Pride Promotions : Dream of Glory

2016 has already been a good year for Pride shows. This time out they are back to the Lemongrove in Exeter for a action packed show with a title match and special guests Chris Dickinson, Jigsaw and the Legendary Tommy Dreamer.

Scotty Essex (c) vs Robbie E

I always look forward to seeing Scotty Essex in a match and after a kind of weird match at Rock N Rollas, even though he won the Catch Division trophy, it was good to see him on top form in a rematch from Undisputed against Robbie E.

Sadly there was no pose off which broke my heart. I love seeing Scotty pose.

Looking back on it if I’m honest it felt pretty short. What made it feel shorter was the fact that when Robbie E finally got going we had Scotty feign injury which had us for a good few minutes watching Scotty on the floor and Robbie pacing around the ring. It went on for the moment long enough and used all the guys well enough that for a split second I stopped waiting for Scotty to pop up and actually nearly started to worry.

When he did pop up I had to let out a excited cheer. I was drowned out by boos but I didn’t care.

Personally I think it was not quite as good as their match in January but I preferred the ending. I don’t like count outs anyway as I always feel they are a little disappointing but the ending to this one was perfect with Essex and his injury. He played it so well.

Great defence of the trophy for Essex against a tough opponent. Even though I said he was on top form you feel like he wasn’t in top gear so can’t wait to see who his next opponent is and see how far they push him. Essex is a show stealer that’s for sure.

Love him or hate him he gets everyone talking about him.

Second time seeing Robbie E and I’m a big fan but he wasn’t as exciting live as I thought he would be. I don’t really know what I was expecting. Still love him though and brought his t-shirt which is proudly joining my collection as we speak.

Danny Jones / Danny Thomas  vs Ultimo Tiger / Jigsaw

Following on from the brilliant opening match they had a tag team match which had Ultimo Tiger in it so like two of my most favourite things in one.

It was nice to see Tiger bounce back from his two defeats recently. Him and Jigsaw were a great team and really enjoyed watching them. The two Danny’s weren’t too bad either. I preferred the one in black/grey which I THINK was Thomas but as its a 50/50 chance I’m right I will obviously be wrong. There was a one man Justin Bieber chant going on when one of them got in the ring which is always a great chant and the only time I’ll mention Justin Bieber in my life.

(Funny fact is that I work in a shop that has 4Music on all day and managed to go nearly 5 years of having to listen to his music without knowing who he was. I shall never forgive volunteers for sitting me in front of the TV bank and making me watch his video so that I now know who he is. The same for One Direction and a whole bunch of other very bland and boring pop people.)

I liked the two Danny’s but it didn’t feel like they had the chemistry of Tiger and Jigsaw. I mean their double teaming was great and their timing perfect but at the same time it really felt like two different people instead of a team. Didn’t really matter as both were good fun to watch and there were some brilliant moments. Danny in blue (probably Jones) was funny, they were both absolutely fantastic in the ring.

Jigsaw was so fun to watch though. Him and Tiger were like two anime characters zipping around the ring and even brought their own sound effects with them. They just had buckets of chemistry and were so great to watch. I am yet in the review to call Tiger a Thundercat (that doesn’t count) but I am going to call him cute. They were cute. Bloody brilliant though. Loved seeing Tiger get a win, much deserved. Again like Scotty he was back to pretty much normal Tiger and looked much happier in the ring then down in Plymouth. I like a happy Tiger, we like a winning Tiger.

Real fun match, two great teams and so much talent.

Chris Dickinson vs Eddie Ryan

No word of a lie probably one of the best matches I’ve seen with Eddie Ryan. Dickinson was great and really brought a good fight to him. It was really intense and would have been main event worthy in any other show.

It was a little bit slower and more methodical then the last match we saw Ryan in. I called Gregory a monster who just beat Eddie Ryan up but I think Dicksinson was just much more intense then Gregory. Dickinson is so cool, like literally you don’t want to take your eyes off him. He’s tough. Real tough.  He just looks like he owns the ring when he steps into it.

Once again it was Ryan’s leg that was the main target, I’m not observant enough to know if it was the same leg, again he has two of them so with a 50/50 chance of being right I’ll just be wrong. It was a good back and forth though.

