able to do that but he didn’t have to. OK it wasn’t ever going to beat Ryan vs Dickinson or even Ryan vs Gregory but it had its own thing going  and Sixx took it to Ryan the whole match long.

He had some real good moves too, if he wasn’t grinding Ryan down he was delivering some nasty looking fast moves to him.

As I said,, completely impressed with Sixx. It was a great opening match, the first win went to Eddie. Of course it would he’s the best. Then again looking back on it and the main thing I took away from it was just how much I enjoyed watching Kelly wrestle.

No word of a lie though my friend never reads my reviews, has only been to the Taunton show in January and was only really (to begin with) supporting Eddie Ryan because apparently all I do is post photos of him all the time on Instagram so she knew who he was (will this unfair stereotyping of me being a Eddie Ryan fangirl ever end?) after this match she turned straight to me and said the thing that I’ve been saying since last April.

It was worth the price of the ticket alone just to see that one match with Eddie Ryan.

Not that she actually paid for the ticket I gave it to her for free…. Never mind. It was worth the price of the two tickets I paid for.

Chris Walker vs Danny Jones
Chris Walker wins by pin fall

OK so Chris Walker might be the funniest guy I’ve ever seen. Sorry Jason King you’ll have to up the game ten fold to even get close now. I have never laughed so much, the problem was I spent way too much time laughing and not enough time paying attention.

I like Danny but he didn’t have the charisma to stand up against Walker.

The match actually wasn’t that interesting other then the funny bits, possibly because there were too many funny bits it never actually felt like they were doing much. I was highly entertained but not by the wrestling. When they did get it on it wasn’t just charisma that Danny lacked compared to Walker.

It was a bit of a forgettable match really.

I don’t really want it to sound like a negative to Danny though as I think he’s great. They just didn’t work against each other. Neither really did much. The humour they brought though kept the momentum of the evening going so that is a positive.

Lomaxx vs Darren Saviour
Lomaxx wins by murder pin fall

I like Lomaxx. I like Lomaxx a lot. I’ve said before that I support Lomaxx and I really do.

The match lasted 10 seconds, or at least that was what I think Lomaxx was shouting, and there was no need to completely squish Darren Saviour into oblivion (and I mean squish, he jumped on him and squished him. Darren ain’t a small bloke either but he was pancake’d…)

I was actually waiting for that to happen, I knew one of the matches would end like that. I don’t know why but I just knew it. In competitions like this there is always one match that ends quickly.

Still as much as I love Lomaxx he doesn’t have to squish people to death.

Gideon vs Adam da Silva
Adam da Silva wins by pin fall

Gideon was way too cocky. I like Gideon though. I felt like the odd person out in that I love House of Bones and refuse to boo them no matter how much my friend told me they were horrible.

Adam da Silva has got the art of being beaten to a pulp down to perfection. He really is the underdog that everyone loves. It wasn’t pretty but you couldn’t help get behind Adam as he was just torn away by Gideon.

House of Bones can actually be really scary when they wanna be and I think it was the first time I’ve seen Gideon in a one-on-one situation and he was even more scary then he usually is. He focused on Adams arm and it just looked nasty. Not only that but Adam had to contend with the other bully on the outside AND Vixxen circling the ring. He really was up against it.

But like all good underdog stories he survived and even won!

Unlike a lot of underdog stories though it was done in such a way that it felt believable. Too often in a match like that you’ll see the underdog win and you just have to shake your head because it looked ridiculous but Adam took Gideon by surprise and as I said House of Bones in general were just too cocky on the night.

Nice to see Adam win.

Eddie Ryan vs Chris Walker
Eddie Ryan wins by pin fall

Again lots of laughing. I could actually blame part of my killer headache on the night down to Nipple-gate.

Nipple-gate was when Eddie Ryan showed his true colours and unfairly went after Walkers nipples. I didn’t get a single photo of the event but it happened, I was there and it was unfair.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long LONG time.

