Prince of Stride : Team – Connect Emotions, Become the Wind

Episode 6

At the end of the last episode Kuga returned after we finally found out the “dark past” of the Stride club.

Or what I’d like to call making a mountain out of a molehill.

This episode continued to kind of make a fuss out of something that wasn’t really that important. The whole point of the episode was to show them all being able to work together in the end but was still about Hozumi “forgiving” Kuga which just was painful in the end.

I get that Hozumi had to watch Heath struggle to keep the club together whilst he was injured and I get why he’s so protective of Kadowaki seeing that he kind of forced the club on him and Kadowaki did so much for them but after hearing the full story and seeing that Heath holds no bad feelings I’m not sure why Hozumi has to carry on. At  the end of the day it was either Kuga or being eliminated.

They win the match and it was nice to see Kadowaki running along beside them from time to time and its a relief to know that the hard feelings, no matter how obviously unwarranted have now disappeared.

It was also a bonus to be able to see Kuga model.

The problem for me now is that within one episode they’ve managed to turn Kuga from a interesting mysterious character into kind of a bland one.

There is no real mysterious pain for him to be holding, he’s just quiet and looks brooding. I mean the whole incident was ridiculously handled by Kuga and his guilt or upset? Ridiculous too. Now there just is nothing to him. He doesn’t talk. He doesn’t do anything. And when he does interact its like a wall speaking to the group. He’s like a shadow just there to make up the numbers, there feels like there is no personality there and I don’t think I can be bothered to hear any more faux depressing tales about his past because the first one was enough of a let down.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the story of what happened because it helped develop Heath hell of a lot and I like Heath, but Kuga has been let down by a poor story and now just poor character.

I watched the episode last week and just couldn’t find the words to describe it. NOW on the other hand I have to as I’ve seen episode 7 and I realise that there is really no point in describing a episode that was meant to integrate a character into the team and didn’t even bother really trying.

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