I now am fully under the belief that Pride are testing the theory “whatever doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger” by putting Eddie Ryan into matches with people who look like they will kill him. Either they are going to have him killed OR he’s going to be a monster this time next year, possibly. Or just very tired. With a sore leg. Regardless its been nearly a year since the first time I fangirled over Eddie Ryan (kind of) and he STILL is one of the best I’ve seen. Steps up to all the challenges thrown at him, ridiculously humble about everything and as he always does tonight he stepped up to the challenge set in front of him and delivered a match worth the price of a ticket all on its lonesome.

Best way to finish off the first half, already you have three really strong and entertaining matches.

UK Dominator / Lomax / Tommy Dean / Kiezer vs Chris Andrews / Adam de Silva / Darren Saviour / Tommy Dreamer

I promise I did not just sit there crying because Tommy Dreamer was in the ring. I can only promise this a little bit though. Anyone that knows me long enough will know if I had to have a tag line then it would probably be something along the lines of “When I grow up I wanna be like Tommy Dreamer” it was how I introduced myself to Pete almost 10 years ago now, it was actually my profile on Bebo like over 10 years ago and many MANY times for the last decade of my life when asked about my future I will reply with that. I will probably be saying it until I grow up…… OK I’ll be saying it to my death bed because I don’t think I’m gonna grow up.

Sadly for many reasons I didn’t get to enjoy the match as much as I’d like. Some guy was shouting and wandering around right next to me and the second he started shouting that Chris Andrews sucks my friend had a mild panic attack which then led to me having a very mild anxiety attack which slowly started to bring on one of my arc migraines which makes me blind in one eye. To be fair it was the first time that either of us got triggered, she only got triggered because she noticed him shouting about Andrews who is her favourite and wouldn’t then ignore him and I got triggered because you can’t have any type of panic attack quietly so whilst me and my mum tried to help her I knew we were attracting attention which sets me off. Again if you don’t suffer you won’t understand because it sounds pathetic when you try to explain it…

All this plus most of the match because I’d started to have problems all I really could see in front of me was Kiezers butt. I have no comment on whether that is a good thing or not so don’t ask. Though thankfully his trousers were pulled up properly, or maybe he just got ones that fit him better. Either way that is all I’m saying on the matter.

Beyond all those problems it was a great match. The UK Dominator was hilarious interacting with the crowd, he seemed much happier then usual and didn’t threaten too many people at ringside for a change. Plus Kiezer just kind of completely fit into their group, I did say they have some of the best music and the little rain cloud was just perfect for it.

By the end of the match it just went all crazy. Everyone was fighting everyone outside the ring and it was hard to see what everyone was doing. In the ring it ended up being Andrews that cleared it throwing the UK Dominator out on top of everyone before throwing a willing Adam out on top of them. How Lomax manages to sneak up on someone I don’t know but man did he sneak up on Andrews, unfortunately for him in the end it was him against Andrews and Dreamer and then it was over.

I’m pretty sad that we had a load of drama and therefore I didn’t really see much of the match. What I did see of it was amazing, again Lomax and Andrews is just a fight I’m dying to see as they KEEP ending up facing each other in these matches now. It has to go somewhere at some point, I truly want to see them against each other.

Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths (c) vs Saime Sahin

I was so sad that this match didn’t take place in Plymouth but now I’m happy we had to wait.

What a bloody fantastic match. There was fighting in and out of the ring, run ins, most of the locker room got involved and then a heartbreaking end, made even worse because when we thought Saime won just for him to win through DQ and not get the belt it wasn’t just Saime in the ring looking disappointed it was EVERYONE. There was a sad looking Eddie Ryan, a pissed off looking Darren Saviour, a confused looking Chris Andrews and Tiger who you can’t really tell what his facial expression is when he won’t stand still for longer then a few seconds and he’s wearing a mask.

Honestly I have been looking forward to this match since December and I think the atmosphere at the Lemongrove was perfect for it. Every time one of them went down it felt like the building shook, it was such a hard hitting match. The amount of times Saime went for a Saimesault just for Grizzly to move out of the way, the fact that Saime just wouldn’t be put down no matter what Grizzly did just built the excitement up until the crowd were pretty much on their feet.

It was a epic battle.

Grizzly even smiled at one point. He doesn’t smile very often. I think he enjoyed beating up Saime, then again he didn’t like losing to him as he stole someone’s chair and went and sat down in a sulk. The amount of people that swarmed him to take selfies whilst Aaron announced that actually Grizzly had been disqualified before Saime got the three count was hilarious.

It was a unbelievably good match. They used the arena well and even though it was not a no DQ match the ref gave them the time they needed outside the ring to tell the story and it was timed perfectly. It was one of the best matches I’ve seen in PWP.

