Wrestling Hub February Update

So the first update of the year after starting it back in January and already we’re one person down therefore this month its only the British Indie stuff being picked.

For anyone that is behind on it Pete does the American stuff (usually when he isn’t dying) and I do the stuff I go see live. I have deleted Pete’s January picks so PLEASE do not think I’ve picked anything over anything American. I wasn’t paying enough attention to do his part of the stuff so decided not to do it.

So go to the Wrestling Hub : Link
(Or you can get there via the link on the top menu or in the sidebar to the left…)
(Also I still haven’t finished the page off so please don’t moan at me about how terribly spaced out it is right now. Moan at me in a week or so when I’m not a pile of tears.)

The two reviews you’ll need to see :
(Both Pride Promotions as there was no Plymouth Wrestling this month to pick from, though they’d have to have done something special to beat either of the two Pride shows)

Real Rock N Rollas : Link
Dream of Glory : Link

It has taken me all day to do it and it isn’t really done very well (I might update it when I’m not so down but after spending the day feeling terrible someone always finds a way to make it even worse so right now I’m not feeling it at all.) Because it has taken all day and sucks , I have decided to do more then just announce that it has been updated and give you a look at the matches/wrestlers that were in the running.

Which sounds much more interesting then it actually is!

Male Wrestler of the Month

There was probably two guys in the running for it this month.

Scotty Essex and Cy Gregory.

Scotty had a great month, winning the Catch Division trophy at the beginning of the month in a great triple threat against Ultimo Tiger (our January Wrestler of the Month) and Tajiri then retained it against Robbie E two weeks later. Each of his matches were great and he stole the show the second he walked out to compete.

Cy Gregory made a instant impact on me. There is not many people that I will cheer when they are just beating the living shit out of Eddie Ryan but I couldn’t help but kinda want Gregory to win. Even if it was in Plymouth. I only saw him once and it was the first time but his name easily popped up as he was one of the most entertaining guys in the ring.

Who wins? Obviously go check out who won on the page (I ain’t giving it away in the blog dummy!)

Other honourable mentions probably should go to Gregory’s victim Eddie Ryan and then the guy that kicked the shit out of Ryan two weeks later (yet Ryan won both the matches) Chris Dickinson. Plus Big Grizzly who had two amazing matches. Once against Billy Gunn then against Saime Sahin.

Woman Wrestler of the Month



Well I can’t really not give away who I picked because I didn’t see a match with females in it so have, instead of just not doing it, given it to Vixxen who has been a important factor in both House of Bones matches this month.

I did think to make a joke and say it was against her and Lomaxx but then people would get angry at me because Lomaxx is obviously the prettier of the two and I know what wrestling fans are like. I’ve met enough Roman Reigns online to know how it works.

Tag Team of the Month

Again not many actual tag teams but teams of 3, teams of 4…

Well I had a think. I came up with…

Ultimo Tiger and Jigsaw. Chris Andrews and Adam Da Silva. Chris Andrews, Adam Da Silva and Darren Saviour.

Ultimo Tiger and Jigsaw tagged together in the only actual tag team match and they were good. I enjoyed watching them. You can see that they got on well just by how great they worked as a team.

The other two kinda is self explanatory. There was a six-man tag with Andrews/Da Silva/Saviour and then a eight-man with them three and Tommy Dreamer. For the sake of one very bad joke I couldn’t decide whether Chris and Adam should go it alone or I should add Saviour too. Then I thought you all might never hear the joke anyway so you know let me know if you wanna know it.

Or not.

Match of the Month 

THIS ONE was hard. There was SOOO many.

House of Bones vs Andrews/Da Silva/Saviour was a great battle, Gregory vs Ryan was brilliant, Essex vs Robbie E was great and had a amazing ending, Tiger/Jigasw vs Team Danny was a fun match, Dickinson vs Ryan made you feel like nothing else could top it just to be topped (on the night but the question is whether it did in memory) by the main event of Dream of Glory Griffiths vs Sahin.

Going back to the beginning of Rock N Rollas to the end of Dream of Glory every match has been great. OK some I didn’t like as much but they were all really good. Dream of Glory was just amazing in general.

I guess it was (it wasn’t) the reason I took so long. So many matches to pick from it was a hard decision.

So go and look, leave comments here or on that page and I shall update you all on it once again at the end of March.

There will be less wrestling but I will be keeping a note of what other matches I’d pick for Pete’s side of the stuff. Plus I will also be seeing PWA again as they have a show in March, it feels like a lifetime of waiting between their shows most of the time.

6 thoughts on “Wrestling Hub February Update”

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I think you give just about every result away as well. Other then I hope you picked Lomaxx I’d be disappointed in you (as would all other Tumblr viewers) if you didn’t.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully will start on a upper soon. Got work tomorrow with some cheerful guys so hopefully will be a little more positive through that. I just had a bit of a breakdown last night (you probably saw on Tumblr) and its hard to come back out of it. Can’t stay like it too long tho! Can’t leave Luc to run the place (it’ll burn to the ground!) and if I’m like this next Sunday I won’t be able to go to the wrestling which would make me sadder.

    1. I feel the love man, I really do, and as I only came online to change a few things I also saw you told the world that I phoned you up this morning and you pee’d whilst talking to me. Classy bird that you are. Much love to you.

  2. Well done Banana for getting it done even under so many bad vibes. Just running through to see what you two have been up too! Hope you feel better soon xxx

    1. Thank you. Thank you. I was feeling a little better today but suddenly got real bad again at lunch. Starting to a little better but not much better 😢.

      Hope you are okey dokey?

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