Compared to his match against Danny Jones this time out we got to see plenty of wrestling as well as plenty of humour.  This was by far my favourite match of the night as it balanced it all out really well and was just entertaining.

I’m not used to being treated to two Eddie Ryan matches in one night so it was a new experience and the dude managed to go from one great match to a even better one without missing a beat. The guy is a machine. It was completely the opposite of his first match and, with a change of colour to the proceedings too it was like Fashion Night with Eddie, he came out and like it was his first match of the night and took the challenge as easily as ever.

The guy is just amazing beyond words.

After the match not happy with losing to Ryan, Walker took his legs out from under him and focused on damaging his leg so he wouldn’t be able to Superkick anyone else that evening.

We’ll see about that.

Lomaxx vs Adam da Silva
Lomaxx wins by pin fall

Well Lomaxx had thought he’d done enough just to win by count out.

When Adam came out I could have cried. There is no shame in walking away from a big bully like Lomaxx. Adam has heart though and came out and took yet another beating.

This time out there was just no gap for Adam to get into. Lomaxx was on him and just beat him to the ground. The one or two times that Adam made a come back he was just running into the brick wall that is Lomaxx.

I was troubled. I wanted to cheer for Lomaxx but at the same time you just had to be behind Adam because he wasn’t going to give up and he could have given up a lot. He managed to survive being squished for so long that the longer the match went on the more you thought he’d be able to do something to put a halt to Lomaxx’s progression through the tournament.

In the end Lomaxx squished his head.

It was nice seeing Adam go it alone for a change, he put up two really good fights against two very big bullies and he lived to tell the tale.

“Big Grizzly” Steve Griffiths / Scotty Essex vs Ultimo Tiger / Chris Andrews
Ultimo Tiger / Chris Andrews win by pin fall

This match was golden. It could easily be forgotten being the only non-Prizefighters match of the evening but it shouldn’t be.

They started the match with Tiger and Scotty, anyone who knows me knows that is the best match up I could possibly ask for. They do look amazing against each other and compliment each other so well. I still can’t believe Scotty can do half the stuff he does, I have no actual idea why I don’t believe it but I can’t. It makes his matches so much fun though.

The two teams worked really well, Griffiths and Andrews up against each other was great and the fact that Andrews just threw Grizzly around like he was half the size he is was amazing. Loved it completely when Tiger was thrown out of the ring on top of Grizzly and Scotty, did not expect Andrews to then jump over the top rope on them. Some really great moments and it shouldn’t surprise you as these guys are some of the best that Pro Wrestling Pride have to offer.

Loved the match.

Lomaxx vs Eddie Ryan
Eddie Ryan wins by Count Out

Lomaxx was on fine “lets go out there and beat the living hell out of people” form tonight and it was no different with the now severely limping Eddie Ryan.

You see I got in trouble because when the match began Fiona was saying she didn’t like it because Eddie was obviously going to lose to which I put on the bravest Lionheart fan face I could and said “nah Eddie is going to be fine, he’ll find a way to win it he always does.” When it looked like Eddie wasn’t going to find a way not only was I in turmoil over whether I’d be happy or not if Lomaxx won I found myself having to explain myself to Fiona.

He did take hell of a beating, limping about on one leg.

Lomaxx has been real impressive as of late and the whole night he’s just dominated every match he’s in and I think the only way they could have ended it was with such a close count out. Ryan couldn’t put him down with anything so having Lomaxx take the fight to the floor, break the count once instead of taking advantage of being up and able to roll back in for the victory, then again have that cockiness as his downfall was pretty much the perfect way to play it. Again like I said with the underdog stuff with Adam its a fine line to play. Wanting people to put more emotion into the story of the match because of, in this case, Ryan’s obviously injured leg to then have him do the big Superman American thing and forget he has a injured leg at the end might have been great at the time but I don’t think I would have liked it if I had to come home and think about it. Having him crawl back into the ring kind of showed just how much he’d put into the tournament to win it.

