The Curse of Monkey Island Part 4

We have to members of our crew and we’ve started to steam roller our way through the game.

One more crew member, a map and a ship to go!

So after the events of last week there is only one place to go now.

To the beach!

You got the beach membership card from the chicken so the Cabana boy will reluctantly let you onto the beach AND take towels. Take as many towels as you can and dip them in the water provided then walk out to the beach area. Its too hot for us to walk on so lay the wet towels down on the ground and walk over them to the guy on the other side. This guy, you learnt from Cromwell, is his manager and has the map you are looking for tattoo’d on his back. Talk to him and he won’t tell you much, he’s getting a tan so won’t roll over to let you see the map. He will let you take his cup thinking you’ll fill it for him. Leave via the gate and go back to the entrance of the beach club.

Pick up another towel and soak it in water before using it on the miserable Cabana boy so that you can steal the cooking oil.

With oil and a new tankard in tow go back to Kenny. The little rascal who has been stealing my money whilst all I wanted was a drink of lemonade.

Ask him for another cup of lemonade, whilst he bends over to make a show of getting the lemonade switch the tankards. He won’t be happy when you actually have a nice cold drink and he’ll accuse you of putting him out of business before he runs off to mummy. Not only can you take his bottomless cup but you can take the lemonade jug too, use this on the vats of dye next to Kenny’s house.

Of course you can see where this is going. In great Click and Point logic you return back to the beach, stick the bottomless cup onto Palido’s stomach then pour the dye in the cup. Dude doesn’t realise that someone has just poured liquid onto him but when you talk to him he thinks he’s burnt so rolls over revealing the map. Use the cooking oil on his back to have the map burn off him so you can pick it up, again the guy doesn’t feel the burning sensation on him that the cooking oil would have caused which makes me think that poor Palido might just have nerve damage to his entire body.

Happily we have a map though so we win.

Go to the caber toss area. There you’ll see we have a rubber tree. Use the cookie cutter with the tree to get yourself a plug for the boat, use your knife on the keg on the grassy knoll then set it on fire to knock down the rubber tree.

From here it is simple to win over McMutton, just challenge him to the caber toss and you’ll be using the rubber tree instead and there you have it three pirates for your crew! I’d actually forgotten that it was that simple so the other blog could have very easily have been all three pirates, oh well.


Now back to Danjer Cove with the rubber plug. Use it in the boat with the paste and you’ll find yourself out to sea next to a strangely deserted boat. It ISN’T deserted at all! The first time you go on board you’ll meet the first mate and his monkey crew, they’ll make you walk the plank but its OK you climbed up that way and your boat is still down there. Use the knife on the plank and climb back up to get tarred and feathered.

Now if you hadn’t been paying attention one of the funniest conversations so far was with Blondebeard about the Demon Chicken.

So when you are tarred and feathered guess who you are going to go and see?!

You end up wandering out by his place anyway so just pop into the store for a quick cut scene where he attacks you and sends you off in a big bucket to be eaten.

You find yourself back on the ship with LeChimp.

LeChimp is a giant monkey, possibly actually a ape of some sort but its obvious that his first man is just a little crazy. Use the book you got in the theatre to remove the first mate and then pillage to your hearts content.

There is a map. It isn’t much but it points you to where Elaine has been buried, which is in the theatre actually…. In the plot in the middle of the stage. You have to play with the lights up in the control room (the directions match the buttons so North is the top one, south is the bottom one ect) but you still have Slappy and his random version of Romeo and Juliet going on.

When you had been in the bucket back at the ship you should have picked up some grease, just use it on the cannonballs and the cut scene with Slappy demanding the cannonballs for his performances ensues leaving the stage empty for you to show up and dig up Elaine.

You take LeChimp’s ship, stick Elaine safely away and that is it. You are on your way!

Next week we set sail!

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