The Curse of Monkey Island Part 5

We have a ship, a crew, a map and even Elaine back. Not bad work for Guybrush Threepwood. So far nothing, other then cursing our fiancée has gone wrong.

Now on to break the spell!

(Warning singing in screencap form ahead…. It is actually pretty long too so give your computer a chance to load it if they don’t load pictures fast!)

Our map gets stolen by Rottingham and we learn we’ll have to fight our way with brand new insults to him and win it back.

But first… A song….

It was the only set of screencaps I saved. I do apologise.

The insults as ever are different from the last few games , as always don’t worry about losing because you are starting from scratch and need to learn the insults and the comebacks one by one. I’ll end this blog with a list of insults and their comebacks. Rottingham’s insults are different but its trying as hard as you can to match them up so again don’t worry too much about getting it wrong a couple times.

Curse introduces us to boat fights though. Instead of wandering up to the person, or in this case floating up to a boat, you have to shoot it to a stop before you can board it. Obviously the harder the pirate the more difficult the fight becomes so at first you can only take out the lowly pirates with your cannons but don’t worry. When you beat them you can go back to shore to Kenny and his brand new store! A weapons store! He’ll trade in your old ones, take the gold you’ve won and install new cannons for you.

As you progress with insults and cannons you’ll get closer and closer to Rottingham but don’t rush. You don’t learn anything from Rottingham so sticking out with the Mildly Fearsome Pirates until you are sure you’ve got the majority of the comebacks is fine.


He uses the insults so you really just need the comebacks for him, though you can’t get one without the other.

The Really Fearsome ones can be a pain in the arse because they very rarely slip up. You just need to carry on and hope for the best.

So the insults….

INSULT : You can’t match my witty repartee
COMEBACK : I could, if you used some breath spray

INSULT : Every Enemy I’ve met I’ve annihilated!
COMEBACK : With your breath I’m sure they all suffocated!
ROTTINGHAM : My attacks have left entire islands depopulated!

INSULT : Would you like to be buried or cremated?
COMEBACK : With you around I’d prefer to be fumigated

INSULT : I’ll skewer you like a sow at a buffett!!
COMEBACK : When I’m done with YOU, you’ll be a boneless fillet
ROTTINGHAM : Your lips look like they belong to the catch of the day!

INSULT : You’re the ugliest monster ever created!
COMEBACK : If you don’t count all the ones you’ve dated!

INSULT : En garde! Touche!
COMEBACK : Oh that is so cliche
ROTTINGHAM : Your mother wears a toupee

INSULT : You’re as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee!
COMEBACK : I look that much like your finacee?

INSULT : I’ll leave you devastated, mutilated and perforated
COMEBACK : Your odour alone makes me aggravated, agitated and infuriated

INSULT : I’ve never seen such clumsy swords play
COMEBACK : You would have but you’re always running away
ROTTINGHAM : I have never lost a Melee

INSULT : Heaven perserve me! You look like something that’s died!
COMEBACK : The only way you’ll be preserved is in formaldehyde

INSULT : I’ll hound you night and day!
COMEBACK : Then be a good dog, sit! Stay!

INSULT : Killing you would be justifable homicide!
COMEBACK : The killing you would be justifiable fungicide

INSULT : I can’t rest till you’ve been exterminated
COMEBACK : Then perhaps you should switch to decaffeinated

INSULT : When your father first saw you he must have been mortified
COMEBACK : At least mine can be identified
ROTTINGHAM : Your a disgrace to your species, your so undignified

INSULT : Coming face to face with me must leave you petrified
COMEBACK : Is that your face? I thought it was your backside

Of course I haven’t got all of Rottinghams. In fact I haven’t got nearly enough to really help you but that was enough for me to beat him. Just do your best and don’t worry how many times you have to face him and you’ll get it.

When you do beat him we get our map back and move onto Blood Island!

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