A brilliant end to a wonderful night!

There was no hiding the fact that nearly every person in the room had been on Ryan’s side all night, no one else had been cheered half as much as he had. When he won the whole room felt like it exploded. Plus for anyone who remembers Christmas it was a bit of payback on Ryan’s side after dominating the Christmas Rumble, eliminating Lomaxx out of sight of the ref before Lomaxx rolled back in and eliminated Ryan.

OK I’m the only person that remembers that aren’t I? I do hold grudges for a very long time. It felt like payback to me!

Meet and Greet…

I am sorry that me and Fiona held up the line so badly just to talk to Scotty Essex.

Actually I lie, I’m not sorry. Essex is one of the nicest guys on the planet and actually seemed chuffed to pieces that I’d turned my Swampy pink just for him. If I could bring Fiona to every event we’d probably do the same every time! Unfortunately she tends to work Sunday’s so that will be far and few between and next time I’ll see him I won’t have the guts to say anything to him at all so yeah. Not sorry at all. Kinda sorry for Sixx though as we didn’t mean to ignore you, I loved his hair.

I got a picture with Vixxen which made my life! She’s absolutely awesome! I just love her and she’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Plus after seeing my shaky attempt at taking a photo with him Tiger then took my phone and took the selfie for me. Just when you think you couldn’t love someone more then you already do you find a reason to love them more. Then again he’s always been awesome like that.

I was then way too shaken to even notice who came next until the very end where the Ultimate Prizefighter himself was, I brought one of the Lionheart t-shirts I don’t own, after telling him I was going to bring it to another event for him to sign he signed it right there for me, I didn’t want him to sign it there because he looked knackered and even had troubles opening the bag, but he did it and I will be getting it framed and hung on my Eddie Ryan shrine wall. Then I got another photo with him because why the hell not? I was even wearing my Lionhearts t-shirt!

Before I left I even managed to get a photo with Saime after my mum cornered him.

It was great.

Swampy and Swampy Jr even got their photos taken in the Catch Division Trophy!

Final Thoughts …

It was a great night. I think it was made even better because being with one of my closest friends who I’ve known (and she’s nearly killed me and I had to stop her walking in front of a bus in Exeter once) for like a decade now and is basically my sister in many ways. Gave me a lot of confidence because I felt safe being around her even if she’s a big mouth (I do love you though Fiona!)

Like honestly I’m like a rabbit trapped in the headlights, try getting me to talk to a single person and you’ll make me cry. This time out I wouldn’t shut up! In the queue waiting to go in we were having a right old chat with everyone in the line around us, I actually did start cheering for Scotty when he was posing in front of us (it was only me and Fiona cheering but who cares?! oh and the Swampy’s!) and me and Fiona did hold up the meet and greet queue (sorry) to just bombard Scotty Essex with compliments and mess around with Swampy and Swampy Jr.

Oh and by the way, first thing I did when I got home Scotty was order you your very own Swampy who I will bring next time I’m at a event! Hopefully. If I find someone to take me to Tavistock he might not have arrived by then. We promised you one and we will deliver!

I genuinely sound like a broken record most of the time but these guys do get better every time I go see them. I mean I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them this year already. Totally love them.

As I said Ryan vs Walker was my favourite match and there can only be one man of the show after winning three amazing matches. Everything about it was just really brilliant and I loved it so much.

They are in Tavistock next week so go get your tickets for that if you can make it.

As always links :

Their Website :
Twitter : @ProPWP
Facebook : Pride Promotions 

Also as some of my photos got used last time but one or two of them looked terrible, I’m not sure what people were doing to get them to make them look worse then they were, if you do want them just let me know and I’ll share whatever ones you want on Facebook. ESPECIALLY any from Instagram. As they save to my phone anyway so are easy to stick onto Facebook or message through to people.

