SmackDown 3/3/16 Review

I was going to watch it last night but ended up too tired to stay up so went to bed, then I slept through all my alarms and woke up at 1pm (emotionally work has drained me this week) so it looks very late but here it is.

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Usos vs League of Nations

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles
Winner : AJ STYLES


The perfect way to start SmackDown. These two are two of the most entertaining guys the WWE have. Ambrose and his whole speech on Triple H and what he wants to do was so well delivered that I didn’t want it to end. Then Owens coming down and gobbing off was great. One day those two are gonna be feuding for the World Title and on that day I will be dying of happiness.

League of Bullies win by pin fall

What the hell is with the arm thing that the Bullies are doing? I kinda of love their new carefree happiness but it was also seriously annoying.

The Usos started off well but brute strength, of which the League of much of, stopped that completely. There wasn’t really any point of time where the League weren’t in complete charge and they just squashed the Usos completely.

As much as I like the League and say they should be dominant it kind of makes no sense. I’m a little lost with what they are actually doing with the League.

After the match the Dudleys arrive with a table.

Again the Usos kind of stopped them for a second before getting their butts kicked once more and having the commandments (of which there seems to be many in WWE) screamed in their face.

Personally didn’t like that as a opening match and don’t really like what both the League and the Dudleys/Usos are doing right now.

Dolph Ziggler wins by pin fall

I said on Twitter as I watched this match that I should just copy and paste what I wrote on my RAW review on my SmackDown review (I guess the same goes sometimes the other way around) and this match was perfect.

Same match just with a different result and still just as bad. Sad because I love both of them but it isn’t worth our time or effort to care about the matches.


Poor Goldie is sat on his own eating so R-Truth goes to cheer him up a little. The tables have turned and now its Truth feeling bad trying to make the Golden Truth a thing and Goldie doesn’t believe he really wants to be in the team so grumpily rubs his mash taters in his face.

Poor Goldie.

No Contest

Once more I think they’ve miss timed this completely and to have the re-match so close to the original match doesn’t do it any favours either.

I enjoyed this one more then I enjoyed the match on RAW. It felt better thought out and both just looked so much better in it. Then again it also felt very much like we’d seen it and you knew what was going to happen next.

Some really good work by the both of them and its always good to see both of them one-on-one. Unfortunately when Charlotte came out you kind of knew that we weren’t going to get a winner, the draw on RAW really should have just made the match at Wrestlemania a triple threat so having to do it a different way on SmackDown just made everything… Boring.

I think that is why I didn’t enjoy the match so much because I kind of knew what was gonna come next.


To be fair this is the first time I’ve ever really liked Renee.

The announcement came too late for us, everyone knew that there was going to be a triple threat and the two matches in short succession sucked any real enthusiasm out of the announcement but why can’t we have THAT Renee in the back more often? I liked that. Most of the time she just rolls off the same questions and stands there looking like she’d rather be anywhere but doing her job (I’m not saying that is how she feels I’m saying that is what it looks like) so why can’t we have her more like that?

AJ Styles wins Pin Fall

Oh man did I love this match. I really am happy that WWE have just left AJ to do his thing and it works so well against New Day.

It was a great match, so fast yet given so much time and AJ and Kofi just stole the week to be honest.

I know a lot of people aren’t happy with what is going on with AJ but I think people are idiots. AJ vs Jericho was a great way to bring him into the WWE and then tagging him up with Jericho against New Day was a genius move as Jericho and New Day have been stealing the show since Jericho returned every single week and there is so many different combinations they could go down what with the difference in each of New Day’s wrestling. Kofi vs AJ was a match I never thought about but now I’ve seen it I want to see it again and again.

New Day are always worth watching and I loved the ending with AJ using the ring to escape from them.

Match was great.


We get told at the Road Block special event Bray will be up against Brock.

So what I was saying in the RAW review is true. They just refuse to do anything to make Bray look good. His promo for this match was fucking awesome, dude is creepy, the way they shot it was perfect and he deserves so much more then to be fed to Brock Lesnar on the road to Wrestlemania. He isn’t going to win, we know he isn’t so why?

I cry when I see Bray now. Its upsetting.

Dean Ambrose wins by Pin Fall

Ambrose obviously was playing up to the injuries he’s sustained but don’t let that make it sound like he didn’t just kick ass like always. It showed why he is one of the best in the company. He didn’t need to have a “Superman” moment or forget that he’s meant to be hurt he just got on with it in pain.

The match was as good as anything they’ve had recently, they just work so well together in the ring. Both of them were able to use their strengths and at every point you get that they know each other so well now that they can block just about anything the other throws at them.

Though Ambrose is kind of becoming a bit of a pain for Owens who came out on the back foot in their feud and once more lost.

SmackDown was only better then RAW because it was shorter. Cutting out the adverts and the recaps, replays and shout out stuff I was able to watch it in about a hour or so. It also has the greatest commentator I think I’ve ever heard, who would have thought in WWE you’d get a commentator commentating on the in ring action?

Worth watching if only for Styles/Kingston and Ambrose/Owens.

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