Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Grim Reaper

Episode 6

“Shinigami” (死神)

We left the last episode with Katagiri in a burning building and Satoru still on the run from the police.

Even though Satoru knew it was a bad idea to go near Katagiri’s house with the manager on their case he seems to decide to go to her house anyway. Which is a good thing as he’s able to save her life with help from the manager who tells him to leave through the back door and takes credit for saving Katagiri all on his own.

Which just makes you think that the manager is the biggest creep we’ve openly met so far.

The story then goes in two directions. Katagiri is under police protection in the hospital and Satoru is on the hunt for the real killer.

Satoru’s path takes him to his mums ex-collegue, the person we saw her on the phone too. He gives us a whole load of details that Satoru would never have known at the time about suspects and how people reacted.

Katagiri’s mother comes and helps her escape the police so she can see Satoru. Naively leading the police to Satoru in the process, ending the episode with Satoru being taken away by the police.

Again it just felt like the story was a little all over the place though I did like learning as much as we did about what happened and Yuuki’s interviews and the fact that they ignored Satoru’s statement and things like that. I love the mystery around it and the time travel part of it but the rest of the drama wears me down a little. Its like they want to build tension as the episode goes on but it doesn’t work for me so instead its like a slap out of nowhere when the drama explodes in front of you.

Whatever happens next Satoru has all the information he needs in his head now, he knows exactly what is going on and how things ended up the way they did which would have been for him if he had known these things before he went back to the past. Unfortunately he didn’t. He hasn’t been able to save anyone and more importantly he’s not been able to save himself.

Again its amazing just how far he can get around town without being noticed. Are we really going to believe that after the police have decided not only did he kill his mother but burnt down someone’s house in a attempt to kill another person they haven’t plastered his face over the TV?

I ask because he’s able to, in the same clothes he was wearing on the day, with nothing to cover his face in any way, walk around like nothing happened. He even meets someone in a public area. Surely he would have been picked up long before he actually ended up being picked up?

Again it isn’t that I didn’t enjoy the episode but it just didn’t come together in the same way as the first 4 episodes did. It started to drag a lot and I found myself not really caring. Why should I? He failed saving the girl in the past, he’s failed at doing anything in the future and you have a feeling that, with this being only the halfway point of the series, he’s either getting a do over or else what else is there?! The police won’t listen to him after he ran from them on more then one occasion, even bringing in Katagiri and others who believe him won’t do him much good.

Do over its going to be then?


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