RAW 29/2/16 Review

I know its late but when have we ever let something like being late get us down? So before I watch SmackDown lets go back to Monday Night RAW…

Matches Quick Overlook :

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks
Winner : DRAW

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner : THE MIZ

The Lucha Dragons vs League of Nations

Ryback vs Adam Rose
Winner : RYBACK

New Day vs Y2AJ
Winners : Y2AJ

Jey Uso vs Bubba Dudley

Kevin Owens vs Big Show
Winner : BIG SHOW (Count Out)

Brie Bella vs Naomi
Winner : NAOMI

Dean Ambrose vs Alberto Del Rio


Didn’t he come down and spew this stuff about the fear of Authority LAST week? Or at least SmackDown? Or am I just dreaming about Triple H speeches now?

It wouldn’t be the first time in my life. Trust me.

The repetitiveness of some of the promos is always something I hate. If you don’t think the main audience is going to sit down and listen to it on SmackDown then PLEASE don’t bother putting it on SmackDown. In fact thinking back one big problem with SmackDown was that it felt like a whole bunch of the matches were after thoughts. If we have to have the same promo on RAW then just DON’T do it on SmackDown in the first place.

The difference this time out is Dean Ambrose has decided to come to his boyfriend’s defence and limps down to the ring. So the Brock thing is on back burners I’m guessing because Brock won’t be around much, like Roman apparently won’t be, so we have to see their two opponents lock up in what SHOULDA been the build up to their match at Wrestlemania? I mean it ain’t like nearly everyone in the world wanted Ambrose to win at Fastlane.

I’m not actually sure where they want or think they are going with this but all it did was make me REALLY want Ambrose vs Hunter at Wrestlemania.

They try to do this with Roman but Roman isn’t as good as Ambrose on the mic so they really needed to go a different way with him and they don’t. If anything have Ambrose do his talking for him because it just would in general be better for Roman then having him come out and tell me what he had for breakfast the last week like he usually does.


Well its a interesting first match seeing this will crown the number one contender for the championship at Wrestlemania. I have always kind of thought it would be a triple threat between the three NXT girls they brought up, after all they basically ended the Divas Revolution sticking two middle fingers up to the main roster Divas and giving the “fans” what they wanted which is Sasha and Charlotte (with Becky thrown in to make the numbers even.)  I’m still calling Sasha getting the Wrestlemania moment.

I was and wasn’t interested in the match if I’m honest. There were loads of really good moments as you’d expect but there were also some really odd moments where I couldn’t tell what was actually meant to be happening.

Out of the three of them Becky is by far my favourite, I love Becky to pieces, but I also still think out of the three she’s the one least ready for a big match at Wrestlemania. It was obvious from the out that Sasha and Charlotte were going to Wrestlemania and with Nikki Bella out with injury there was no one else on the roster that WWE Creative seem to give a toss about so it was never going to be anything different. I personally, as much as I’d love to see Becky there, think it would be better being a 1-on-1 match with Charlotte and Sasha. Lets face it, these three are here to stay so Becky always has many Wrestlemania’s to get her moment. I love her but she’s the weakest.

The ending was silly. I’m still not sure what the point of double pins are.

THEN AGAIN if they both win then technically they both become number one contender….


Why oh why is this man being wasted away? Why isn’t he champion? Why isn’t he doing something more? Why does he LOSE EVERY SINGLE BLOODY FEUD?!

OK I like creepy, bearded, cryptic shit. The Wyatts just work on so many levels for me. I get sad thinking that whatever he’s doing next, probably fighting Ryback AGAIN and losing AGAIN, he will sadly look stupid again.

The Miz wins by pin fall

I love The Miz and Ziggler. Loves them two.

Unfortunately it ended within moments and just looked like a mess from beginning to end which was a shame.


Steph deserves a Oscar. She is a great personality to take over from her father. I love the chemistry she has with the crowd and she’s clearer on the mic then most of the people they have come out and promo on their own in the ring. She’s actually pretty awesome. She’s the only person that has me glued to the TV as she talks. I knew there was a reason why I always thought she was the best part of WWE when I was a kid.

I have always bowed down to my Queen. I’ve never done any difference. Mum is angry at us, we all deserve to be scolded.

