Myriad Colours Phantom World : Schrodinger’s Cat Mansion

Episode 7

“Shurēdingā no Neko Yashiki” (シュレーディンガーの猫屋敷)

The idea of something being dead and alive until observed or some such nonsense. I never liked Schrodinger’s Cat and sometimes think some people have too much time on their hands.

It has little to do with the theory though and more to do with a giant cat mansion Phantom who is slowly turning everyone into cats.

Like the fake family episode what you have to appreciate about this one more then anything is that on the surface it was one stupid idea with a very funny episode attached. What you actually got was a bit of humour, a bit of a thriller and some really half disturbing scenes. Them turning into cats went from funny to urgently bad in a heartbeat and never did you feel like the comedy out shone what turned out to be quite a sad and touching tale of a Phantom who just missed being around people.

Pretty much instantly as a group these guys have clicked so that it doesn’t feel weird when they go off on a strange little adventure together like looking for someone’s missing cat. Minase and Kurumi feel like they always belonged so after their “joining” story they just felt like a instant part of the group and this was really the first outing they all had together. They all have such strong and unique characters that its pretty cool to see them work together. Minase is still not against walking off on her own to investigate things whilst the others stick together pretty much as a rule. I like how Minase and Kawakami are their fighters and have fighter spirits and instead of using their heads they just attack to keep people safe. Whilst Izumi and Ichijo are much softer and always thinking with their heads. The dynamics in the group are interesting enough that even if they got separated, like the last episode, any combination of the group is going to work well together.

So the Cat Mansion Phantom?

It was a sad story. A dorm building that went out of use and ended up being home for stray cats. Even after it was abandoned students went to look after the cats until some students got hurt. After that the cats were culled (why not just rehomed I don’t know) and the building closed off. When the building started to really become lonely I guess it started to turn humans into cats in the hope to bring them back to the mansion, when the team show up there it turns into a Labyrinth. They think its to scare them off but in reality it was more so that they’d play with him. In the end they come face to face with the Phantom and realise that its lonely and just wants friends so after being released from its insides they decide to clean up the old mansion and make it livelier for the Phantom.

Not only was it lovely that they realised that the Phantom was friendly and lonely but it was also nice that they didn’t then just back away from it or seal it and forget it. They were left cleaning the mansion and their teacher told them it’ll probably be made into a student tea house which was perfect. It meant that the Phantom never had to be lonely. I kind of wanted them to make it a tea house with stray cats being allowed in whenever they want but the cat part of it was kind of forgotten by the end.

The way it swiftly goes from comedy to pretty decent standard horror is flawless. The last episode was just silly but I enjoyed it, but this one and the fake family were brilliantly complex pieces of work. To make such a story into something quite dramatic, action packed and yet light as a feather even with, for modern media standards, quite dark moments is possibly very hard but they managed to mix it altogether and come out with a mini-masterpiece of a story.

My favourite episode so far by miles.


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