Haruchika : Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru : The Gaze of Asmodeus

Episode 9

“Asumodeusu no Shisen” (アスモデウスの視線)

Another mystery to solve and this time we get to spend some time with Hiyama.

After Kusukabe is taken ill during practise, two students from another school come to tell the Brass Band Club that after their teacher had been suspended Kusukabe has been helping them as well as his normal club with their Brass Band… Stuff.

To help Kusukabe, or to regain him to their sole custody and therefore give Haruta and Chika more chance to be creepy about him, they decide to help the other school get their teacher reinstated. Plus Hiyama joins them.

It was nice to actually get to know the new student a little. Up until this point we haven’t seen too much of him other then the briefest of encounters when he joined them and some flashes here and there in the last episode. He didn’t do much and it gets annoying watching him tap away with the drum sticks but there is something interesting there that I feel we’ll never really see blossom into anything.

The mystery of why the other teacher had been suspended was both a great mystery, brilliantly solved and also confusing as hell.

The basics?

So they had to come up with what happened from very little information. Three seat changes in his home room in a short period of time was about all the information they were given.

From this they extrapolated that the class leader was having problems with someone. After talking to a student teacher and thinking about it deeply they realise that it wasn’t so much they were having problems as trying to catch a peeping Tom. Haruta was able to figure out the peeping Tom wasn’t being blocked by the seating plan but instead was being caught therefore it was a girl and not a boy. They find out, from talking to the class leader, that the peeping Tom had something that made the home room teacher clam up and refuse to tell anyone, hence the suspension.

Then through some other bits and bobs, and this is where I probably got confused because I wasn’t paying too much attention to the giant conversation that went on before the student teacher opened the window, we learn that the student teacher has  a tattoo of some sort on her back and is trying to have it removed therefore when she’d taken her jacket off in class once the peeping Tom had gotten a photo of the tattoo and that was why the home room teacher wouldn’t blab.

I loved that the episode was basically set in a classroom with them working the mystery out.

I loved that the mystery was important to people and interesting.

Even at the end Haruta seemed to question what he was doing and the good it was actually achieving.

The only bad thing was my own fault for not paying enough attention to what was going on!

Over all it was a great episode.

It was nice to see someone different with Haruta and Chika too. He kind of fit into the episode without any real need to get used to him.

I enjoyed this episode much more then I’ve enjoyed hell of a lot of the recent episodes.


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