The league of Bullies win by pin fall

Sheamus and Rusev are the two up against the Dragons, what with Del Rio in a match later on against Ambrose and Barrett I’m guessing still injured.

This is kinda what I was talking about the other day. Sure the Dragons are about the only Tag Team “free” to face League of Nations what with the League being in a feud with New Day who are ALSO in a feud with Y2AJ and the Usos and the Dudleys facing off against each other, but look at the difference! Sheamus and Rusev dominated the match for the majority of it because even with Sin Cara’s strength and Kalisto’s speed it just wouldn’t work any other way.

We shouldn’t have to see Sheamus and Rusev beating up cruiserweights to keep them on TV and interesting. As much as I love Y2AJ why oh WHY are they the ones getting matches against New Day? Why aren’t New Day interfering in League matches and the League interfering in New Day matches?! Why is this feud, that isn’t a feud, being hyped online and in promos by the New Day just to be ignored in every other way.

There is only one way this can really end and that is with the Nation getting a pin and the Bullies being bullies.


Oh yay. Natalya is only on TV to sell us Subways. If I can look as good as Natalya just by eating Subway then what the hell is wrong with me because I always eat at Subway.

Ryback wins by pin fall

Do you know how upset I am that not only did the Outcasts get thrown to Ryback but they didn’t even get to come down and enlighten us with their ramblings?

Still can’t believe to tackle the Goldberg chants that Ryback gets they decided to turn him into Goldberg just to incite Gilberg chants from time to time.

I have no interest in anything Ryback is doing and to be honest I get sad seeing the Outcasts at the moment because they don’t even bother to make them being beaten up look good, they just feed them to boring guys like Ryback to be beaten within moments.

No I do not agree with the commentators. Beating up Adam Rose does not mean you put the rest of the roster on notice. Not even close.

Y2AJ win by submission

I actually was really upset to see New Day prance to the ring and not have microphones in their hand, so I was extremely happy to see them come back from ad break to have mics in their hands. Big E’s swimming thing was great, his dancing is getting better and better.

Was it me or was Jericho’s music just perfectly placed? He has the greatest ring music ever, I literally stood up, laptop crashing to the floor, and squealed like a little girl when he came out. I don’t know why I still do that. I’ve gone to see Fozzy twice and been close enough to touch him yet I just can’t help getting excited when he comes out.

There are a few wrestlers that I feel that way about, none of them I’ve been supporting as long as Jericho though. Honestly can’t remember a time I DIDN’T jump out of my chair when Jericho came out.

It was a GREAT match, a really great match. Big E and Kofi just work so well against Y2AJ. I LOVED the reversal from Trouble in Paradise to the Walls of Jericho. Whilst I’m kind of annoyed that League don’t have anything to do I’m also just happy that Y2AJ might get the championship belts soon. Always loved AJ and, come on, can you not guess I’m a Jericholic?!

Perfectly placed too, the first half of RAW kind of dragged, three rather sub par matches and very heavy on the promos so at the half way mark it was perfect to have a match that good to counter balance it all. Makes you excited for what could come after but also means that the big selling point to RAW was in the middle.

I loved it.


So they kept telling us that the Undertaker would be next but then we get Vince instead. Not that I’m upset by that.

The Undertaker’s arrival looked to take a decade or so off of Vince who looked younger then ever. Why after all this time Vince McMahon thinks its a good idea to call the Undertaker HIS force of destruction I don’t know.

Taker comes, calls McMahon out on feeding his son to him then leaves.

HOW a character like the Undertaker can take 10 minutes walking to the ring (OK exaggerated I know) speak for a minute and then walk BACK UP THE RAMP and completely steal the show just is crazy. That is wrestling for you though.

What is crazier is that they shouldn’t have bothered to tell us Taker was going to be there. Hell would people have gone batshit crazy for that if it was unannounced.

Vince’s speech was more or less what you’d think we’ll get for the rest of the run up to Wrestlemania.

Bubba Dudley wins by pin fall

Well it can’t be worse then the DVon/Jimmy match from SmackDown.