As I said I’m not sure when I’ll go see them next. I did have a lift to Tavistock who suddenly became unavailable (yeah the only other person on this blog that isn’t dying or having family problems. Go to all Luc’s anime blogs and shun him) so probably won’t be going to Tavi, and the Teignmouth show is the same day as the PWA’s next event which I already booked tickets for. I’m in half the mind to just say bugger it to Plymouth and go to Teignmouth anyway. I won’t, because you know its been forever since I saw PJ Jones and I miss him greatly, but I feel like it. Not that I dislike them or anything but I just love Pride so much.

(Plus just for James… I have brought front row tickets to the Pro Wrestling Chaos event I was telling you about the day after my birthday. It technically I believe isn’t in Bristol and I still need to get a train from Bristol to Yate but I’m going! Happy I got them too as front row sold out in 15 minutes! )

It was one of the best events so far. Can’t believe I have to wait so long to see them again!


24 thoughts on “Pride Promotions : Ultimate Prizefighters 3”

  1. Been looking out for the blog! Saw some problems on Twitter hope you are feeling better.

    So wait. Are you trying to tell me on one hand you are a fan of Eddie Ryan and on the other hand you’re not a fan of Eddie Ryan? So were you happy he won or sad? Plus the only good photos you have are of him are you sure your phone hated you and not just you didn’t want to take any photos of anyone but Ryan?

    If you like Chris Walker and you like Danny Jones why didn’t you like the match?

    House of Bones sound like they were up to no good.

    How were you? I know you were having a bad week leading up to the event did you feel any better?

    Would you go up to Newton again?

    Wait when in May is your birthday as we might be coming down that way in May. I might join you if we’re down around Bristol at that point.

    Love the pink alligator. Loved that the guy was good natured enough to let them sit in his trophy.

    So compared to Christmas Chaos and Dream of Glory where does this come?

    1. Dude that ain’t what I’m saying. I’m a fan but I’ve been type cast as a fangirl. I’m not a fan girl I’m just a fan. As for the photos he’s just photogenic…. or slow. Probably edge towards the slow!

      I dunno they just didn’t work against each other. It would have been quite fun to see Jones vs Sixx that would have been awesome.

      It’s the only thing they ever do! Have to love House of Bones and their no good deeds.

      I was alright yesterday but back to being terrible today. Kinda looking forward to three days at work to numb my brain.

      May 21st is the event. I’ll send you a link on Tumblr. If you do don’t forget a birthday pressie as I’ll be 27 the day before!!!

      Scotty is a class act! As I said in the review I’ve bought him a Swampy all of his own!

      In the middle? It had three Eddie Ryan matches but it wasn’t as good as Dream of Glory.

      1. Sometimes I hear the dripping about not being a fan girl and then I remember you are eternally a fan girl as proven by the very next sentence where you call him photogenic.

        So it was just a bad mixture of styles?

        What did Vixxen actually do as you haven’t even got a photo of her properly!

        You saying you are looking forward to work is strange as you usually on Tumblr have nothing but negatives to say about work! Do you think it has anything to do with going to events?

        Haha I’ll let you know on Tumblr, I also have some tips for travel sickness which I’ll send through to you. Is it only buses that you get sick on?

        Are you going to turn his pink for him?

        That is pretty good going seeing you really loved those two events. Any explanation to why it ended up in between?

        1. The very next sentence where I called him slow? Get with the times man.

          Yeah. To be fair there was possibly too much of the comedy in it. Unlike Eddie Ryan who even without saying anything was able to play up to it Jones tried to play along but it just ended up being him encouraging fat chants which is all well and good but it was kinda the only comeback he could think of. There just wasn’t enough wrestling in between to really counterbalance the fact that Jones is not a comedy genius.

          She got involved in Gideon’s match distracting the ref whilst Gideon threw Adam over the top rope then she was really lovely and let me take a horrible selfie with her (its horrible because of me not her!)

          Hahaha to be honest work won’t be too bad this week I hope. I don’t want to say anything negative about it here mind you!

