Divine Gate : Where it Began

Episode 7

“Hajimari no ji” (はじまりの地)

OK so there has always been this feeling that I just don’t understand what is happening. I think, I just about think, I’ve figured it out. Just so happens I did that in the episode that completely changed the whole picture.

Let me start by saying how much I do genuinely enjoy the episodes. This has been by far my favourite and half the reason for that I guess is because it didn’t focus so much on Akane, Aoto and Midori. Again I don’t find them interesting for many reasons but they also feel like a add on to another more serious anime. From the clothes and hair styles and the very vibrant colour schemes to their, in my opinion of course, extremely changeable attitudes. They feel like they are there to stop the anime from being 100% serious and their characters so far haven’t for me worked in serious stories. Maybe Aoto but I’m kind of fed up of them starting his story just to cut it off again and everyone saying he’ll have to explain later on just for them never to actually make him explain.

As I said the episode isn’t about them. They are just there as witnesses to what I guess you could say is the real start of their journey.

Why theirs and no one else’s?

Because it really was very simple to march up to the Divine Gate after all just Oz and Loki weren’t going to make it easier. The Gods were all waiting for them and the Knights of the Round are…. No more.

They get wiped out in one of the most tragic moments of the whole anime so far. I mean we’ve hardly seen much of any of them to make a bond with them but I was so sad to see them dying one by one.

Arthur makes it to the Gate just to be attacked once more and after finally defeating every obstacle in his way coming face to face with Loki. Loki tells him he can be his puppet or he can die and Loki will find a new puppet, Arthur doesn’t want to become his puppet but with bloody tears and after killing Lancelot I think he has no choice. WHY he picked up Loki’s sword if he didn’t want to be ruled by Loki I don’t know, then again I very obviously through most of this anime have not kept up and am starting to wonder if I just keep missing giant parts of the text or if the dubs I’m reading are just bad. Either way I totally cried. If my tears could be bloody they would be.

The thing that kind of confused me was that it felt like this would be a great season ender. It hit me like a ton of bricks the reason I’ve kind of been off with the show, it all felt rushed. Its felt like incomplete stories crammed into tiny spaces of time that you are meant to take as finished. Things happen so instantly so that pawns are in place, there is so much cryptic speech that they seem to forget needs to be explained because two seconds later they are off to do whatever it was the cryptic speech was all about.

It hasn’t ruined it for me but I think my favourite characters so far have been the Knights, Oz and Loki because they have been left alone. They just come, do their thing and go. I’ve always kind of hoped we’d see more of them or get to know them better and always kind of thought that their day would come. I guess I never thought it would only be Episode 7 before the Divine Gate is visited and then the whole show changes into something else. Now that the Knights are gone for good I guess they’ll stay being such wonderful characters in my mind because their potential was never ruined. Its a shame though because they were all so awesome looking and I really honestly  wanted to learn about them. Even Arthur, yeah we’ve been given small details about him in the last few episodes but I kind of wanted more and now he’s gone, though I’m sure we’ll get something else about him later on.

Loki though…

I kind of had a feeling I shouldn’t trust Arthur and I am still a little bit like that. Even though it looked like he did the valiant thing and all that I still feel like if he really was as good as he said he was that he’d not have become Loki’s play thing at all.

Man should I never trust a Loki! Just when I thought that actually there might have been some good in him, or at least he wasn’t going to be the main trouble maker the man goes and becomes the problematic one. Thank you Loki for living up to your name and becoming problematic. I love you for it!

Thing is I want to see what happens next, of course I do! But at the same time it just kind of feels like there isn’t anything to really grab your attention or make you care enough.

I did spend all of today drawing Loki and Oz though, you can see the finished pictures in the Instagram app on the side bar.

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