Meet & Greet

You know, I just love their meet and greets.

I can’t explain just how much more I fall in love with Scotty Essex every time I meet him. He’s just so charming and sweet. No matter who he plays in the ring he is just the nicest guy you could hope to meet.

Got a photo with Tiger. Well…

As you can see I maybe need a redo on that. You see my mum is slightly better then my friend at taking photos with my phone…. For some reason she decided that she couldn’t get both Tiger and Jigsaw in the photo so she’d continue in vein to do so and ended up taking a strange and fuzzy-ish photo instead of just turning the phone on its side.

Unfortunately because my anxiety was playing up I decided against asking Scotty or Eddie for a photo. I also look terrible in the photos I did take for painful reasons.

I got to meet Tommy Dreamer though. I can die happy.

Final Thoughts :

By far this was the best event we’ve been to. I love the Lemongrove, the two times we’ve been there to see PWP its just been the absolute best atmosphere. Every single match was just amazing and I can’t fault anything really. The guys that looked after Ros-a-Doz were wonderful, the atmosphere was immense and it was so well organised as always.

I got more DVDs – James I am now starting to think I will review them in some form but as I said I’m not sure its something anyone but you and me will be interested in so I might be doing that on Tumblr when I have more free time in the next week or so – and I got a Tommy Dreamer and Robbie E t-shirt. I even got myself another signed photo of Eddie Ryan for what reasons I’m not too sure. I ran out of things to buy! I need to obviously cut my shoulders off so I can buy slightly smaller t-shirts.

Best match? You want me to choose? Of course you will.

The main event was simply phenomenal. Ryan/Dickinson was just brilliant. I’d have to say its between those two, though the tag team match with Jigsaw and Tiger was also so good.

The guy that stood out the most?

Scotty. Pure class. Well… In his own way. You don’t want to miss a Scotty Essex match. Then again Saime also deserves all the praise in the world, hell he even fell into me which was awesome and the guy, no matter what, always has the biggest smile on his face. Dickinson is a sight to be seen and as always all the love in the world goes to my favourites of which there are lots.

Plus the award for best acting of the night doesn’t go to Scotty and his selling of his back injury but Eddie Ryan who as you can see in the photo below managed to look (at least in this one photo) more devastated then anyone else INCLUDING Saime that Saime hadn’t won the title. We feel his pain, well the emotional pain my legs are perfectly fine.

You know I’m pretty sure its just the venue. I think they could have the worst night ever and still you’d leave Exeter feeling like you’d just seen the best show in the world.

Can I just point out that I was tweeting away on my phone in the interval when Aaron walked past in a apron. I saw him then went back to tweeting and as he passed me he told me not to put it on my blog. What Aaron needs to learn is that I don’t take well to being told what to do so even though I didn’t get a good photo, as I wasn’t really paying attention till he said it, I did then take the best photo I could as he took it off and here it is… I wish I had a better picture but I was doing something much more important (which was looking through photos of Eddie Ryan and posting them on Twitter, there is NOTHING more important then that!)

Seriously we are so lucky down here to have Pride Promotions. The whole team are great. Never had a bad experience with them in any form whatsoever, any time I’ve talked to someone whether it be Aaron when he’s wandering around at the beginning or when you are waiting for the meet and greets, the refs, the wrestlers or the guys working on the merchandise stall they have always been so friendly and so helpful. Its just a joy to go to the shows. Hell I didn’t get paid much this month but all my spare money went on tickets to their shows and buying stuff at their shows, I haven’t brought a game on Steam since before December! I was going to buy the second load of Dorothy Must Die books but instead took the money out so I could spend it at the shows.

At the moment I have all the tickets for the shows I can go to. We’re going to their Newton Abbott show at the beginning of March and then to Taunton in June to see their big show up there. They are actually back with the Gore Tour next week but I can’t get to any of the shows (absolutely heart broken) and then after Newton Abbott they have a show in Tavistock on March 13th which again I can’t get to which is even sadder because I go to Tavi all the time but public transport sucks ass.

Go get your tickets and follow/like them as always.

Website :
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Twitter : @ProPWP

Finally I hate having to answer questions but I do it anyway so if anyone has any better question then Pete’s obsession with capes and some of the strange ass things that James finds to ask me please leave them in the comments below. You can follow us at @Geek__Mind or me personally (because I’m much more interesting) @Awerka because for us Twitter is where its at. Or at least for me it is, I’m always on Twitter. Photos will be below as well as some coming out on Tumblr and Instagram later too.


