Prince of Stride : Wall – Chasing, Still So Far Away

Episode 8

We are moving ever closer to EOS but there are still many twists that need to be explored before we get there. This episode itself is full of twists and turns we never knew we could be about to face.

When you think you know that the rivals of Honan are Saisei and they were the team that Honan had to match up too we meet a brand new team.

A team that whilst still being a new one has too many demons for Honan it is unbelievable.

A time trial is the first step to EOS, it decides who you’ll face and other things. The team get put up against Kakyoin. At first they have no idea who they are, they are a new team put together that year that hadn’t been ranked the year before. When they finally come face to face with them though there are some surprises in store.

Not only are all of them toying with Honan during the race, letting them catch up so they can show off and try new tricks, but the coach of Kakyoin is none other then Nana’s father Joe Sakurai who had been in America at the beginning of the series. One can only then imagine it was him that brought back Tomoe Yagami, Riku’s older brother, who was also in America at the beginning of the series. The speed difference of that team was just more then you could imagine.

Funnily enough Joe Sakurai is known as the King of Stride as he made Stride popular in Japan, something Nana didn’t know and the others kind of thought about but never asked her. We didn’t see much of him but he doesn’t look like the nicest of people, I kind of hope I’m wrong on that but leaving his daughter behind in Japan whilst going off to teach in America only to come back and only have the briefest of talks with her doesn’t make him look particularly likable.

That is nothing to how much I didn’t like Tomoe. I kind of, from the brief talks he’s had with Kuga, thought he was the nice one out of the two. Kuga’s brooding boring personality seemed to be offset on the phone by Tomoe.

What we learn is that actually Tomoe is that one anime character obsessed with being the best. When he thinks Kuga and Heath aren’t as serious as him he turns his back on them knowing their paths never really crossed. I’m guessing what he’ll learn is that when it comes down to it the bond you have as a team is the bond you need to win That is usually the story those guys learn. His relationship with Riku seems strained and it’ll be interesting to see how happy Riku is that his brother is back, Riku stopped Stride as a kid because of his brother so I can’t wait to see what happens with them.

Kadowaki and Dan had to spend the majority of the episode keeping the spirits of the team up, Kadowaki is doing a excellent job of being a cheerleader, unfortunately for some this is all too personal for encouragement to work.

Next weeks episode come fast enough.

4 thoughts on “Prince of Stride : Wall – Chasing, Still So Far Away”

  1. I hated Tomoe, though he reminds me of Rin from Free! You are right, or at least I think you are right, the story will be the same as Rin’s in that he’s obsessed with being the best and will slowly grow jealous of the bond he’s missing with his team who are obsessed with being the best instead of having a connection. His team had no connection and spent the whole time going on about being bored.

    The flashback to Tomoe and Riku made me sad. Real sad. I kind of don’t want a happy reunion with them because I’d quite like to see Riku get something big to mould his character into something a little more serious and realistic.

    Plus I wanted to hug my poor baby Heath. How dare people make him sad!

    1. I’ve never seen Free but I knew you’d be able to compare the characters.

      With the preview to the next episode I can see them having some kind of bond still. Plus Riku doesn’t seem to hold any kind of grudge towards his brother.

      1. Its hard to compare and Free! is the better anime by far but Rin went away to Australia I believe to train to become a professional swimmer and came back. The only difference between them being that Rin didn’t have what it takes in Australia whereas there probably is a different reason for Tomoe to come back. Also Rin wasn’t related to anyone he was just their friends but the relationship has parallels to Tomoe/Kuga. Plus the team Rin was in was nice they were just from a elite school with indoor training facilities.

        I just don’t want to see Riku forgive that git! How dare he upset everyone and then be forgiven by Riku!

        Nah I kind of hope that we’ll see a softer side to Tomoe, if it is similar to Rin then there is a soft side there.

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