More Anime Review News….

So as well as getting up to date with the current anime series that they are watching Anna and Luc are going to be doing a lot of anime coverage in the next few months.

Out of all the areas on the site our anime reviews are the most viewed and well received so we thought we’d go even further.

Anna is getting up to date with Dragon Ball Super after someone asked nicely if we were going to continue with the reviews. There will be two reviews a night till they are caught up with. She is also going to start her yearly attempt at watching Penguindrum all the way through, Penguindrum is one of her favourite anime’s of all time but she has only ever watched it half way through!

Then we will be doing two reviews weekly of older series. When we say older we just mean series that came out before we were doing anime reviews. All sorts of names have been picked, Anna will take one series and Luc the other. This will help us boost up our Anime Hub as well as making anime the biggest covered area on the site.

Dates for everything will be announced later, any requests of what you want to see either of them tackle are encouraged.

They will also later in the year start profiling some of their favourite characters. This is something Anna has been in the middle of doing all last year with some half finished ramblings already in the drafts. This as well as having a discussion point starting surrounding a story or a arc or whatever.

We do hope to get this all up and running before April but bare with us as Anna and Luc get it all started.


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