          Maybe but generally no. I do get anxious having to travel but I’ve also been quite bad for some time now so its hard to say what it is really.

          Yeah only buses. Which is a point its three hours to Bristol on a bus oh dear lord!

          Nah I’ll give him some of the stuff I used to turn baby Swampy pink and he can do that for himself if he wants!

          Well the matches were all awesome except for the ones that weren’t and it has to be given even more love because it wasn’t like there was a big name superstar there either but it was proof that they also just don’t need it. I know why they bring them and I love that they do but they are pretty awesome without them.

          If you want better just say and I’ll explain it at lunch tomorrow !

          1. So are you or are you not a Eddie Ryan fan girl?

            Such a shame. Wasn’t he one of the two Danny’s in Exeter and you said you thought you’d enjoy him in singles competition more then as a tag team?

            Don’t say that about the photo its lovely. Unlike all your others you don’t look terrified in it!

            Three hours? My present (if I go) will have to be pretty damn good then!

            Yes elaborate in your own time please.

            Also elaborate over why the Ryan/Walker match was the best.

            Plus why did Chris Andrews have the belt at the end of his match?

            Were you genuinely upset Kiezer didn’t wrestle?

            I can keep hitting you with questions all day you know.

            1. Shut up, shut up, shut up!!! Stop asking me questions about Eddie Ryan!

              You asked me twelve on Tumblr. Leave it!

              (I still love you though! My number one fanboy. .. how do you like it hey?!)

              I still hold onto that notion. He was brilliant in the tag match the team just didn’t work for me. He didn’t work against Walker. I’m sure I’ll love him next time.

              My actual natural state is that of petrified bitch so ya know….

              Yes it will. I will accept nothing less then a life sized statue of Wade Barrett. A nice looking one as well not a flimsy attempt.

              Ok so the quality of the matches were really good so when I say one was forgettable that is pretty much down to the others being just amazing anyway. It was extremely funny. They stayed as professional as always but also it just felt much more laid back. Eddie Ryan and Lomaxx are two extremely talented guys so having 5 good matches (you can’t really count murdering Darren Saviour) with them two in it was a obvious winner for them and other then the fact I had a headache it was just so much more fun!

              If you noticed the comment below yours you’ll have seen I took my friend Fiona instead of Ros. Ros messed me about and apparently is no longer my friend (I am truly heartbroken) and this was the second time Fiona came to a event with me (because she loved Undisputed so much) so she was much louder and got into it more. Plus it was nice having someone there who wanted to be there and got real into the meet and greet and stuff and took my pictures for me and kinda dragged me into talking to people instead of badgering me about Chris fucking Andrews!

              That match was brilliant. It honestly was a great mix of comedy and talent. It was their second Match of the night too and it was important to show they were tired but not play up too much to it as well. I genuinely always think Eddie Ryan matches are just brilliant and all joking aside it’s a struggle to be unbiased and not just name his matches the match of the night. I honestly think, hand on heart, he’s so naturally talented that I would pay money just to see one 10 minute match with him. Not the only one, plenty of people were saying the same in the queue, Fiona said it (and she’s hard to impress!) My mum and sister think it…. with three matches it was always gonna be one of them for match of the night.

              Plus Walker was brilliant. I keep saying he was funny but the man is immensely talented too, you ask 100 questions because I tend to go off on tangents when reviewing stuff (i do it on all my reviews! ) but I probably should have made it clearer that he was great.

              Oh yeah he pinned Grizzly so demanded a title match in Tavistock. I forgot to say that!

              I kinda was to be honest. Wouldn’t have given up seeing Kelly Sixx though as he was so impressive in the ring but I do love Kiezer.

              Keep them coming! I love questions me!

              1. I will take your crying for you admitting to being a fan girl. Though you are starting to get just as bad with Scotty Essex.

                Aren’t I your only fan?

                Kind of hoping that next time you see him he’s in the best match of the night. Its like you are willing yourself to say really lovely things about him but you just can’t. Next time!

