The Curse of Monkey Island Part 3

So we’ve met everyone in town, we’ve picked up some bits and pieces and its time for us to go to work at getting ourselves a piratey crew once more.

You’d think we’d be used to it by now wouldn’t you? How many times have we gone to make a pirate crew? Its always got some ridiculous clause in it, you can’t just ask and someone say yes!

OK so here we go.

In the backstage area of the theatre you should have picked up lice from the coat hanging by the door, go back to the Barbary Coast and when the pirate working on Rottingham puts down the comb and looks away put the lice on the comb. A funny cut scene starts where McMutton see’s the lice and chops all of Rottingham’s hair off. He leaves in horror and you get to talk to McMutton.

The question is what does he want?

Well its simple.

For us to beat him in a caber toss.

I just knew it. I said that would be the case!

Anyway you can’t beat him right now but you can sit for a hair cut. As he stops cutting your hair pull the leaver to make your chair higher off the ground, do it twice or three times, just so much that you can kick the paperweight away from the book. McMutton will bugger off to find another paperweight and you can make the chair go as high as it can go so you can pull the scissors out of the ceiling.

McMutton will return to tell you that he can’t find another rock on the whole of the island and you’ll leave not wanting him to cut your hair with no guide.

But ho! You can actually win one of the pirates over right at this second.

You need to find a good enough insult to have Edward join you and what other insult is as good as a slap in the face with a glove? After you do so he’ll challenge you to a duel, you get to pick the weapons so just shut the lids of gun cases and pick the banjo in the back.

The banjo game is fun but can be a pain in the ass and feels like it goes on forever. Don’t worry you can do it as many times as needed. My trick is that YOU don’t have to wait for the music to go all the way through to pluck the strings so when its your turn instead of waiting and maybe forgetting the tune just pluck away at the strings as soon as you can.

It is just a memory game so pick whatever way helps you remember best. In my head I numbered the strings 1-4 and then just had the sequence of numbers going through in my head but if there are easier ways for you then do whatever you need to.

When you’ve kept up with him for so long he’ll go into a wild guitar riff and be in a world of his own, go over to the guns and pick one up then just aim it and shoot the banjo. Edward is kind of so shocked he just joins the crew.

One Pirate down, two to go!

With your new spanky scissors you can cut down the flowers/vines in your way between Kenny’s and the restaurant. You get one flower before moving on towards Danjer Cove. Half way there though you’ll be eaten by a snake.

It isn’t all bad. Pick up all the crap inside the snake and stick the ichicaca flower into the syrup and pour it into the snakes stomach, he’ll throw you up into…

Quick sand.

No worries you still can escape!

Tie the paperweight you stole from McMutton to the balloon and blow on it to send it up to the reeds, it’ll disappear but return again in good old fashioned way. Pick up one of the reeds near you and a thorn and combine them to make a blowpipe which you then obviously use on the balloon. Pull yourself up using the vine provided and you are on your way.

There is actually nothing at all to do here yet though as the row boat is out of action so just return to town as one of the things you’ve picked up in the snake is a reservation for the restaurant.

Back in town and you can finally talk to Blondebeard. You’ll notice he has a GOLD tooth.

First of all go up to the skeleton with “As me about Grim Fandango” on him and give him a shake, you’ll find a knife in his back and find out that Blondebeard killed him thinking he was evil. Take the knife.

Talk to Blondebeard who complains about wanting something to “crack his jaw” on which is obviously the jawbreaker. He’ll crack his tooth instead and want something soft to chew so give him some bubblegum. The tooth is now loose and you can see it when he blows a bubble so use the pin on the bubble to free the tooth which you can now pick up. You can’t leave because he’ll notice the tooth is gone so we’ll have to smuggle it out some way.

Pick up a biscuit and try to eat it to find out that there are maggots in the middle. Use the maggots with the chicken on the table to get a club card.

Now to smuggle out the tooth.

Chew up some bubblegum and stick the tooth into it, then breath in some helium from a balloon and RECHEW the bubblegum to make a floating bubble which pops just outside the window. Pick up the pie pan before leaving, Blondebeard will pat you up and down but you don’t have his tooth so he lets you go.

The tooth is in the muddy puddle so use the pie pan with the puddle and you’ll pick it up.


Just head back to Barbary Coast and give it to Bill and that is it. TWO Pirates in one blog.

I guess that is enough excitement. Next week we’ll work on recruiting the one last pirate, getting a map and just about everything else we need to do to set off on a grand adventure.

Till then keep Pirating. (Well… Keep plundering, talking about gold and sailing the seven seas, don’t pirate things online because that is bad.)

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