Divine Gate : Disobedient People

Episode 5

“Matsuro Wanu Min” (まつろわぬ民)

New friends, training and a whole lot of madness.

There is a lot going on in the episode. We get very fast, cryptic poems to tell us all we need to know about the other three guys that have joined us, we have the fun of the training session followed by the drama of being cornered by the Defiers people that turn into animals. All the while its got something to do with Arthur and his plans. He’s watching them at all times so when things go wrong for them he decides to test them which brings Loki and Oz down on his ass from the heavens.

And WHAT a entrance for those two. Seriously the two most interesting characters in the whole thing and we hardly get to see anything of them half the time. I have no real interest in the kids, though I’m starting to warm to them more as the episodes go on.

It looks very much like we’re now gearing up to actually go after the Divine Gate instead of having people just talk about it all the time. Arthur has his mind set and this is going to be it.

Whilst the episode made much more sense to me it still feels like we’ve missed some really important moments leading up to this. I feel like this episode put us on a much firmer ground then the others but you still have to wonder a little bit what the point of it all really was for the last few episodes. Its so into its cryptic poetry crap that sometimes you just get lost in it. I guess the problem is it can be too wordy, whilst I like being given facts I don’t like them in a cryptic way.

I think I have my head around a lot of things now though and its only Aoto that still remains mysterious in his way. Sometimes I feel the characters jump from one personality to the other without a reason too but that is only a small problem I have.

Personally I really want to see more of Loki and Oz. I’m not sure what their plans are, Oz seems to really care about doing what is right for people in need whilst I just don’t get Loki at all. Still I think the whole show would be better focusing on them but then I guess they wouldn’t be so mysterious or cool any more. They don’t seem to really care for Arthur or his plans, or at least they seem to respect Arthur but not be sure on whether they want to follow what they seem to think is a crazy path.

Whatever this Divine Gate is I’m not sure anyone should be too interested in finding out! If half the population thinks they’ll find it by killing people then surely its going to be a gateway to something nasty? I don’t see something nice being behind a gate that opens to killers. And whilst they are all sure going and killing people will open this gate for them why is there a creepy kid throwing creepy shit at Aoto about it? Or how comes Arthur thinks him and his very cool Knights of the Round are going to just march up to it and open it with a crown given to him by Santa?

That last line didn’t sound half as cool as it probably should’ve either.

I guess we’ll find out!

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