                So for it to be a nice looking statue then it has to look nothing like Wade Barrett?

                I’ve always felt like there was a lot of anger directed at Chris Andrews for being your friends favourite. It was something I picked up on over on Tumblr. Did you like him more now no one is bothering you about him? Plus some of your cryptic messages on Tumblr all of a sudden make sense!

                You see you build Eddie Ryan up so much if I ever see him wrestle and he’s a disappointment you’ll have explaining to do.

                Your not going to Tavistock so how upset are you that you’ll miss that match?

                Yeah for the first time seeing him you did have a lot of nice things to say about Sixx. Is he someone you’d like to see again?

                Are you really thinking of skipping out on Plymouth and going to Teignmouth instead? I possibly have asked a few times but do you prefer Pride to Plymouth?

                How many Pride shows have you been too now? Out of ALL the matches you’ve seen at their shows so far which has been your favourite? Would you travel to somewhere like Taunton (which I know was difficult) if Eddie Ryan wasn’t on the card?

                Plus you look genuinely happy to have a photo with Saime is he still one of your favourites?

              2. Oh and when are you doing the RAW review this week? As I don’t want to sit here staring at Tumblr waiting for the update.

                1. I take offence being called a Eddie Ryan fan girl, I don’t mind you calling me a Scotty Essex fan girl. Or… Again… As below… A Tiger fan girl.

                  No. I’m sure I have at least one nicer fan then you. Plus I’m my biggest fan. Someone somewhere is bound to like me. Sometime. Maybe. Or maybe some time soon.

                  Hahaha that would be the most awesome thing ever! I do hope he is.

                  Wait… You follow me on Tumblr and think its safe to insult Wade Barrett in front of me? You might not want to come anywhere near me ever if that is the kind of shit you are going to pull.

                  I’ve always liked Chris Andrews I don’t think I’ve ever said anything negative about him. Andrews is brilliant.

                  Plus the message wasn’t cryptic you just didn’t know the context. It was the only place I could post it without people I didn’t want seeing it seeing it.

                  Well I did tell Fiona that he’d be fine in the final match and that Lomaxx would have a fight on his hands then Lomaxx kicked his ass, thankfully he won so I didn’t need to explain anything but I woulda had to if he’d lost!

                  What the title match? Kinda upset. Not that upset. A little bit upset? I think the reason that I’m upset more then anything is I go to Tavi all the time, I think its pretty easy to get there for the show but I can’t get back. It really isn’t that far away but when you don’t drive just about any bloody place is too far away from Plymouth! It ain’t a easy place to get out of.

                  Yeah. Sixx is great. I really liked him. I really REALLY wanna see him in a match againt Danny Jones! I honestly think that would be a great match.

                  I don’t think I like them more but especially recently I’ve been to a load of Pride shows and just really love their wrestlers. I mean I love the Plymouth guys to pieces but you yourself have just pointed out how much I love Scotty Essex and I don’t think I like anyone in Plymouth as much as I love just Scotty…. But then they also have Tiger.. And Grizzly… I don’t know, I’ll probably stay going to Plymouth but I kinda wanna go to Teignmouth. But I promised my friend Daryl I’d take him to Plymouth… But I wanna go to Pride.

                  I’ve been to 6 Pride shows. Most of them in the last two months. Best match? I’d really have to think about that I can’t pick one off the top of my head. Grizzly vs Saime at Dream of Glory takes some beating though. Yes I would very much travel anywhere I could get to to see them regardless of who is wrestling.

                  Why wouldn’t Saime still be one of my favourites? I felt kinda bad asking him to take a photo with me when he wasn’t really there to do anything other then help take the ring down (I mean at that moment not all night long!) but I knew if I didn’t next time I have the chance I wouldn’t ask so yeah.

                  As for RAW I’m TRYING to do it now. Trying. Trying….

