Dagashi Kashi : Super String Q and… Sometimes You Don’t Lose Gummies and… / Yoguret and Coconuts and…

Episode 6

“Chō himo Q to ohajiki to… Tokidoki makengumi / Yōguretto to kokonatsu to…” (超ひもQとおはじきと…ときどきまけんグミ / ヨーグレットとココナツと…)

We are in for a bit of a different treat with this episode. Straight after I said that the format never needed to change for it to be interesting it does just a little bit.

I’m not talking about anything big of course. We still get overloaded with a load of candy talk but this time out we also get a little bit more to it.

First up we’re at a temple with the whole cast (well other then Yo) to learn about Super String but also to play a game. Its nice to see that Saya continues to just be good at any game put in front of her and the episode really is all about her. When Hotaru got all excited and asked her to work with Coconuts in the shop I was so happy because I really like Saya and Coconuts together. They make a good team and I kinda ship them together because they just seem sweeter together then having a psycho like Hotaru around forever. I don’t see her sticking around for ever and ever, she really wants Yo to go back with her and I can see her being a mighty pain in the butt but I don’t see her settling down in what seems a small town/village and running a tiny little candy store no matter how much she loves candy. She’s the kind of person that needs to be out there doing something. Saya and Kokonotsu on the other hand would be really cute and they could possibly join their family businesses AND run his manga all at once and actually really put their stores up there in their community.

The second half goes back to when Saya and Kokonotsu were kids playing with Yoguret.

In fact the most important part of the episode for me was the second part because it showed a Kokonotsu who was just as Coconuts about candy as Hotaru is now. In fact it completely reversed him for the audience. He was the one giving the grand speech about all the important things we need to know about Yoguret before devising a game to play to make the candy even more interesting.

Why this is important is that there has to be a point in time where candy stopped being that magical to him and instead he turned to manga. Did something happen? Is it just naturally growing out of it? Did that love of candy never translate to wanting to run the store?

It adds layers to Kokonotsu that you knew were there but hadn’t seen before. Whereas before hand you could hand wave why he didn’t want to run the store with 100 good reasons now you have a bit of mystery to it.

Plus instead of Hotaru and Yo having to change Kokonotsu it shows that there really IS something in there that has either been buried, forgotten about or is being pushed to one side. I mean you can see in every episode that he has a great knowledge of candy and that he truly gets excited by candy and the games that come with them but now instead of it looking like the others are forcing it into him it looks like they are trying to nurture it back out of him.

Either way I will not be happy till Saya and Kokonotsu have a baby called Coconut.


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