Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Getaway

Episode 5

“Tōbō” (逃亡)

Were we able to save Hinazuki  and change the future?

I want to say that the reason it took so long to catch up wasn’t so much anything to do with the anime itself but just me being lazy.

No. We haven’t saved Hinazuki at all unfortunately. We begin the episode still in the past with Satoru having to relive Hinazuki going missing, this time with the full knowledge of what has happened to her. Even though you know that Satoru is a 29 year old male trapped in his childhood body there is still something really chilling about seeing a child react in such a adult and sad way about something like this.

Not long after that though he gets transported back to the present where nothing but the smallest of details have changed. When I say smallest of details its just how Hinazuki was abducted, instead of being abducted in the park she was abducted from her house.

In the present obviously he’s on the run from the police for the murder of his mum, which still happened. He has no where to turn but the one person who seems to believe that he’s innocent and that is Katagiri. His manager tries to do the right thing putting both Satoru and Katagiri in a terrible position. Second guessing that Katagiri is helping Satoru he puts both her and Satoru in grave danger..

I did have to wonder with his face no doubt in all the papers and over the news how he could walk around so freely and his biggest problem being his manager. He went to a public library and nothing seemed to happen at all. I don’t think its very believable that he’d be able to get as far as he did without being caught. The manager was tipped off sure but someone should have noticed him at the same time.

When I said that the manager put Katagiri in danger she gets targeted herself by the killer and her aunt and uncles house which she is living in is set on fire leaving her to die in the process.

Its become a story of survival. Whilst piecing together the mystery of who kidnapped all the girls in the past Satoru also has to keep himself safe from the police and from people who would rather have him dead.

There was something after initially watching this episode I didn’t like, and looking back with hindsight as I can from a couple episodes in the future it was the start of a downward spiral for me. As much as I still enjoy the show it was where the intrigue of the show disappeared and it became too much. I guess after calming down from the original drama of his mothers death it jilted back to it so fast that it was a bit of a shock. The fact that the episode itself then didn’t bother to take a breather and went right for dramatic event number two in the present kind of made me feel uneasy.

Plus Satoru has been through so much character development as the child Satoru that it was hard to remember adult Satoru or even to merge the two personalities back to one.

For me coming back with so little changed in the past meant that coming back to a present that was not really much different from the original present was a bit meaningless. Especially as not much was made of the fact that this whole exercise didn’t do much to help any of the situations Satoru found himself in. Not even the character development did much.

What can Satoru do to help himself in the present? Who knows!

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