365 Challenge : A Plot of Earth

What would I do with my own plot of land and the money to do whatever?

Build a secret garden.

It wouldn’t be very secret but just the thought of having a garden surrounded by walls with the door hidden under plants that have grown up and over the walls just for me seems blissful. The secret garden was one of my favourite books as a child and I always loved the idea of having a big garden just for myself with a pond, all kinds of flowers and places to just sit and read.

I also don’t care that its selfish. If I had the money I’d do it and not let anyone else in to ruin it. I wouldn’t want to share it unless I knew the person would love it as much as I did. You keep it open to the public and someone is bound to ruin it so just shut it in. Maybe have a little building in there with electricity to make food and line the walls with books.


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