RAW 22/2/16 Review

So we haven’t done a RAW review for a long time and as Pete still hasn’t got one done and I won the Wrestling Reviewer Showdown then I guess it is time for me to take over a little bit. Only because I don’t have too much anime to watch today.

Matches Quick Overview :

Neville / Lucha Dragons vs New Day
Winners : NEW DAY

The Usos vs The Ascension
Winners : THE USOS

Chris Jericho / AJ Styles vs Social Outcasts

The Wyatt Family vs Ryback / Big Show / Kane

Sasha Banks vs Naomi

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus


So Brock attacked Dean before the show and I can’t be the only person that thought it was real funny? Like seriously it was a little bit funny. We know who Brock Lesnar is facing at Wrestlemania then!


Well what did we truly expect? This trophy that everyone has been told would be being given to someone and it would be truly emotional goes to Stephanie McMahon. To a very loud round of boos.

Now I couldn’t stay up for RAW as I am working Wednesday so didn’t want to mess up my sleep pattern (though I ended up lying around in bed till 1pm anyway because I didn’t want to face the world so I coulda stayed up) so unfortunately the arrival of my favourite McMahon was spoilt for me but OMG SHANE IS BACK! So many people were going on about a Shane DVD and shit like that for 2016 but I never thought we’d get HIM back.

It is lovely to see the McMahons go to war and they fed Shane all the complaints fans have right now including pointing out all the damn injuries. I got very excited.

Shane wants control of Monday Night RAW but has to earn it in a match against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania in Hell in the Cell.

New Day win by pin fall

Every time that New Day step into the ring they just become bigger, better and funnier. Why oh why are they being left just below the main event I don’t know as if you gave Xavier the tag belt and pushed Big E into the main event you’d have a GREAT team running around taking over. It ain’t gonna happen when its obvious that Wrestlemania is going to be the handing of the reigns to Reigns (probably to a louder wall of boos then Stephanie got) but they have a REAL charismatic talent in Big E that is going to waste a little whilst they keep trying to miss package Reigns to the fans.

Loved the match, the team of Neville and the Dragons was exciting though again Neville is another example of someone being misused by WWE right now. Some of the moves that came out just before Kingston got the pin was amazing from Neville and Kalisto but it was only ever going to be New Day. It would be silly to not have it being New Day. Though if they are doing a New Day vs League of Bullies thing then they missed out on having someone run down to the ring and mess up with New Day.

The match was better then half the matches at Fastlane.


Well it was better then having him come down to the ring and give a even more lenghtly version of this interview. I’m in the middle of writing a blog about Roman though so look out for that coming this week.


Yes, Paul Heyman is channelling all his hatred into Dean Ambrose. I do wonder if Brock even listens to him. Honestly Paul could cut a promo on how ugly Brock is and I think he’d just wander around the place grinning to himself. Heyman could hype you up for Brock Lesnar painting the arena, he could hype you up for watching Brock eat his dinner. He’s the master.

The Dean coming back and flopping to the ring was stupid. Like he just stole a ambulance, which is like OK I’ll believe that I’ve done it before so why not, but him crawling to the ring AFTER driving a ambulance SAFELY into the building? Being left lying on the floor as Lesnar walks away? If you are going to do it do it properly!

Ambrose vs Lesnar in a No Holds Bar Street Fight at Wrestlemania. That would be a hard one to call the result of.

The Usos win by pin fall

MY BABY KONNOR I LOVE IT WHEN I GET TO SEE KONNOR!!! There was a point where I hated The Ascension you know but now I wuv Konnor. They are a tag team that grow on you, unfortunately they don’t seem to have grown on the people in charge of WWE as they are basically nowhere doing nothing.

Before the match the Dudleys come out to remind us all the thing we didn’t need to know which is that the Dudley’s are not a joke they are one of the greatest tag teams that have ever graced WWE. They seem very angry that people see them as the table guys… We’ll never see tables again, good, the Table Poachers have learnt their lesson!

Match was short, talk about being one trick ponies we don’t need to go as far as bringing Rikishi into it because he actually wrestled, the Usos have such a boring move set that it brings me to tears watching them.

Meh I got to see Konnor.


Jericho comes down to now agree that AJ Styles is Phenomenal. He calls down AJ. You know I kind of don’t see the point in this kind of thing, most wrestling fans know AJ and why he’s known as the Phenomenal one and if WWE are going to start bringing in guys like AJ you can’t continually have the story of “we don’t care what you did outside of WWE its only what you do here that counts” to make the point that WWE thinks that WWE is the only place you can prove yourself. Out of ALL the people they could do that to AJ was the stupidest one because the fans just loved AJ and they didn’t want him to “prove” himself they just want to see him wrestle.

The Social Outcasts are great. They really have come a long way from being a strange group of random people thrown together to this. They make me laugh and it just is nice that all of them get some TV time, get to talk, get to do their stuff. Again they really ARE guys that, OK maybe aren’t main event worthy but were worthy of more then what they were getting.

Chris Jericho / AJ Styles win by pin fall

Y2AJ is a great team name.

