Dagashi Kashi : Bottle Ramune, Baby-Star Ramen and… / Yatta Men, Watch Out for the Sour Grape, and…

Episode 5

“Binramune to bebī sutā rāmen to… / Yattā men to suppai budō ni goyōjin! to…” (ビンラムネとベビースターラーメンと… / ヤッターめんとすっぱいぶどうにご用心!と…)

Are you ready to be extremely hungry AND wish that you could get your hands one a load of Japanese sweets super easy?

Look no further then episode 5 of Dagashi Kashi. Which… Looks at the dark side of candy addiction?

Or not.

When Hotaru and Yo get together you know that its a dangerous thing. Poor Kokonotsu just couldn’t keep up with them. It is something special about the show that they manage to have characters basically talk about food for the whole show and never get samey or repetitive. The whole addicted to Bottle Ramune stuff at the beginning was extremely creepy in a good way, because it was meant to come over that way. Seriously though there needs to be more Yo.

At this point you don’t really come to the show for any over lying arc. I mean the point of the show is for Kokonotsu to take over the candy store, Hotaru and Yo are doing their best to make him decide that its the best thing for him but its not really a focus on the show. Hotaru showing up and going on about candy is meant to be part of the plan but all you ever see is Kokonotsu manning the shop so for all intents and purposes he’s already taken over the thing to the audience.

Its the unique ways in which they talk about the candy that makes you come back.

The “drug deal” and addiction story for Bottle Ramune.

The YouTuber and viral video of Kokonotsu shouting at his dad for Baby-Star Ramen.

Then the gambling aspect in the second half when Hotaru tried to make money off of Yatta Men before challenging To and Kokonotsu to a Sour Grape game.

Its that kind of thing that just makes me love the show. You don’t know what you are getting from one episode to the next, each episode is a treasure trove of interesting and fun facts wrapped up in some crazy scheme/game/story that has you giggle whilst your stomach rumbles for more.

The cast of characters is tiny but each have their own little personality and story and all of them by now you’ll be in love with. Its difficult not to be in love with them. They are all a little crazy and all very believable. Its just nice. You can relax and laugh and enjoy the show which you can’t always do.

Of course it would be interesting to see a little more into the characters beyond the candy talk but they don’t ever need to do that because the story progresses and is remembered enough that being buried in candy talk is perfect. With every passing episode you realise just how much Kokonotsu belongs in his little candy shop even though you also want him to go on and do his own thing, which makes me wonder seeing his father has part time jobs and is NEVER around why he doesn’t just do his manga AND run the store. Hell why not start a manga about candy? Hotaru is a walking candy story maker, draw up some of the stupid shit she comes out with and package it up and sell it in the store! It’ll work. I know it’ll work because that is the show we’re currently watching and I love it!

Out of everything they had in this episode it is Baby-Star Ramen that I’m most interested in trying. I don’t know why but it was the one thing that stood out for me!


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