7 thoughts on “Pride Promotions : Dream of Glory”

  1. Some fantastic pictures you took this time. I’m guessing the blonde woman in the photos for the eight-man tag match is Vixen? I don’t think you’ve ever had such clear photos of her. Which also leads to the question why didn’t you mention her? You usually can’t be stopped talking about her!

    Does the best acting award equate to drama queen moment of the night? And what did he win?

    So it was only two weeks ago you said that Christmas Chaos probably couldn’t be beaten now it has been beaten is there something really special about this event or the venue?

    I’m sad to hear both you and your friend got triggered. Is there a reason why she didn’t just ignore the guy? You seemed to be happy enough ignoring him by the sound of it. Or is it just different types of anxiety? I also understand the pain of people not understanding how to use cameras though I’m sure you’ll get another photo with Tiger at the next event.

    OK so honestly I want you to actually pick one match as the best, if I got the chance to only see one of those matches which one would you make me watch? Plus you basically called out the whole lot of them as being great so pick one person and stick with it.

    How many times have you seen Eddie Ryan wrestle and what is the other match joint at the top of his matches?

    I told you last time out that I just come up with questions regardless so there is no point anticipating what I’m going to ask. Happy that you are going to do some sort of review on the DVDs. Sad you can’t make a whole bunch of the events. I thought you didn’t like going to Taunton so why are you going again? Or is it worth the pain of it all?

    Plus how great was it seeing Dreamer up close?

    1. You know the second it said someone had come to the blog via Tumblr I KNEW I’d be getting a series of questions from you.

      I have posted photos of her before, pretty good ones. I’m sure I have anyway but yes that is Vixen. Well as I said I didn’t really get to see much of the match or what I did see I was kind of only half seeing. I guess I’m still impressed that she looks more of a threat and I’m happy Dreamer just pointed her out of the ring and then went to actually fight her instead. I didn’t see what she was doing over in the corner but knew she was up to something because there were chants of kiss her over there. I know I’m kind of not the atypical fan so I guess its only me that thinks its stupid to waste her potential by having her as the comedy female there to be kissed by the wrestlers *shrugs*.

      No… Though seeing he’s already came and stolen the photos of himself I guess you are safe calling Eddie a drama queen! No one wins jack shit on this forum, if you get named something that is the award itself, if he WANTS something then I can give him one of my two signed photos of him… I’m not sure he’d appreciate them like I do.

      Possibly the venue but the matches were just really good. They are kind of on a roll at the moment and each match was just great. Then again you don’t know do you, I preferred the Essex/Robbie E match in Taunton so it might be more to do with where it’s at.

      She never ignores it its just the way she is. My anxiety attack couldn’t be helped the second she started panicking because I knew the people around us were looking to see what she was doing, plus the second she couldn’t ignore him was the second I couldn’t ignore him in a very different way. Plus I don’t want to say anything mean about my friend because she’s my friend so its hard to explain.

      Right one match? The main event. It was just bloody epic. One person? That is harder because I like a whole bunch of them. I’ll go with my first pick though and say Scotty.

      The list isn’t that big. The joint top match is when he lost the PWA championship last year in the first match I saw him in at the PWA anniversary show. In fact it was the first time I saw a lot of these guys because I hadn’t been to a wrestling show in years thanks to being pretty much reclusive. He lost the title to Danny Walsh and it was just a fantastic match and I didn’t name it match of the night purely because the match after it had James Storm in it. Its also the review where the nicknames Blue Trunks for Darren Saviour and Thundercat for Ultimo Tiger came from which I know you’ll know from me going on about it on Tumblr! But back to the original question I’ve possibly seen about 9 matches with him in, it isn’t a big list as I said but its gonna take a lot to shift this match from the top of that list.

      We actually now have a bus service that goes to Taunton from Plymouth. In fact the bus goes all the way up to Bristol and runs all through the night. That was the only reason why, we don’t have to rush for a train. Anyway RVD was at the event so we were going regardless and was going to stay at my aunts.

      Yeah I didn’t write anything on Tumblr last night about it did I? It was bloody epic. Man I love Dreamer it was awesome seeing him up close. Its another dream come true for me.

      Happy you liked the blog mate, joking aside its always nice to hear from you!

