Myriad Colours Phantom World : The Strange Tale of the Bakumatsu Phantom

Episode 9

“Bakumatsu Fantomu Ibun” (幕末ファントム異聞)

The group get forced into joining the drama club.

I say forced, they agree after meeting the only member of the drama club and having to listen to her.

This was a much more fun episode then the stupid one before it. It meant much more and let the team really bond. It was also just hilarious. Plus sad.

The whole drama itself was well played, it didn’t force us to actually watch the play to any great extent. What I loved was that it was another good phantom. The drama club president was the phantom of the disappointment of the 10 years of failing to do anything. During their prelim performance she can’t help but show her real self but her heart warming speech gets the whole crowd behind them.

What we did end up seeing of the performance then turned out to be pretty fun. To be fair that group can actually act as well. In fact Ichijo has missed his calling. He’s a much better actor then he is at summoning anything other then a little puppy in wings.

The Phantom’s power itself was pretty cool, when she got into it she turned the area around them into the actual set and even brought the crowd with them.

I prefer this kind of episode and even the episode back along in the land of teddy bears to things like last weeks episode because it just feels like it actually cares more. Last episode just felt like a excuse to do stupid things with little point to them but this one felt like the team really bonded and had a good time.

Then again by now I kind of want more then just random missions. I want them to be doing something that works towards something bigger. With the series coming to a close soon I’d quite like to see a major big bad come into it or at least something less light.

So far this has been a difficult season to get to grips with. Sometimes its brilliant, others its not so much and sometimes even the brilliant bits when you think back over the series as a whole are disjointed and make little sense.

Its the balance of the humour that keeps this going and even then it gets it wrong so much that it is painful to watch at times.

More and more of the episodes are starting to lose my attention half way through them and if I can find a reason not to engage properly with it I’ll not engage with it at all.

The only thing really keeping me watching is the promise that it’ll end soon.


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