                  1. You don’t fangirl as much about them too though. I say there was appropriate fangirling levels with them.

                    Well you have me. I’m a fan. Not a fanboy. I’m especially a fan of some of your art work too. I have no idea what half of it is but I think its cool. Plus your writing is pretty cool on Tumblr as well.

                    I don’t know why I ever thought you disliked him then. You haven’t ever said anything bad about him on Tumblr that you are just forgetting?

                    A lot of people I’ve talked to from the West-Country say that. Is it really that poor for public transport? I thought Plymouth was a big city surely it should be easy to get around in Devon?

                    Why don’t you give your Plymouth tickets to Daryl and go to Teignmouth instead? I’m sure your friend can find more people to go with him.

                    I saw on Twitter you were giving up for the night so I’ll check back tomorrow evening. I might have more questions by then.

                    1. I don’t see them as much! I do after all see Eddie Ryan at Plymouth shows too!

                      Well thank you! I always try and bring quality ramblings to Tumblr.

                      Nope. I mean on my main account I just usually post my Instagram photos and get excited about going to events. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything bad about Chris Andrews other then get into a argument over a photo of him when someone got all gushy and was asking a thousand questions and I told them he wasn’t good looking. THEN I possibly was negative but only as I then had to stick up for my taste in men! Though my taste in women never seemed to be a issue….

                      No Plymouth is a black hole in which you have to sell your soul to leave.

                      Pride have had to cancel one of their events this weekend which was sad (I was so nearly never going to that anyway… I kind of had annoyed someone into THINKING about taking me so now I’m kinda pissed that he’s got off the hook!) but the way its been explained by some (not by them) makes me really want to go to Teignmouth and show my support to them but I hate wasting money… And I do love Krieger… And if Eddie Ryan is still facing Krieger that is like a dream match for me… And I miss PJ Jones. Daryl has no friends so if I go to Teignmouth I’ll probably bring him along with me!

                      I never got the review done. Its sitting in the drafts like a skeleton….

                    2. Actually I do remember that but it wasn’t on your main account was it? I remember someone saying that Eddie Ryan looked like he needed a bath, your reaction was priceless.

                      What happened?

                      I say go to Pride. What do I know though?

                    3. Hahaha yeah OK that might not have been on my main account, I went looking for it and couldn’t find it so its probably on one of the side blogs! I couldn’t believe they would say something like that! Bloody assholes!

                      I’ll send you a message on Tumblr.

                      Haha well the Plymouth show looks good and it has JD Knight and PJ Jones on it and I miss both of them! Eddie Ryan is going to both so I can’t even make my mind up off of where he’s going! This time out I’ll go to Plymouth but I might from now on wait to buy PWA tickets because if they clash with a PWP event I can get to I’d rather go to PWP.

                    4. What about Tiger? When is the next time you’ll see Tiger? Or Scotty? Plus you never do the meet and greets at Plymouth so we never get to see you happily meeting the wrestlers which is pretty nice considering your anxiety and stuff.

                    5. For some reason I can’t reply to the last message so I’ll reply to this one. Don’t tempt her, give the guys a chance to get over having their stalker follow them around the West-Country. Give the other guys a taste of her obsessiveness.

                      Plus are you (Anna of course) even sure you can get to and from Teignmouth easily? I’m not as certain as you AND wouldn’t trust a train going through Newton Abbot at all.

  2. Yeah I get it. I ain’t going to be able to apologise enough for suddenly having to work Sunday’s. Do you know how many loops I have to jump through to book a holiday on Sunday now?

    Glad you enjoyed the evening, loved all the text messages I was getting. Think you are so much better off without Ros there as you seemed much more relaxed in the messages I got. Plus anything that gets you taking selfies is good going.

    I can’t believe you turned that stupid toy pink. Sometimes I wonder about you. Have you cleaned it up yet?

    Come on then I thought the comments were the safe zone for fangirling so why are you being so quiet?

