Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Spiral

Episode 8

“Rasen” (螺旋)

The last episode ended on the cliff hanger of someone coming into the bus that they were hiding Hinazuki. Will fate once again thwart Satoru before he can save his friend?

Actually the person coming into the bus IS the abductor but in some strange twist of fate they are only there to store their bits and pieces for the abduction of another girl.

Satoru and friends continue to feed and entertain Hinazuki as she still doesn’t go to school or go home. The teacher at school actually starts to take action like he should have ages ago, further making me feel he’s the abductor, and finally after figuring out that the bad guy is actually going to come back to the bus and it wasn’t as safe as he first thought Satoru takes Hinazuki home with him.

The most underappreciated character in the whole of this anime is Satoru’s mum. She figured out what was going on ages ago. I’m still a little confused as to why a character as strong willed as she is wouldn’t have done something for Hinazuki herself long ago or at least in the days that Satoru has returned to save her but there you go. She even has the foresight to make a giant curry for all of Satoru’s friends the night he finally brings Hinazuki home with him.

What made this episode buck the trend of the episodes getting worse was its focus on Hinazuki.

This is a girl that has been abused by her mother for however long. She’s a girl that shut herself away from the world and became distant to everyone.

Whereas Satoru had one of the most loving mothers in the world and shut himself up because his personality was introverted, Hinazuki is someone who just got used to not trusting people or thinking people didn’t care.

The contrast between the two is vast, yet I believe once or twice Kenya has said that they are very similar. This episode goes a long way to prove that point that “if you think you have it bad someone has it worse then you” as the beginning of the anime covered how Satoru thought he had life rough but actually he’s got quite the happy upbringing he just CHOOSES to be introverted. The fact that he hasn’t actually had to do anything different other then ASK people to hang out with him or come to his parties shows that the “sad” background he had that made him a miserable lonely adult was all of his doing.

One of the saddest moments of the whole anime was when his mum makes them breakfast and Hinazuki looks at it whilst remembering the terrible breakfasts her mother would “prepare” for her and how lonely she was at home and crying. I’ve never had my heart broken by a child anime character in quite the same way.

Its kind of the episode before the big dramatic fall out as Satoru’s mum accompanies them back to Hinazuki’s house at the end so next time out we’ll see what her mothers reaction is.

Like a chess game really. The pieces are falling into place and next time out I feel we’ll finally get to see who some of the real players are.


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