One Piece : Within the Whale

Chapter 818

The boys finally get to meet a real Ninja and got way too excited about it. Now its about time we learnt something about what is really going on.

This chapter feels like worlds are colliding.

The Poneglyph is one of four that will help the team get to Raftel and One Piece, two of the other three are in the hands of Kaido and Big Mom and the other is still somewhere but no one knows where.

This excites Luffy who thinks he can now go and fight both Kaido and Big Mom right away, grab Sanji in the process and find Raftel. The others aren’t so happy with all this and we do get told there are easier ways then defeating the two Yonko and stealing the Poneglyphs.

So already we were kind of looking to two different battles coming up fast now we’re looking at them coming much sooner.

Still the question is who to go to first. Big Mom has Sanji but the end of the chapter tells us that the Wano Kingdom is under the occupation of Kaido, not only that but Momo’s family are the ones that created the Poneglyphs in the first place and his father was executed by Kaido for not telling him about his time working with Roger.

This I guess is where the split will be. Some will head off to Big Mom and some will head off to Wano. I don’t see Kinemon and those lot staying behind on Zou waiting for Luffy to come back, they also don’t want a lot of people going to get Sanji anyway so I guess it makes sense.

Then again you also have the problem of Jack. He’s either heading back to Zou or going to be going back to Wano and Kaido.

I can’t actually figure out what is going to happen next. Even though the chapters recently have been much more interesting and the story feels much better there is also a feeling of the story not really going anywhere. We have like three or four different things happening and it feels like the more they talk the more they are throwing into a overflowing pot.

You have the Wano stuff, the Big Mom stuff, the Law/Straw Hat alliance stuff, the Zou stuff, Jack stuff, more backstory stuff….

We are drowning in hundreds of stories.

Plus after being away from so many of the crew for so long I have to admit to being apprehensive about them splitting again. As much as I want Sanji back and I get the whole “less is better” strategy I kind of don’t want the rest of the year to be just Luffy and Sanji with some new friends on the side.

I don’t know. This chapter was so exciting but at the same time it was also kind of the point where it started to get silly with just how many stories we’re being given right now.

Still a excellent chapter though and makes it feel like one chapter a week is no longer enough, or at least not long enough (not that I’m advocating more just so you know just the feeling you get.)


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