I like it when matches actually show off the Outcasts and don’t just have them the butt of a joke. These guys are hilarious and they are great fun to watch in the ring. They might not be AJ Styles or Chris Jericho but they are great talents and fans love them.

Great match and fun seeing Jericho and AJ tag together. I’ve loved having Jericho back he hasn’t missed a beat since coming back. He is just perfect. If it wasn’t for the fact that they both are great singles competitors I’d want to see these two tagging all the time but I also really want to see AJ go on to take on someone like Owens.

The confusion by the commentators over what to call each member of the Social Outcasts was hilarious. I always thought Heathy-baby was the Crimson Dragon?


Triple H calming down Stephanie by giving her the prize of getting to tell Roman something that will make HER happy but not him.


Roman on his phone… I thought he was on his phone to find out about Dean, dude was just crawling around at ringside and Roman wasn’t there to help him so like just cut it out really. Not sure why suddenly Sheamus has been “overlooked” at any point in Roman’s road to Wrestlemania as he was the main part of it at Christmas. But that is the match. Sheamus vs Roman tonight.


These two are still so funny. I don’t know where they are going with it but its nice to see Truth doing something different and they would make a great team.

The Wyatt Family win by pin fall

A match no one really wanted to see at Fastlane, which was really boring and now we get to relive it.

The match was just as dull as the Fastlane match. It was just as ridiculous to have the Wyatts doing what they were doing against the people they were doing it to and the match wasn’t anything to do with the Wyatts.

Again you have such a great stable with the Wyatts, fans love them because even though we don’t understand a word Bray says half the time he’s got so much charisma. Its like Heyman, he could be Heyman in years to come, people just love seeing him do his stuff. Not only that though they are great in the ring. Harper is bloody amazing and him and Rowan make a great team. Bray is better then they book him and they, again, could be right at the top doing some amazing things.

Instead they are in a rematch to a feud they SHOULD have won last night at Fastlane but instead lost and the only reason this match happened was so Ryback could walk out for whatever reason.

Nice Gilberg chants.


We are going with Mr Egotastic Ryback? Please PLEASE do not put him in the main event any time soon. I would rather watch paint dry.

Sasha Banks win by sub mission

Another match we just didn’t need to see on RAW after Sasha and Becky beat Naomi and Tamina.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the match but you kind of thought the PPV match was meant to be the end of this story and we move on instead we get half a repeat of the PPV match just after a complete repeat of a match from the PPV. Neither matches did anything to help the wrestlers involved in them.


Charlotte is a great heel, I never understood why they brought her up to the main roster as a good guy. She’s hilarious but I do kind of want Ric to bugger off.

Then again I’m not actually sure why we now have to believe that Becky and Sasha have a relationship, they made it quite clear that it was just to even numbers and they weren’t actually friends.


I am not EVER going to be serious enough to call them by their real name. I love them, look at King Barrett staring lovingly at his boyfriend Sheamus.


Awww lovely moment with Stephanie and Vince. Stephanie has now calmed down.


The APA will be inducting The Godfather into the Hall of Fame. Second name after Sting to be announced. Loved the Godfather as a kid.

No contest

Do you remember last year when Sheamus had some really brutal looking fights with Randy Orton? Where it looked like they were going to rip each others limbs off?

Yeah I don’t either. Its like they forget that Sheamus CAN do the beat the hell out of people thing without outside help, not that the outside help of Team Injury Prone actually did anything other then get sent off during the break.

Again the biggest problem is that they just don’t know what to do with Roman. Is he a unbeatable monster? Is he one of the boys? Is he this or that or something else?

Just as you think he’s going to win by count out (which he might have done I lost what was going on) Triple H comes down, out of his suit he’s been in all evening and into his leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans just to make the point that he’s a different Triple H right now then the one backstage.

The ending of the match kind of proved why the booking of Reigns has been awful. People were cheering for Triple H to beat the living shit out of Reigns. If this was meant to make us feel sorry for Reigns it didn’t work as it was a proper Attitude Era-esque beat down. There was even fake blood and all sorts. Again WWE only have themselves to blame for the fans indifference to what they are trying to do. You book him one way or the other and stick to it, as of yet it doesn’t feel like we’ve really got THE Roman Reigns, we have what WWE want him to be, which isn’t working or at least isn’t working to a point, and the fans want him to define his character which just isn’t being allowed to happen but we’re meant to be cheering for what the WWE want us to cheer for which just isn’t working with Reigns.

Not a bad RAW though, it wasn’t brilliant but had some good moments. Hopefully we’ll see better leading up to Wrestlemania.

One thought on “RAW 22/2/16 Review”

  1. Why would you cheer for Reigns? The commentators try to sell the poor Roman story, the writers want you to believe he’s a beast and whilst the fans show their discontent at the whole thing we get the same all the time. They need to stick with one Roman Reigns and roll with it.

    There was no point having a PPV the night before because it didn’t actually do anything. Any story that had a full stop at Fastlane had a re-match for no reason. They should have started hyping up Wrestlemania instead we got one match to get excited about and that wasn’t exactly the biggest thing. When the fans are more excited about a match like Shane vs Taker over the main event title match it isn’t a good sign.

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