HaruChika : Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru : The Frequency is 77.4MHz

Episode 7

“Shūhasū wa 77.4MHz” (周波数は77.4MHz)

There is something starting to bug me about this anime. I can get over Haruta being annoying and characters being pushed into the background but the fact that the whole thing feels like one big introduction and WE’RE ALREADY AT EPISODE BLOODY 7! means that I feel its gonna be the biggest disappointment of all the anime I’m watching at the moment.

Does Episode 7 change this?

You’d hope so from the bottom of your heart but unfortunately it doesn’t.

In any way shape or form.

It starts off with promise, a random radio station, a girl who wants to die, stupid advice and she goes off to create a school club for people who don’t want to go to school.

The SECOND I found out that she’d approached the guy that was mentioned last week, the drummer who is already in the opening credits, I knew we were getting another “Haruta goes and bullies someone else into joining the band.” This time it might have been slightly more healthy for him to go to school but at the same time why did it have to have anything to do with Haruta? In the end Kusakabe and Chika were doing fine without him.

At least we didn’t have to see anything particularly annoying. Again the actual mysteries in the episode were much more interesting then the obvious set up for “another main character” joining.

The thing is now in episode 7 its like the people putting it together have thought “shit we actually have to tell a story and not just introduce 100 characters we don’t really need because we’ve already got a whole bunch we’ve never even really mentioned” and started sticking more story into the episodes. Horribly. We start off with them going to see a properly formed school brass band and realising they have a long way to go. Cut to Kusakabe telling them that he’d cut back the practise if they don’t work hard on exams. Cut to finding out that it was all Haruta’s fault in his “love fight” over Kusakabe with Chika. Cut to the rest of the episode with very little to do with ANY of those three stories.

We NEED a story where they realise they are struggling and we see them bond as a GROUP, not as a mini-group that Haruta has bullied into forming, but as a GROUP.

We NEED a story that develops ANY of the leads but especially looks deeper into the character of Chika other then “ditsy airhead who everyone picks on but she’s so dumb she just gets on with it.”

Even though I don’t really care for it we also NEED a story where Chika and Haruta actually square off and we understand properly why either of them REALLY are so interested in Kusakabe. Plus Haruta called Chika his friend to the people on the radio it would be nice to see them have to work together and show emotion to each other rather then just having Haruta show her contempt all the time.

I’m fed up of learning how the band comes together and want to see them DO something. I want to get to know the characters instead of having to add more characters to the ever growing list. For the first time I got Maren and whoever is the club president (I don’t even know his name! He had more to do in this episode but he’s still so forgettable!) mixed up because why would I really care to know which is which?

So much of the anime is really interesting and I really wanted to love it. Then a lot more of it is ridiculous. The story telling is all over the place and there is nothing there to hold you to the characters or the main stories…. If you can even call them that!

Is anyone else having problems with it or am I just hoping for too much?


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