News for the coming weeks

OK so I thought I’d leave a post as last night I got to speak to Amanda, Alexx and even Rick all briefly so can give a bit of a update.

EDIT : I didn’t finish a sentence. I will NOT be reviewing anything on Tumblr, see below with explanation to why.

First blog news (as not everyone cares about who writes them so much as them being written!)

Dickensian died a death mainly because Amanda just hated the two first episodes she missed and hasn’t had the heart to carry on with reviewing the series. I will therefore either write up the remaining reviews or just have a end of season look back on it from my opinion.

Anime and Manga will still be getting the giant push we said it would. We will get some of the series that we have finished but never did a final thoughts blog on done, we will be marathoning Penguindrum, Seraph of the End season 2 and some others and hopefully we’ll have some Assassination Classroom catch up Manga reviews. All this plus us finally getting up to date with all the series we said we’d cover this season, even though some are coming to a end soon!

Wrestling blogs are falling on my shoulders (James you jinxed me!) so I will take over RAW and SmackDown. Me and Alexx are thinking of reviewing all the Wrestlemania’s leading up to this years show but I need to find the time to do that. Obviously any live show I’ll go to will continue to come out ASAP after the event. Plus I said I’d review some of the PWP DVDs I have brought on Tumblr which will probably end up on here instead as I’m boycotting Tumblr until Roman Reigns fans shut the hell up. (Asking a lot there I know but still Tumblr is horrible at the moment. What happened to the SANE fans?!)

Once more IN THE WRESTLING HUB we do a month in review section. Pete was going to do WWE (and others, he really did start drafting Lucha Underground and ROH stuff before getting ill again) and I was doing the stuff I was going to see live. If I’m honest with you I have no intention of doing both so will do a month in review for the Indy guys but that is it. I shall have a brief blog out to let you know when that is done but keep checking the page (its our second most viewed page after the anime hub) and leave your “you are so stupid it should be x, y or z” comments in the comment section (on that page… Not here.)

I am no longer watching the Walking Dead after two annoying episodes so don’t expect any blogs from me.

Plus the gaming blogs will be out at their usual time and I will get round to writing up the FFVIII blogs too.

So staff?

Amanda has had a serious family issue that she’s had to go and attend to. She doesn’t think she’ll be back online till the middle of March. Or at least not really back online, she said when she needs a distraction she might come and do the Daily Challenge EVEN IF someone else already has just to take her mind off of things.

No other details will obviously be given.

Pete is in hospital again, he has a long history of stomach problems and is extremely ill once more. Last time he ended up in hospital for three months (maybe a little less) so we have absolutely NO time frame for his return.

Alexx has a few blogs ready to come out and will continue to work on rough drafts which me and Luc will now attempt to edit for him. If you don’t know Pete and Alexx are best friends and live together and when Pete is ill Alexx looks after him so he won’t be online much either.

We never bothered to tell you that Rick had disappeared, if you read his blogs you’d know that and if you didn’t there was enough staff you might never have noticed. He has about 20 children (OK he has 5 but it FEELS like 20) and amazingly one thing after another just keeps happening to him so that he never has time to do anything even when he starts it. Yes there are 100s of unfinished blogs by him all over our drafts and we have a lot of fun Skyping him just to hear him being called away. The latest reason was the arrival of child number 5 a few weeks back, now that things are settling and he knows we’re short he is hoping to come back.

That’s it I guess. Stick with me and Luc, I’m unreliable and he’s always busy but we’ll do our best.

Anything you’d like to see from us let us know.

8 thoughts on “News for the coming weeks”

  1. “Plus I said I’d review some of the PWP DVDs I have brought on Tumblr”

    Does that mean that we ARE getting them on Tumblr? There is no full stop or carry on as the only thing I’d want is that.

    I’m sorry to hear there have been so many problems. Hope everyone is OK. You have all been very welcoming of me since I started commenting.

    1. Thank you Mr Know-it-all. I’ve updated it. Nice to see you figured out how to do the avatar change too, I was wondering how you got on after you messaged me on Tumblr about it. Didn’t I reblog that photo yesterday?!

      They will be OK ! We bounce back well. Don’t worry too much on us! We like new friends, keep coming back we love you. I showed you how to make your account and put a avatar on the account you need to stay!!! Be my friend!!!!!!!!!

      1. Yeah thanks for explaining it to me. It was as simple as you said. And yes I think it was your page I saw the reblog on. It was the only photo that I could be bothered to save off my timeline. Most of my friends are posting AJ Styles photos at the moment.

        You really need to stay away from Roman Reigns fans on Tumblr. Just sayin’.

        1. Hell I should know better but they get under my skin!

          Like the acting like Roman Reigns is the only wrestler ever to get hate. You only have to look at their pages to see that there are PLENTY of other wrestlers that they THEMSELVES hate on. Nikki Bella is probably THE MOST hated wrestler on Tumblr at times for no reason other then the fact that half the people on Tumblr can’t comprehend the difference of the NXT upbringing and how the older Divas had to cope, or even understanding that if Nikki really didn’t want to be a wrestler SHE WOULD HAVE GIVEN IT UP WELL BEFORE NOW! She’s been wrestling through injury like any wrestler and there are STILL people who just unneccessarily hate on her.

          Or bitching and griping when he isn’t the number one focus on something. Like Dean/Brock… Or Sheamus getting the title… Or the thought that Roman just might not be main eventing something…

          Then you have the ones I hate the most. The ones that see you say “well that was predictable” or “can’t creative come up with something much better for him” or anything NOT AIMED AT Roman and mix it in with people who obviously don’t like Roman, will never like Roman and most normal fans would just ignore then get on their high horses and tell you that its rude to boo people and its rude to do this and you aren’t a real fan unless you support everyone…

          Whilst telling me why Bo Dallas doesn’t deserve to be pushed or Bray doesn’t deserve to be main event or how terrible Ryback is or how they should just fire Barrett because he’s always injured.

          They are such a precious lot! After Christmas I don’t know why I didn’t just block Roman Reigns mentions from my time line….

          The thing is I don’t DISLIKE Reigns AT ALL its his fans. I don’t like the direction they take Reigns but Reigns himself I like.

          Wait… This isn’t the place to be bitching about Roman Reigns fans?!

        2. Its nice that Anna is making friends even if she has to beg you.

          Talking of Avatars I see you (Anna) have brought yours inline with what it is everywhere else on the internet?

          1. Well apart from Tumblr. You see I’ve cut back on fangirling everywhere BUT Tumblr. Sooo I don’t care how stupid I look in the photo my photo is the best photo I ever took and there. Everywhere else its me and Baroony-Roo when she went Tiger Style on my ass. I’m such a good aunt!

  2. You had one job and did it wrong in a blog where you called yourself unreliable.

    It says all we need to know about how the site will be run in the next few weeks.

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