One Piece : Raizou of the Mist

Chapter 817

We learnt that nearly everything we knew up to this point was a lie in the last chapter and I’ve been impatiently waiting to find out what else had been a lie all this time.

Well its time to, not so much learn the truth of the matter but be told at least what was a lie and what isn’t a lie and be fobbed off with a excuse.

It goes deeper then you’d think.

You remember we thought Kinemon was Momo’s father? It turns out that Momo is actual a Duke and very important person and the lie was put in place for the protection of not only Momo but everyone else surrounding him.

Whilst Inuarashi and Nekomamushi decide to put their difference aside, for now, its nice to see the Straw Hats acting their normal self. It doesn’t matter  who you are, when you’ve been part of the Straw Hats they’ll treat you the same no matter what they find out in the future. Luffy pissing off Momo by being completely indifferent to finding out just how important he is was hilarious.

That was only half the story this time out though as after Inu and Neko decide to behave themselves and not bicker like children they finally set out to meet the man who they’ve been protecting.

Raizou of the mist.

There is a poneglyph down with him under a crest of the Kouzuki clan. The poneglyph is red and Robin sets out to read it.

That is kind of the end of anything serious taking place, the rest of the chapter is full of the boys fan girling over being in the same room as a Ninja and the Ninja, Raizou, being all confused, pissed, amazed and confuddled by a barrage of questions from the boys. “Can you do this,” “Can you do that” , “What about this” it was hilarious. Even Zoro and Law got involved, in the end Raizou got so pissed off at them acting like just because he wasn’t going to show off he wasn’t a real Ninja that he Ninja’d them and everything was good again.

It was a hilarious chapter that had me giggling from page two onwards. Raizou is such a interesting character already just because he’s way too emotional! I honestly can’t wait to see more of him. Kinda wanna see him and Jinbe on the same page, now that would be awesome. Also can’t wait to find out what the poneglyph says. I’m just as interested in Robins quest to read them all and figure out what they mean as I am in anything else in the series.

This is all forgetting the horrible foreshadowing on page one.

Jack isn’t dead.

We had guessed this anyway but it was nice to have it finally confirmed.

Trouble is I guess is that he’s probably heading back this way. So we might get a fight with Jack after all.

For me One Piece feels like it is back. It hasn’t been at its best recently and I’ve felt that its dragged hell of a lot. FINALLY it feels like we’re going somewhere again. The interaction between the characters has picked right up again and the only problem I have is the way its so easy to get sidetracked from one part of the story to the next.

You can see another split coming with Luffy off to save Sanji and the rest staying to protect Zou. Kind of want Luffy to stay behind and protect Zou and for him to send Zoro off to get Sanji.

OK I admit it I might not ship them as a romantic couple but I damn well ship them as the ultimate bros. Platonic boyfriends. I just want to see Sanji and Zoro kick some Big Mom ass.

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