    1. *Ahem*


      *Fangirls quietly in the corner about Ultimo Tiger who I AM a fangirl of.*

      I mean honestly people can’t you READ?!

      That stupid toy just so happens to be Baby Swampy and no he’s half cleaned, its just made him look a grubbier shade of pink.

  3. Why have you taken the option to enlarge photos into Photobucket away? I know I was one of the people that took a few and posted them on Tumblr last time but I asked permission and you said it was OK!

    Sorry if taking them upset you 😦

    1. Clarification…..

      I write the main body of the blog BEFORE I add photos.

      LAST time I added them I did it the new “easy” way by just dropping the links to Photobucket into the main body of text and it took longer then the “hard” way and messed up three or four times.

      I did that in this blog and then thought something didn’t look right, the previews were being no help so published a tester blog and it all messed up so I had to do it the old “hard” way (which took much less time and was actually really helpful.)

      The old and hard way unfortunately embeds them into the blog so you don’t get the option to click out on them. I promise that was not done on purpose I just completely forgot to change the bit about photos in the blog because I’m having a slow day.

      Honestly I do not mind whoever takes them, obviously if anyone asks where you got them from we would like you to point them back here and not make out that they are your own (I know you credited me that was just a in general point) you can still save them from the blog OR as I said I can load whichever ones you want onto our Facebook page, my Facebook page, Tumblr itself or even e-mail them to people I don’t mind!

      Please do not think I’ve changed anything to spite people, it generally just was WordPress being a bugger and me not being able to put up with it today. If I had tomorrow off too I’d have made a effort but I don’t so I didn’t!

      Are there any photos in particular you want? I know last time out it was my Grizzly photos you were after as well as some of my Tiger ones. I have more from this event and others if you want to let me know which wrestlers you were interested in? I could do a mega spam photo blog on here at the weekend if people have requests!

      Hopefully next time I’ll get it working again! Please feel free to take whatever you want.

      1. I’ve saved some from here I just wanted to make sure we still had permission but if you were to do some kind of blog on the weekend I’d love photos of Grizzly, Tiger, Scotty and any of the American guys you’ve seen 🙂 🙂

        Sorry if I sounded bossy! I just didn’t want to think I’d upset anyone!!!

        Thank you for the follow on Tumblr too 🙂 🙂 we’re only a small blog starting out so all the people we can get helping out is great!!!!

        I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for the permission! Look forward to any photos you share 🙂

        1. Nah that’s alright if the blog hadn’t messed up two or three times I would have probably changed the bit where I talked about the photos. I just forgot after getting pissed off!

          That’s OK! Thanks for the follow back! And sorry my blog is just full of miserableness 90% of the time!

  4. So happy to see such a confident smile on your face for a change 🙂 there is my super brave Banana!

    Had you ever seen Chris Walker before as that name rings a bell! Then again it’s probably very common!! No racing commentator with that name right?

    You seem so much more relaxed with Fiona! You did when you went to Taunton too!

    I have a million questions but I’m sure James will ask them and I can’t really come back to give follow up questions 😦 hopefully will be back online more soon xxx

    What Mr Manda wants to know is how chuffed were you that Eddie won?

    1. I smiled? I’m letting meself down.

      No to both those questions but Chris and Walker are very common names. I don’t think it’ll be racing related. Nothing jumps out at me. Maybe you know someone with that name?

      Just text me I’ll answer whatever you want!

      I’m going to do the thing everyone hates and say I pretty much guessed he was going to win. I think he was about the only person they announced beforehand that was going to be in the tournament and when they announced him it was pretty gushy but I should shut up about that.

      Yes I was chuffed. Regardless of me guessing it I was very happy. Plus its about time Grizzly loses that belt so I’m pretty confident he’s gonna be champ in Penzance. Which is a point as I have to stay overnight down there I’m looking for someone to come with me. So far the only person who has said yes is my friend who is a miserable git so if you wanna come its at the beginning of May and you can even see Plymouth!

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