SmackDown 25/2/16 Review

I’ve come to the conclusion that RAW was only half as interesting as it was because of Shane returning, looking back it was actually a bit of a weak RAW just after a PPV and as the first one on the road to Wrestlemania even if two big matches were announced.

Hopefully SmackDown will turn out better.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Lucha Dragons / Neville / Dolph Ziggler vs The League of Nations

Dvon Dudley vs Jimmy Uso

Big Show vs Kevin Owens
Winner : KEVIN OWENS (Count Out)

Natalya vs Becky Lynch
Winner : NATALYA (DQ)

Heath Slater vs R-Truth
Winner : R-TRUTH

New Day vs Y2AJ / Mark Henry
Winners : Y2AJ / MARK HENRY


Well for a change he’s getting booed. Not something that happens very often now he’s up against Reigns really. Then again RAW and SmackDown always seem to be more behind Roman then the crowds at PPVs, SmackDown in particular usually gives him the best reaction therefore I’m not surprised that unlike on RAW where Triple H was cheered here on SmackDown he’s booed.

Plus, not that this is really that important, there seems to be REAL differences between fan reactions to suited and booted Hunter and fist taped up ready for a fight Hunter.

Personally there was nothing really important in the speech but seeing Roman is set to miss the next few weeks we must get used to it I guess.

League of Bullies win by pin fall

Ladies and Gentleman, even Byron Saxton agrees with me. They are the League of Bullies!

With the size difference I’m not sure you can say that it is too strange that the League took control of the match early on. They grounded the Dragons and separated Ziggler from his corner. The enormous brutal force of League gets shown off in completely the WRONG kind of match. A match against a load of people who need to stand on each others shoulders to even be the same size as 3 of the 4 members. A dominate team that could be feuding with the unstoppable (just not quite so unstoppable then we’re told) Wyatt family. Instead they are just in a random match against high flyers.

Of course they also get beat up quite a bit and Ranallo tells us this victory is a BIG victory for them.

Really? A big victory for former world champions, US champions, IC champions and some of the best guys they have that they can’t be bothered to push into the main event which needs some life blood in it? To be beating a random team of cruiserweights?

Well at least the celebrations cheered me up.


What a cheerful teddy bear he is today! Well that is until the Big Show shows up to tell him that he hasn’t beaten him yet. There is not one thing I don’t love about KO. He’s great all over and so bloody funny. “The Road to Retirement.”

Just be careful with the KOMania stuff… Curtis Axel did the same last year (remember #AxelMania?) and he’s now apart of the #SocialOutcasts so… Yeah.

Dvon Dudley wins by pin fall

We got some good motivational “SHOVE IT” advice from Bubba Ray, turning more and more into Bully Ray by the second just for the match to start and end quite fast. It was a bit pointless, very quick and only really there by the looks of it for Bubba’s speech which could have been done backstage, could have been done after a ACTUAL match…. Just. Yeah.


Their chemistry is undeniable and it was nice seeing Mark Henry beat up his tag team partners.

Honestly never thought that Jericho and AJ would be so good as a duo but they bloody well are.

Kevin Owens wins by submission

Honestly I like Show. I know I make nasty nicknames up and tend to not be that interested in a lot of his matches but I like Show.

The match wasn’t great and the ending was personally rather messed up but I liked it. I will be sad when Show retires and sometimes just sometimes he amazes me with the stufff he does.

Still another match of no real consequence that just felt like it was there for the sake of having a match.

Natalya wins by DQ

Didn’t Natalya get a couple wins recently? Hasn’t she kind of had a good time on SmackDown when she’s there?

So why oh why other then to remind us once more that the Horsewomen are the Future of WWE and so wonderful, is Becky in the match against Sasha for number one contender instead of Natalya. Like regardless of the outcome of this match the fact that its Becky vs Sasha for the number one contenders match (I still think it’ll be a triple threat with Sasha walking out champion) was given to us on RAW so what about the other Divas?

I still don’t understand the point of the Divas right now other then to remind us that the main roster Divas before the Revolution are all useless and should just disappear.


Lovely Charlotte tells us that the number one contenders match will be on RAW this coming Monday.

There is something so Stephanie McMahon-ish about Charlotte.They would make a formidable team.

R-Truth wins by pin fall

R-Truth was not happy to see Goldust come down to the ring. Loved the Golden Truth chants. Come on Truth you know the world wants Golden Truth.

As much as I like the whole Golden Truth thing though I really think there needs to be something more solid going on for the Social Outcasts. I’d like to see more of them winning by accident, not even so much them cheating but accidentally just stumbling over wins. That would be fun.

The match wasn’t too bad but in a night of things that just doesn’t matter whatsoever this just didn’t do anything. It didn’t even really move forward the Golden Truth story other then have Goldust cheat to help Truth win which personally I don’t see why Truth would be happy for it.

Feel bad for Slater. Even with all the injuries and getting this team together they just can’t win really.


Big E’s Booty entrance is what my life needs every day. Big E is what I need every day to make my life worth living. New Day is a necessity. I don’t really get why New Day are still talking about the League of Bullies when both on RAW and now League of Bullies had nothing to do with New Day. In fact it seems to be Y2AJ that are the actual feud that New Day are part of. Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense.

We get all the videos and stuff from New Day. Xavier… Never film you having a bath with Big E and Kofi because I don’t want to see that.

Y2AJ / Mark Henry win by submission

You know it don’t matter how old I get I still get way too over excited about Jericho coming down to the ring.

It was a great match and I’ve loved seeing Henry wrestle recently which makes it even sadder that he’s going to retire soon and he was great along with AJ and Jericho. I actually really like Y2AJ even if its kind of a waste of AJ not to have him feuding solo with someone. It seems WWE aren’t too sure what to do right now with anyone so at least he’s doing something interesting and fun.

The dancing was hilarious, who knew that neither AJ Styles or Chris Jericho can dance? They should do it more often.

In a show that just didn’t have any real purpose other then to exist the main event at least was interesting. Everything else was just kind of there for no reason. To be honest the Dvon/Jimmy match just didn’t need to happen, the time wasted there could have been used in the Divas match. Big Show vs Owens also never really needed to happen.

I don’t think they have enough talent that they are willing to do anything with to run a second show at the moment. Creative kind of need to put more trust in people. Just because their A team and B team are missing giant holes right now doesn’t mean that the left overs can’t put on a good show when given time and effort.

It was a bit of a let down really. If I’m honest. Relying on the charisma of Owens/New Day/Y2AJ way too much with very little to go on. Heck even League of Bullies would have been better to have actually been given mic time or if they had a actual real feud going on with someone worthy of being in a feud with them. Its all a bit muddled up and they might be better off just putting their foot down on RAW and starting afresh with a eye to Wrestlemania.

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