365 Challenge : Perspective

The last argument I had with someone that I remember in any great detail was when I decided to move back to Plymouth full time.

It was with my mother.

Her perspective of the argument was about me being away from my family. It isn’t like they are that far away but she was worried that I’d be far enough away that if anything happened then they’d be the last to know, or they’d be unable to help.

Seeing I was only moving from Newton Abbot to Plymouth I don’t really see her point but I guess she had one.

I’m not good at looking at something through someone else’s eyes, its why I guess I’m such a pain in the ass when it comes to friends and the like. I don’t really care though.

OK that was a terrible attempt at the prompt I was given but I have so many arguments with people that I feel like most of the time I’m just fighting with people therefore its hard to pick something that I can remember the details of and then put myself in someone else’s shoes. Plus I’m always going to be biased because whatever their perspective of the argument was went against my feelings therefore I just won’t care.

I’m not a people person.


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