Prince of Stride : Rival – A Promise for August

Episode 7

With the team now complete its time to train for the EOS.

I love that they get to train with Saisei, what I love more is that they are obviously rivals but the amount of respect from Saisei even though they know that right now they can still easily beat Honan is nice to see. I like how they are paired up and that the pairs have real chemistry to them.

Saisei has a whole indoor training facility that would put any training facility for anything else to shame. You can see why at this moment they are just better then Honan.

Thing is unlike some stories that I’ve seen where the better team just train harder and get beaten by the heart of the underdogs you aren’t going to get that with these guys. Saisei is so much better prepared sure but they also have the heart to go with it. They are just as passionate about Stride as Honan and not even that they are even more passionate to face Honan. They’ve tagged them as their equals even though they are a young team that they’ve, by the end of the episode, beaten three times.

The two teams get on so well and it was nice that Honan stepped up to the challenge and everything was done in a friendly spirit. They enjoyed themselves, they even let their hair down and had a friendly table tennis tournament, which Honan still lost.

Not only that though even though they are rivals Saisei constantly gave the members of Honan tips on how to improve whether it was Yagami’s posture or Nana having to listen intimately to the breathing of her runners.

Honan didn’t just have a training facility rubbed in their faces they learnt how to better themselves and they learnt the importance of not just running but looking after themselves and their team.

Still Kuga didn’t even make a impact in the episode though it was nice to see the others put their hair down.

It feels like its all rushing towards the end of the season and I’d like it to slow down a little because I feel we are losing a bit of character development in its rush to finish in time. Its a shame because there are so many really interesting characters but its so into getting to the EOS that we’re going to get there without really having a big moment for Honan.

Consistently one of the most entertaining things I watch though.

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