I was wrong. It nearly was. For some reason we have the Dudleys telling us we’ll see no more tables just to bring out tables. The Usos are even more boring when wrestling singularly and I lost interest very fast which was amazing because the match was pretty short.


Poor Goldie finally gets the message that Golden Truth are done before they have begun.

Sad times for Goldie.

These two crack me up.

The Big Show wins by Count Out

The match was slightly better then the SmackDown one with another count out but you know… I’m kinda just happy that Big Show looks happy you know. For all my jokes about him I kinda realise I’m gonna miss the big guy when he goes, I don’t want him to retire though I do think sometimes there are better roles for him in stories then they tend to use him for but I like Big Show. He was a part of my childhood I guess.

I have nothing much to say about the match other then I love that Owens is one of those guys that every time he’s in a match with someone you can see him learn. You can’t really hit him with the same thing two matches in a row because he’ll have it sussed. Love Owens.


I love Brie. I still hate some of the things that they get Lana to talk about. It is ALWAYS about Rusev, its always about how she’s better then other women but her whole character is always about Rusev.

Kinda like the idea of Brie vs Lana though.

Naomi wins by submission

Well personally I thought the match was better then the first one. I’ve always liked Brie and she’s gotten much better at pacing herself through longer matches but its Naomi AS ALWAYS that impresses me most.


Because not only has she gotten better at pacing herself she’s gotten much more aggressive in her move set and really risen to the challenge that the NXT Horsewomen brought to the main roster. She deserves so much better, personally I think its a shame that Sasha and probably Becky too will both be champions before her.

Great match and really so much better then the number one contenders match.


OK I ain’t old enough to really know the Freebirds but I still love the Freebirds. Isn’t that weird? Its like one of my all time favourite F1 drivers died before I was even born. I do love the Freebirds.


Charlotte announces that there will be another match between them on SmackDown. Why I don’t know. WWE does like to repeat themselves a few times a month. They should have built up the number one contenders match a little and had it in a week or so then have the draw with the announcement and a contract signing the week after before getting all three of the Divas into matches to build up to the big one at Wrestlemania.

Dean Ambrose wins by DQ

The match was just really about Del Rio beating the shit out of Ambrose before Ambrose gets his ass handed to him by Triple H after the League get DQ’d.

Problems with this?

Well for a start it shows that even with Roman Reign chants echoing sometimes throughout the arena the kind of story they tried to tell last week just was wasted on him. Not in a negative to Roman in any way whatsoever. Its wasted on him because it isn’t the Roman Reigns the fans want to see. Hell before any of his fans decide to tell me they hate me once again it isn’t what I see Roman Reigns fans wanting to see. It works with Dean because you have the lunatic thing going on, because he can hold himself on the mic and because JBL HAS been babbling on for months and months and months about how his behaviour will shorten his career. Dean isn’t the biggest, he isn’t the toughest looking but he’s the brawler. The crazy one that will do just about anything to win.

He can get beat down, banged up and beaten and then crawl his ass to a microphone, piss someone off and get beat up again. HE CAN DO THAT.

No one wants to see that with Roman.

So the problem is you do it one week with Roman and people CHEERED him getting beat up.

You do the exact same thing with Dean a week later (honestly Trips speech earlier about Dean facing the League was nearly word for word the same as Stephs and the match was nearly exactly the same in the way it was presented) and you get the reaction you wanted.

It WON’T help Roman. It will only make people grumpier that Dean ain’t in the main event at Wrestlemania.

When Roman comes back he needs a instant shake up of his character. No he don’t need to be a bad guy for that to work, he just needs to be focused, he needs to be quiet and let his fighting do the talking. He needs to be doing what Triple H is doing right now but without the bromancing and the dudebro-ing backstage. Keep him the big silent type, have him beat the crap out of Hunter and separate Ambrose/Reigns for a while. You have two Wrestlemania matches for them let them focus on their own thing again for a while.

The match was alright though, ended RAW off well. It was quite a boring one to be honest and I skipped hell of a lot of it which is never good. Not because it was a match I didn’t want to see or anything but because it was repeats of what happened last week in glorious detail and even recaps of what happened 45 minutes prior. Its a load of wasted time that just doesn’t need to be there.

I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt though as it was better then last week.

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