      1. Actually you possibly have now you said it but I don’t think they’ve ever been that good. She is very pretty though she looks like she could mess up anyone’s plans.

        Well no it is safe to say that he could probably sign his own photo to himself if he wanted one. Its good to know its not just you writers that get nothing when you win things!

        Sorry, I didn’t think about you not being able to explain because its a friend.Hope you are OK though?

        Yeah I saw that review after the changes had been made which always made me wonder what was happening before I saw the review. It was pretty confusing and the jokes on Tumblr afterwards make no sense to me.

        If you have a bus service going all that way does that mean you’ll be going to see wrestling in Bristol too?

        Thanks! I look forward to the reviews when I know they are coming, I have the GeekMind Tumblr posts sent to my phone.

        You’ll be putting up the best of February stuff soon with two wins is Scotty the likely contender for man of the month?

        Are there any of the guys you normally go see that you don’t like very much? I mean you don’t have to be negative about them or anything just in general someone you don’t enjoy watching much?

        What do you do when you have a anxiety attack at the show? Did you go outside or something?

        1. Ha! I won the wrestling blogger poll and I didn’t even get a well done! Hmmm I could make something, I was going to make my own Eddie Ryan Funko Pop when I figure out which base figure would be the best one to use so if it turns out well I guess I could give him that!

          I’m alright thanks mate, had a bad day today but at work again for two days so will hopefully cheer up. It’ll be bugging me for a good week or so but I’m ready enough for it. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up!

          Basically I couldn’t hear a word the announcer was saying all night, you see as well as being a head case I’m actually partially deaf and background noises mess me being able to hear things properly. So like I knew who Danny was because it wasn’t hard to figure it out so I knew who Eddie was because he was the person against him. Same with PJ Jones and the UK Dominator and Kiezer (back then Johnny Sicko) and Adira. When it came to the other matches I was just guessing names or making them up, I knew who Ultimo Tiger was but my mum kept calling him a Thundercat so it stuck and Darren was just blue trunks because it was the only way to explain who he was compared to Joshua Knott who was purple trunks.

          Probably not no. I did look at one in particular because its on the 21st May (day after my birffday) but you can’t walk to the arena so I guess I’d need to get a taxi and that is always a problem for me! We’ll see. Course like the January Taunton show all it will take is a match with someone I like to be announced and it interesting me and I’d go running to Bristol to see it!

          It is like you read my mind! It isn’t just the two wins but how he won them that is making it likely he’ll be taking the spot. I’ll do it over the weekend and will probably write a blog for it too so you’ll get notified!

          Nope. Seriously. It isn’t even that I’m easily pleased it just simply is the fact that you see how much they put into it and you can’t help but enjoy it. Come on I’m not exactly worried about saying I don’t like people. I have said we’re very lucky down here so no I don’t have anyone I don’t like going to see.

          The WORST thing I can do if I have a anxiety attack, baring in mind my anxiety is social/paranoid anxiety is to stand up. The FIRST thing I will think if I moved was that people were looking at me. There is nothing you CAN do really just try and get over it. Again it isn’t really something you can understand unless you suffer the same as someone let alone if you don’t at all. I pull my hair out, literally, its one of the reasons I keep it short. I also start bending my fingers strangely but have yet to break anything. Or I bite my fingers. Just things to take my mind off of being surrounded by people.

          1. I was waiting to see a post about that! Happy you won and to see that you’ve written the RAW review too, though I did see earlier on Twitter that Pete is in hospital so sad to hear that.

            It would be cool if you could go. Specially as its the day after your birthday, then I guess if Eddie Ryan is there you probably would go? I have no faith in you.

            That will be really cool if you could let us know when it changes.

            Also you have a page specially for things PWA related why don’t you have one for PWP?

            1. No faith in ME?! Travesty! There is a good possibility if Eddie Ryan is going to the event I might find the money for a taxi from where the bus stops to the venue. You only have a birthday once a year! Yeah it is a possibility that I will go to some up there if takes my fancy. We’ll see.It also makes a few stops on the way up in places I’ve seen various different organisations advertise for so if I feel rich enough from time to time there is a possibility of just more wrestling in general which I know will make you happy.

              No. The difference is that I can go to all the PWA events and I can’t go to all the PWP events so I can easily keep up to date with PWA whilst I can’t with PWP. Then again I have so far this year gone to see Pride more then the Plymouth shows which has only had one so far. Shame that PWP announced a new show for the same day as the next PWA show, I could have got to it too. Sad times.

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